Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday 13: Autumn in New England

This is a great time of year. The leaves change color and wood gets delivered for the season. It gets me thinking:

1. I'm gearing up to cook more, especially soups and breads

2. When the leaves change color, they become the most vibrant reds and yellows and oranges you will ever see. I can't imagine any place can be more beautiful than New England in the fall.

3. Our witch Esther (and her daughter Mildred) is preparing to hand out Halloween candy. She sits on a high stool in front of a black curtain backdrop and waves from the front door. Sometimes she throws candy at kids and their parents and sometimes she stuffs candy bars in her mouth. When people shake her hand, they are often startled and spooked because it's a real handshake.

4. Normally I'm wanting to stack wood inside for the fireplace, plant mums, and clean up and mulch the garden. Not this year, at least not until my back cooperates. (damn)

5. Sometimes jb and I spend our little amount of free time driving up and down country roads, stopping to buy $ 2 pumpkins at the end of driveways and funky gourds for the dining room table.

6. I love planning Christmas presents this time of year: I start shopping for stocking stuffers and promise myself I will be done with gifts by Thanksgiving. I never am.

7. I cook a turkey for Thanksgiving even when dinner's not at our house. I can't resist the smell of it all. It makes me feel grateful.

8. I tend to read more in fall and winter. I hope I'll write more too.

9. I love walking in bad weather, as long as my feet and head are warm.

1o. My big yellow writing group starts up again next week and this includes a writing retreat weekend in October. I like these folks so much! We write, read aloud, and then offer only positive feedback to the fragile seedlings that we are. I wish this kind of "community" for every writer.

11. I also ove the smell of wood burning. And evergreen candles. And my ashram sidda incense.

12. I reluctantly accept the coming of winter. I'm afraid to drive in snow and I don't ski or do winter sports. The only part I really like is giant snowstorms when everything shuts down and I do too.

13. I complain less this time of year because I figure I'm lucky to have a roof overhead that doesn't leak.

There you have it. Happy Fall.


  1. Okay ... If I wasn't excited for fall before ... I am now!! :) I LOVE this time of year -- spotted the first punkins at the farm stand this week. And I wholeheartedly agree with #2!

  2. I truly miss New England fall. We just don't have seasons in the same way here, and the spectacular one is spring. While someday I may come to love (and hopefully, having left, miss) southern spring, the lack of true fall and winter are very hard for me.

    Last year, I believe without knowing how hard the lack of fall is, just knowing I was homesick, Kris sent me a card made with fall leaves, I believe stolen from NFN's yard. It was so wonderful. I have the leaf dust in an envelope in a shoebox now.

  3. I lived in New Hampshire for a couple of years when I was growing up. I do remember the vivid fall colors.

  4. kj,

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather even though down here there is not much color change. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to fall and oh the clothes!!! I love fall clothes. There goes my shallow self again :-)