Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Life Part 4 (still in no particular order) :^)

The little things?

They're not little...

P.S. This last shot is courtesy of the chipmunks that have dug up my yard and uprooted my patio bricks and who I cannot bear to kill, which I'm told and I believe is the only solution. Meanwhile, this hole is their front door or their back door or maybe their vacation home....



  1. kj,
    This was a lovely post!
    I'm glad that you have opted to let the chipmunks be.

  2. Critter ridder - give it a try.

    lovely pics but NOT the snow one!!!

  3. Smiles ...many :-)


  4. Such a collage of different pictures, kj. And certain visitors have made themselves at home, which is hardly a surprise, considering how kind you are.

  5. Nice pictures KJ. Lovely one of you!
    But oefff that snow pictures, please not yet. I want a real summer first!
    And cant you drive those chipmunks away with sound?
    Have a lovely day dear!

  6. Apparently you don't have to shotgun the little critters. Now i have made your life better but a little more stinky.

  7. Apparently above is a link I just don't know if you could tell that or not.

  8. You are right....there are no *little things* in life...

    So happy you will let the Chipmunks live in peace!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. I could never kill a chipmunk either, any more than I could kill one of my rascally squirrels. They are far too adorable.

  10. I could go for some chocolate bunny butt right now ;)

  11. I think the hole in your yard is lovely, let those critters live, or you could try talking to them, I have heard that it sometimes works :-). xoxo

  12. Oh so much good stuff here; where to begin!?! LOVE the second shot of you. It most definitely fits the image in my mind of you. FUN! Love the row boats and your zen garden. Love the babes and the wine rack, though babes and wine do not mix, unless it's babes in a bar...what? Love that your life is in no particular order; real life never is. Big Love, Deb

  13. Hi kj! This was so nice, just scrolling along...:) As for chipmunks, we have so many here I have just made my peace with them. They dig holes and steal bird seed, and have little chase fights all over our deck. Live and let live. I do wonder who is eating our tomatoes. Nice big holes in the sides of each one. ARRRGH! haha! Happy weekend - xox

  14. I wonder if I could send you the squirrels from my yard and we could send them along with your chipmunks on a cruise to ...well, anywhere, really!

  15. Love the shots of you, silly snossage.

  16. Sorry, but chipmunks are sacred!!! I love them and they are so easily tamed. I have often thought of a book about chipmunks, yes, yes, I know it has been done, but not overdone like mice, bears, etc.


    Loved your suggestion about Odyssey Bookstore, which might be able to happen. Did you know that the blog As the Crowe Flies and Reads is by Emily at Odyssey Bookstore. I love her opinions and reading choices.

    Sending love,


  17. hee hee, chimpmunks, so funny if you don't have them i suppose. did you know blogger took away my blog list, then it wouldn't let me comment on so many blogs, yours was one. i knew it would change its mind. you know i love the snow photos. and now i'm off to sleep, it's far too late here!

    p.s. that was that wonderful shop in summerland!

  18. the bitten bunnies are hilarious :))

    i love chipmunks - we used to have them in our yard growing up in minnesota. all we have where i live now are squirrels - NOT the same thing at all - as dad used to say they are rats with good p.r.!

    i smiled a very big smile to see your smiling face in your kitchen!!!

  19. Vacation home?
    Sorry for laffing, but that's funny!
    We had someone's large dog come through our new shrubs the other night and dig great big holes.
    Trying to get cool, I'd imagine, but like what your chippies do,,,it's maddening anyway.
    We had moles at another house,,,,sigh. They can be temorarily run off ,,,,but they always come back. We finally just let 'em have it, and moved.
    Well, we were moving anyway,,,,so that worked out well for all of us.