Saturday, September 15, 2007

My LIfe as a Duck

I don't think human beings are re-incarnated as animals but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm a duck disquised as kj. Here's some preliminary evidence:

1. I love to be fed.

2. I take care of my family until they can swim on their own.

3. Ducks like to congregate and socialize and I do too.

4. My landings are often not graceful.

5. I glide and thrive in serene calm waters.

6. When necessary, and sometimes when not necessary, I squawk with the best of them.

7. Don't get me going: after I squawk, I just might stand my ground.

7. I believe I can fly.

8. I have only a couple of very special and close friends, and I treasure my time with them.

9. I try to carry myself with dignity.

11. I'm not afraid to spread my wings.

12. I know this pose only too well.

13. I line my ducks up in a row.

I could go on. But hopefully you get the idea. It's not easy being a closet duck.


  1. You are a rare bird, I'll give you that! :)

  2. Ha ha! This is wonderful! I love all the images you found to go with it. I like the not-so-graceful landing ... ditto for me! :)

  3. really cute kj! quack quack quack!

  4. What happened with being a kookaburra KJ? Or is that just wishful quacking ;)

  5. ces, why thank you, maam.

    rm, why thank you also. i've never been called a rare bird before, to my knowledge.

    melissa, time for fun.

    mench, quack back.

    anon, i am still cookie's relative. definitely.

    to all: quaaaaaaack.

  6. *sings for KJ* Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water, falderalderiere, falderalderare..alle eendjes zwemmen in het water...tralalalala.

  7. Hey! I'm probably a bit late to the party, but I really like the new blog design!

  8. Ha ha ha! I LOVE ducks!
    I just left some Quacking on Anony's birds, I guess I'll have to leave you some 'quacks' too:)

    Quack, Quack!!!

  9. Aw, lifes a duck, and so is KJ, Sweet post!

  10. wieneke, two words i can't translate: i'm off to find a dutch dictionary, but i love the tune!!!

    thanks, liz. you're gallivanting in ireland and i'm coloring my blog. (with help from ces)

    joy eliz, once i was fired from a summer job for clucking like a chicken. when i left, i put a little note on the mean boss' desk. it said "cluck you". :)

    thank you, lavender. this was a fun post to do.

  11. He,he... funny.
    I don't dare to think which animal I am... ;-)

  12. Animal kwakkers hey.
    I'm wondering, what animal could I compare myself to?
    No idea.
    I'll have to ask my wife.
    I like this post very much!

  13. I love the ducks - especially the "pose" - HA!

  14. Well, I suspected it all along! I've always thought you were ducky, but now I know why:> What a really fun post... and I like the autumnal color scheme here:>

  15. sidney, you might be a very brave lion.

    ces, thanks. you are so ces.

    peter, what did you wife say??

    elsa, quack! (hope you are enjoying this fantastic fall)

    carla, i'm always glad to see your avatar here. yes, this was a very fun post to do.

  16. this is wonderful! It did make me secretly smile as I used to have two pet ducks and all they did was eat and poop and all at the same time! I hope you are not like Ashley and Bosley...

  17. How imaginative!

    You may be a duck, but you aren't foul, and that's straight from the big mud duck's mouth.

    peace out

  18. hey where was I in 2007???????
    Lucky duck to have met you after this!

  19. Adorable kj!! now I'm going to be thinking about what animal i could be, that fits so well. there are definitely a few duck poses i resonate with :)
    xoxo K