Monday, September 11, 2006

Thursday 13 with a twist of yikes!

On this Monday, I'm very late in posting the latest Thursday 13.

1. When I'm depressed or scared, I handle my feelings pretty well but my body prefers to feel drained and sometimes sick.

2. My improving back problem isn't good: I saw a surgeon a few days ago and he said I need surgery--this week!

3. I feel drained and sick about it.

4. I haven't had surgery since my tonsils were removed in kindergarten.

5. I have no real symptoms in the area where the surgery is needed but if I were to, it could be difficult to correct--thus the urgency

6. This unexpected event is occurring at a very good point in my life--another forceful reminder to 'ride the horse in the direction she is going'

7. The doctor told me I cannot dig holes to plant the grasses and mums that await me. I will resourcefully find a way to be a non-working supervisor for this endeavor but I'm not happy about it.

8. It is easier for me to talk about something difficult afterwards rather than during, but I am doing it differently this time. Good for me.

9. My fall plans include the resumption of my weekly writing class, a big yellow weekend writing retreat, a trip to the Almalfi Coast in Italy, Jess' baby shower, adding a gas stove to the new porch, seasoned wood in the fireplace, and getting this yapping book proposal and book out into the world.

10. I am going to trust that my fall plans will all work out.

11. My mind is pretty ingenious: as soon as I have a problem I didn't know I had, I immediately notice the symptoms. This works in reverse too: if I think I am sick, then see a doctor who tells me I'm not, the symptoms I've had disappear. Just like that!

12. This weekend jb and I were in spectactular Vermont--visiting friends on Lake Champlain. I hobbled abit but had a fully fabulous time.

13. In health matters, I tend to be an optimistic hypocondriac. Or a hypocondriacal optimist. (pardon the spelling?). Either way, I'd rather be digging holes. But I'm pretty confident I'll be alright. This is microsurgery: I'll be home the same day as the surgery (Friday) or the next day. I plan to keep my feet well-grounded in front of me......


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  2. Oh dear KJ! I knew something was up and it was not the surf in the ocean. I was thinking of you. Something was amiss. It is not like you to just go without a warning. I know it was not long but now I am glad you posted because my prayers for you will be for something spcific. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to blogging with you soon. I am glad you posted your photograph. I can see you in my mind. Keep up your spirits. Not long ago you told me that you would make prayer with a small "p" instea of a capital "P". I will continue to capitalize it and as strange as it may seem for us not having met, Love too and Faith. I will think of what I can paint for you so you will be on my mind. :-)

    I had to delete my first comment. Careless fingers and I can't see the letters very well. So many typos!)

  3. thanks, ces. i knew you were wondering about me. i'll take and appreciate your capital P prayers!

    i'm having surgery, you're cleaning your closets, the birds begin thinking about heading south.... just as it should be :)

  4. That's a little scary to have it come on so suddenly! I need to see my GP soon. I keep getting typical running injuries only on one side. (Tomorrow I start swimming! :) I think there's a balance problem somewhere.

    The only surgery I've ever had was when I had my tubes tied, and the anaesthetic was actually a rather pleasant experience, so don't fret and *DO* take it slowly. Get your partner to pamper you -- as long as she can stand it that is! :)

    Take care.

  5. Oh my goodness!! My thoughts and healing prayers are with you, my friend. And a big hooray for #8 -- that is a big step and I can totally relate to it and #11! :) If I can do anything to help, let me know! xo

  6. Have you been to Italy before? If not, you will adore it. Best food I've ever eaten (I'm salivating just thinking about it!). Thoughts of the upcoming trip should make for a speedy recovery.

    Best of luck, and take good care. Come give us an update soon.

  7. Best of luck with your surgery, kj. I'm confident you'll feel much better after the surgery and healing.

    I tried to find an email address for you, but didn't see one on your profile page. I'd like to send you a pic I made of a Boston Red Sox jersey with "Thursday 13" on the back. If you'd like, you can email me at

  8. I will help all the way. Keep talking.


  9. kj, can you email me your mailing address please? I think mail is wonderful when laid up...

  10. Wow, Karen, I hope all is evening out for you. Surgery...well I'm impressed you managed to escape it most of your lifetime, but that doesn't make this easier. Hang in there, and don't put too much pressure on yourself with the book proposal. It will all get done! Hope you still get to go to Italy!

  11. Thursday 13 with a twist of yikes! Oh my gosh! JB speaks! I just found her comment. Can you convince her to have a Thursday 13 about her?