Thursday, June 08, 2006

10 Things About Me

1. I am a counselor through and through
2. I love creating small sacred spaces
3. Gardening clears my worries
4. I am blessed with a true partner and a precious daughter
5. I could devote my life to helping abused dogs
6. My home is cozy and colorful
7. I have little tolerance for dishonesty
8. My weaknesses are bread, pasta, and sad movies
9. I am appalled by my president's actions and zealotry
10. My favorite word is "grace"


  1. Wow ... we are very much alike! :) Just insert "chocolate" where you have "pasta." I thought my dog went on a spree off by himself today and I ran for the door calling his name ... he ran right behind me as if to say, "Yeah, where did I go, anyway?" He had been sleeping about two feet behind me and I hadn't seen him. heh heh

  2. honest to god, the very same thing happened to me today: i was working in the yard and searched the house looking for stella. i found her 3 feet from where i had been, sleeping behind a bush. !

  3. Here here on #6! No argument from me!

    And Stella is just adorable ;)

  4. I love your "10 Things About Me" list.

    I love dogs myself. I used to have 2 dogs - both from shelters and both unwanted. They were my "kids".

    And I'm with you on #8. Basically any kind of "bad" carb is my weakness.

    And lastly, I'm DEFINITELY with you on #9. Appalled is almost an understatement for me when talking about this current administration - on all issues - both domestic and international.