Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Distraction of a Mish Mash

I can't write another post on my dog Chase's seizures. Not front and center, anyway. Some of the drama and difficulty of the past few days has been trumped by my partner JB's unceremonious fall from which she is now in a full leg cast with a most painful knee. This is not the way she or I expected to welcome the start of the holiday season. But hell, why not enjoy the lemonade in the few moments between caring for a very pained dog and a very pained JB?

So here comes another mishmash. This is Whalers Wharf in Provincetown. I had an office on the third floor for a couple of years, one of the worse jobs I will ever have but valuable none-the-less. 

I wish you had asked me, Governor Romney. This voting line says it all. The Big and little Birds of the country voted with their beaks :^)

Ah Provincetown. Someday I am going to walk every single street and stretch of beach and bay and photograph it all. I like that I have introduced Ptown to so many of my friends and visitors here. It is as beautiful as I make it sound. It is also outrageous and expensive and creative as anyplace on earth could be. 

Where oh where is Emily Rabbit? Why isn't she writing her weekly column? If any one has heard from her would you let me know? She hasn't asked me for bail money for some time now and that worries me. 

This is Logan, my third grandson. He gets short rift because all the firsts have already taken place with Mr. Ryan and no-longer-baby Drew. He is a leo the lion and he has had the necessary perspective of observing his brothers from day one. I wonder who he will be. My birthday book says he will be an important and impassioned leader. I know he is as sweet and easy as sweet and easy can be....

Okay: an update on Chase. It is now day four and finally this morning he was able to stop pacing and racing and whining and looking so lost and so confused. I have essentially not slept in three days. We don't know what to expect ahead. Tomorrow we get a new medication for partial seizures to add to his medication for full seizures. At this point we can only hope for a life for him that is not consumed with sickness. JB and I are cautious about that. But we want to hope for his sake. The whole thing sucks. I will say again he is a good dog. Now he is also afraid of falling because the phenobarbitol knocked out his back legs for two days. And he doesn't want to be alone. JB and I go back to work on Tuesday except JB is probably not going anywhere any time soon. 

Would you under any circumstance pay $ 10 for this bowl of soup? (it might have been $ 12 and I am too embarrassed to say.)  I did. It was one of a kind ORGASMIC. As in: priceless :^)

So. The season is upon us. I am a fan of these holidays. I write cards and see friends and bake and cook and search for stocking stuffers. This year I have already ordered gifts from Etsy and I am pretty sure I am going to like the presents I give to my family and friends and maybe a little something to my coworkers. I've bought chocolate coins for some of my clients, especially the kids. Who wouldn't like a netted sack of chocolate coins? 

And speaking of chocolate: I have lost nine pounds. I've munching on popcorn instead of chocolate. Until four days ago....



  1. That's funny that Big Bird is in line to vote.

    A full leg cast! JB must have really hurt her leg badly - I'm sorry to hear it.

  2. so sorry to hear about JB sending prayers for Chase hurrah for losing weight. and may you enjoy the holidays. oh, fun to see the littlest fella.

  3. oy...i am sorry on the leg....ack...not good...hope the healing goes well....glad the birds voted....smiles...and with an endorsement like that i might just pay that much for soup...if i had the money...ha...

  4. Oh so sorry about the ills in your family. CONGRATULATIONS on the 9 pounds!!! So awesome! You so powerful and strong! Yes yes, walk every single street and stretch of beach and bay and photograph it all and post. You have not been to Hawaii??? You must change that status soon. I am sipping wine again...The Mister has an appointment with oncology in the morning, I cannot accompany him due to work, and I have Holy Anger about his pain level and the lack of concern or action by the oncology clinic for the past two months. Again. Grrrr. Yet, a grateful Grrr, for he is here for this Thanksgiving. **blows kisses** (excuse the wine breath) Deb

    1. Deb, i hope tomorrow goes well and i hope there is care and help for the pain. i use the word ‘hate’ so rarely, but i hate hate hate cancer. i wish you and your brawny man the best thanksgiving. and hawaii: oh yes. sign me up. i don’t know when but i know there will be a time.... xoxo

  5. Damn that soup was beautiful! It was like Holiday in a bowl, and I think by your description we can safely say a "party in your mouth"! Every time I see your pictures of PT I want to go there. Maybe someday I will ;) Blessing to you and Healing this holiday to Chase and JB!

  6. OMG that was more bad luck :( Hope this was the end. I hope JB gets well soon and of course Chase too!.
    it has been a hard couple of days. Wonderful pictures though . I remembered Whalers Wharf in an instant :) Oh and that rabbit.....
    And Logan......yes I believe he will be someone great in the future!
    What a sweetheart he is right now.
    Hope you WILL enjoy the coming season dear.

  7. JB make em put you in a removable leg you can really (seriously) be done with the PT before they are done telling you it's healed.

    Nope on the soup, the color alone would not get it anywhere near my table.

    Lion kings are good to have around especially the old fierce ones.

    Naw for personal reasons it really is better if I never go on the Cape.

    Ok that is the mish of answers to go with your mash.

  8. Poor JB! Awful!! And poor Chase and poor skinny KJ. ( what's the diet, do tell").

    I'm sure you have a good outlook on all this, despite the hard times. Logan is adorable and gorgeous. Focus on his baby face and enjoy.

  9. Personally I think chocolate (dark not milk) is much better for you than popcorn which is all carb, so I think the nine pounds were lost by doing something else, congrats by the way. I vote for chocolate :-).
    So sorry about JB, I am glad she will be home with Chase though, kisses to them both. One day at a time.
    Lovely mish mash.
    Hugs, xoxo

  10. Logan, you are so cute that when I was reading this I stopped and scrolled back up to get another look at that happy grin. :)
    Kj, I am wishing you and JB (and Chase!) a happy and uneventful Thanksgiving. Love to all there! xox

  11. Oh my gosh, I laughed hard on the last line :).