Friday, October 21, 2011

Mash Mash Friday

My solution: Take time. Make time. Rhyme time. Even Cookie & Cake time. Keep Writing time.

Plant the rose bushtime. Sing peace songs time. Count my stars time. Be fine time.

I am finishing up a whirlwind few weeks. I have dragged my way through some of it, work included, but I have no real complaints. Important chores and demands have been taken care of, finally.

On Monday, I picked up a 67 year old mentally challenged man named Joey (who throughout my childhood lived next door to my parents) and brought him to my house overnight He and I needed to attend his annual financial review the next day. I am his 'trustee', responsible for making sure the money his parents left for him will be managed wisely so he can continue to live in the supervised apartment program that has been so wonderful for him.

Joey did not stop talking for 14 hours straight. He is like Rain Man: he remembers every day and every date since 1941 and he told me one story after another: about his parents, about his relatives, about his daily 4 am trips to Dunkin Donuts, about his car, about his new wallet.

I gave Joey a clean bath towel and he told me it was too bad he had to use it because he only needed half of it. And after he used half of it he put his used towel on top of my towel. Joey calls me his 'sister' and I know he does that so I won't abandon him and I tell him he doesn't need to because I won't. He paid for breakfast and lunch and gas and besides for the fact that he didn't stop talking he was appropriate and appreciative.

Joey's visit followed the heels of a mad dash to finish my 2010 income taxes. Yes, 2010. What a chore, what a relief. Please may I learn my lesson.

And on Sunday I will meet with my writing group where I will get feedback on the first 75 pages of my manuscript. Good or bad, that is gold to me. I am writing whenever I can these days: the passion to write is so strong and I am grateful to feel that way.

And autumn has a way of making me want to cook and bake. And start thinking about the holidays, which I most often love.

Meanwhile, today my printer died and my camera isn't working and my laptop has no more memory. When I will have and when I will take the time to address each of these not-so-tiny challenges is presently unknown.

There is no theme to this post! So following that fact, I will close with a photo I hope you find delightful. I admit I am still wondering if its' authentic or photoshopped. Either way, it's sweet, yes?

Happy weekend, always with love, kj


  1. you are so kind and giving. Joey. wow. love the half a towel idea.

    the photo is ...well...i am not sure what. most original.

    hope you have time to take a breather and enjoy the leaves. hugs, suki

  2. I am in love with Joey, so glad he has you to see that he is taken care of.
    I am busy too, now I have a new dog with cat issues and still painting and working and trying to fit in car repair and errands.
    We always have to make sure we get in some much needed relaxing time too, don't forget :-).
    P.S. photo is photoshopped, but cute.

  3. I think I remember Joey - is that true? 14 hours of talking is way alot but bless you for being his "sister".
    Busy busy all of us. I too wonder when to have the time to do it I come home and knit and let everything else wait. Makes me feel luxurious

  4. How nice of you to be looking after Joey like that.

    Photoshopped. Originally an anti-choice ad (the one I found on-line had "When did you say life begins again?" on it). In order to see a footprint like that, it would have to be pressing up against only a thin layer of skin. No fat, no placenta, no uterine wall. Not possible.

  5. What you do for Joey is one of the many reasons I admire and adore you!

    Happy Autumn!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Wow - I have to admit that I could feel the whirlwind through your writing... My heart actually started beating faster and my breathing was quicker... for you...

    I hope you take and make plenty of time for yourself this weekend.

    Much love,

    p.s. I just finished getting tomorrow's post ready and it has to do with time too - it seems we're in sync :)

    p.p.s. It makes me very happy to see your very favorite flower as your header

    p.p.p.s. A hint: The fun little ornament that I'm making for you is based on your flower :)

    p.p.p.s. Just wanted to add another "p"! hee hee (I'll stop now.)

  7. So much of life to try to stuff into so little time.
    I hear this everywhere, and it's true.
    So admirable, this time you give to Joey.

    I'm glad you 'take the time' to write. Often, that's the only way to fit in our wants, with all the 'have to's' on our plate.

    I like the photo, even if it's photo shopped.
    Great weekend to you too,,,I actually plan to paint something. Something not a wall, or porch.
    Good for you with those taxes!

  8. hi suki, you are too kind to me. thank you.

    annie, whoa, yes, slow down, life!

    mim, yes, i think you met joey at YART last year. you knit, i watch project runway :^)

    thank you cs! i really wondered. your explanation is so intelligent i just love it!

    thank you, robin. sometimes i look at what i do and think, 'not bad for a selfish person' :^) i hope you are going to have a terrific weekend xo

    kristin, you are so perceptive. i am very happy anytime to be in sync with you. oooh my ornament. that is so exciting. and very sweet. ♥

    babs, know what i think? that my writing and your painting is not a want. they are essentials to our happiness. not luxuries. so we have an obligation to ourselves and to the planet to contribute in that way! xo

  9. You are a busy bee, kj. And busy with so many things that bring happiness to other people. I guess that's why I like you! :) I hope you are getting lots of words written. I am writing almost every day, and slinging paint in between. Yippeee!! xox

  10. that is a good mash and a very full one too. the world is a much better place with kind compassionate you. i'm sorry you have to do the @*^% work, but that just makes the roses even sweeter. i hope your enjoying every minute of your you time.

    photoshopped, but now you know that. :)

  11. Love reading about what you love and care so much about! Also love your new header pic - wow!

  12. I think Joey feels blessed to have you sweet Kj..your heart and love are so big I can feel the tenderness..yes,like a warm hug.xox Cat

  13. You have a good heart kj. Joey's fortunate to have you as his wingman. My life is busy but way less interesting.

  14. Aw, Joey, the towel, your big heart. I love it all.

    Yes indeed, life is crazy busy these days. I'm hoping for routine soon so I can get back to making art and posting.

    I love that image "focus on the solution." Clever. And I love that photoshopped footie :)

    Have a wonderful writing group session. I know you'll get great reviews!


  15. You are a good sister!
    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and much writing was done!!