Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Animal Wednesday: kj fills in while Emily Rabbit is still missing...

I wish I knew how to make an old post new again and not have ask you to follow a link . But so it is. I am currently revisiting my old posts, starting back in 2006, with mixed emotions and some surprises. I am doing this because blogging is becoming a part of my new book (to my surprise).

Here is one of my favorite old posts. I remember I felt so clever at the time, doing this one. That was before I became the beneficiary of so many creative people around me, who now turn me on to being creative in a zillion different ways.

Lucky Duck, I still am....

Love kj

p.s. i am high maintenance this week (ha! maybe always!) if you want to leave a comment (i love your comments!) you are going to have to return to THIS post to do that: extra work. I know someone will tell me how I could have copy pasted my old quacky post, and i will appreciate that.) ♥


  1. Ha! Very cool. Looks like a lot of the duck puns were taken, but if I think of a new one, I'll be sure to come back.

  2. Hey before I read this post I wrote I was a lucky duck!!!!!
    I don't think so!
    I am a lucky duck in so many ways and the expression is from you!

    PS Where the LD is Emily????!!!!!!


  3. love this lucky duck post, especially numbers 2 and 12 - i wonder if there might be a number 14 you can add to your list? what i like about ducks is that they are always serene on the surface and paddling like mad underneath.....

    even tho my kids are grown, a family of rubber duckies still sits along my bathtub. sometimes it's a good thing not to grow up ;-)

  4. I will come back and do my homework later. I promise! :) Quack...

  5. there are so many creative and fun bloggers, that's for sure. are you quacked? I am anyway.

  6. dont know whether you can follow this but:

    from dashboard select edit posts

    find the post you want to copy

    click on edit

    when post opens go to the top left hand side of the larger screen (where it says file/edit/view/history etc)

    click on edit

    in the edit window click on "select all" then click on "copy"

    return to dashboard and select "new post"

    when the new post dialogue box opens return to "edit" at the top of your screen. click on it. select "paste"

    your old post should appear in the new post box.

  7. Well Lord love a duck! Where is that Rabbit?x

  8. If I were a duck
    I would say ...

    ( hey wait a minute ....miss em don't talk like that!)

  9. that was very very cute, being a duck (or like) is really a lovely thing. the mama with her babies is my favorite.
    and your poem was amazing, that is something to read and reread. you are an amazing writer.

  10. I am a duck in one way. I can appear calm on the surface, but underneath those little webs are furiously moving. Nothing runs off my back though. I would like to be more like a duck in that sense, and I'm certainly trying. I'm also doing more of your "all too well" pose, so you can see my webbed feet, and know me.

  11. Just ducky, for sure, Karen.

    BTW, I think I saw Emily in Blogland Lane. She came barrelling up (wow, can she run), stopped in her tracks right in front of my tent, looked at me, and was gone.

    If you want to find her, you may have to use your authority as Mayor to get the town to help hunt Emily Down.

    You did file a missing bunny report, didn't you. WELL???

  12. KJ - That's a nice compliment...wanting me to read. I want to give it the time it deserves, so it'll have to be this weekend. I'm behind on blogging and reading. Life has just been choking me lately. Thanks sweetie.

  13. Ha! Missed it first time around so I'm glad to see it now. And I wish I hadn't started losing interest in reading/writing blogs lately because yours is always such a fun visit. I will be better!

  14. thank you, sweet father of 3 ♥

    marianne, i thought that too when i saw YOUR post. hee hee, great minds and good friends.... as for emily, i think she is in hiding. i got an one page note saying 'send money'. what's to do? :^)

    amanda, that is a good # 14! that's me too. (haha, i say that and i just wrote a new post on congruence!) nothing says 'stay a kid' more than a yellow rubber duck xoxox

    pam, come back anytime. you quack me up

    yes, suki, i'm totally quacked. and clucked too

    )OH OH suki! i will save these instructions! you are a godsend, i had no idea. kisskisskiss

  15. caroline, good question. if it were you, would you send her money? :^)

    mim! :^)

    thank you lori. you quack me up also.

    annie ww, you and i are flapping in that water lily pond, flapping our winds and quacking away! as for water off a duck's back, that is a very good idea :^)

    mr. bear, emily is definitely not in blogland lane. she was last seen in southern california. no missing bunny report yet because i got a note requesting money.

    andrea dear, timing is everything! even if you don't come here, i'll come there xoxo