Thursday, September 13, 2012

Before She Left

Tomorrow night I begin a weekend with my Big Yellow friends, writers, songwriters. There will be fourteen of us and two will stay here in our semi annual version of a pajama party. JB has gone to Provincetown and I will introduce Chase our sweet dog to my friends. This morning before I left for work I watched JB:

Possibly in her nightgown
she stripped the beds
washed the sheets
picked up her side
for me
the house
now ready
she filled the pillbox--
 Chase who comes
with his own pill box.
She poured my coffee
would have spread my toast,
solved my Mother's broken hearing aid
mailed her taxes
read me my horoscope
licked closed a card (to me)
upright when I get home
And also maybe
tonight at midnight
I may find
a melting Hersey's kiss
on my pillow.

She has been forsaken:
myself reckless
in search of
the opposite
of ordinary.

I ask her sometimes:
Do I give back?
And although she is honest enough
to pause first
she says, Oh Yes, You Do.

It is not simple
and Settling.
I lean on one and I long;
and on the other, I fit.

what I learn from her,
Is this my chance to be worthy,
Even when I know
I don't know
at home and anywhere
what comes after grateful?

happy weekend,


  1. Oh, I love what you learn from her. Love is a healer extraordinaire.

    1. Amy, the physics of love: it heals, but why must the healing include broken skin?


  2. And I love how you express your love for her. And you know she expresses hers for you in changing the sheets and filling the pillbox. How I love her too after reading this.xxxx

    1. Yes, you would like JB, joss


  3. I'm finally catching up with you, dear Twinkles! Your love for JB, and hers for you, make my heart happy, too. And Chase! How did I miss knowing about him? He is gorgeous, and so lucky to have found the perfect forever-home.

    I know you will have a wonderful weekend with your writing group. Savor every minute of goodness that comes your way, dear friend.


    1. Angela, do you know how far back we go, you and I? ♥

      We waited 9 months after losing Stella. It is going to be good with chase. I think of you and your beau .


    2. We do go waaaaaay back, don't we? ♥ Sweet Renee brought us, and so many other people, together as only she could.

      Chase is so gorgeous, I know Stella would approve. We miss our Beau so much. It's been two months already, and I still think I hear him and see him out of the corner of my eye sometimes.


  4. Such beautiful words. Wonderfully expressed. Thanks so much for your kind words left at my blog. I so appreciate them, but even more I am humbled by them all. Thank you so much.
    Shana Tova,
    Happy New and a sweet one to you and your family.

    1. Thank you ms vee :-)

      It is not difficult to leave you kind words...


  5. i begin to know you)))))

    it strikes like an anvil
    or white light, lightening

    and i smile

    (i thought of you the other day and i thought to send you a song. you mentioned you were thinking about polarities, dualims. do you know walking far from home by iron and wine? it encompasses everything. it is so wonderful. you can hear it here:


  6. Awe, so sweet! I know well the love it takes to fill a pillbox. It is a work done with Great Love. I thank God continuously for the gift of Great Love. I am happy you have it too. **kisskiss** Deb

  7. LOVE THIS!! You make me smile.

    I want to be there.

    Will we visit when I am at Odyssey???? I sure hope so.

    Love, love,


  8. I adore JB and that she leaves chocolates on pillows and is honest.

    Enjoy your Big Yellows.

  9. JB is a pearl. I would like to think I am like her, but I think I am more selfish. I can make it my goal. I am going to remember JB and her quiet care. Maybe it will sink into my thick head how important that is. :) Have a happy writing weekend, Kj! I hope you and Chase get a lot done. xoxo!

  10. Oh my honey, that was beautiful. I am grateful to have you and love it when I can make you happy. but as you only know my cleaning, refreshing, etc is sometimes done out of nerves and a need to make things calm and right for me. Sometimes it works for both of us and sometimes not. Love and have a great weekend. Yani

  11. Oh, also my dear, you give me a lot , never forget that. Yani

  12. You know I love you both...and soon I'll love Chase, after I meet him!

    Have fun at the Big Yellow.


  13. A beautiful love poem in so many ways.

    Sorry I cannot find appropriate words to respond.

  14. Ah, an interesting one to come back to. The way is never as straightforward as we'd hope, is it?

  15. Oo I've often dreamed of a writing retreat!

  16. I'm trying to get back into taking time to visit friends...and you are at the top of my reader list, so I get to visit you first! Love the love poem, too! And your pup with a pill box and a PJ party to be comfortable at...all a lovely way to live a life!