Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Happy Poem for Robin's Birthhday

Today, Saturday, is Robin's birthday. I know she will understand this poem, written at shared times and when another friend challenged me to write a happy poem and get on with it!
Robin is going to have a good year.
Isn't that a great way to start?
I changed one word of this poem in honor of this auspcious day.

HaPPy BiRTHdaY wRobINCupCAke

love kj

If I were to write a happy poem
Who I wonder would wish to comb
Through my words and find themselves
Dancing with me like little elves?

Is determination all I need
To fill nourish and sometimes feed
The ghosts that prey upon my feet
Scaring me with tales complete

Of mean and nasty lima beans
Friends who don’t do what they mean?
Those who play at giving thanks
Without a thought to broken banks?

I have good accounts with full deposits
No miserable skeletons in my own closets.
So why the need to understand
When someone chooses not to land

In territory real and true
Why not turn the other shoe
And kick my heels toward better times
Where loving folks wait in the vines?

Where there is play and micron pens
No blemishes there from start to end.
I have enough, god knows I do
So why not look at what is true?

I can bless the rest,
I can pass the test.
I can look beyond
The saddest song.

It had the words but lacked the tune
It’s time to wander elsewhere soon
I’m moving to where life is rich

And there’s no room for stitch or bitch!


  1. lovely poem as usual my dear but you do know that stitch and bitch is for knitters.....and two of your favorite people are knitters...

    anyway -are you snowed in?

  2. Thank you dearest KJB! I love this,,,,and although I do not *stitch* or *knit*, I love the words to your poem.....especially the *song* references!

    Here's to a great year for all of us as we move forward!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  3. Wonderful poem! Happy Birthday to Robin.
    I hope you are not covered in snow
    and in the dark...

  4. happy birthday robin xoxo i hope you have a lovely day, week...
    and i just love that wee hedgehog.

  5. Oh that hedgehog alone fills me with joy!!!!!!!
    And such an appropriate poem for our Princess who is going to have a great year.
    And yes to all of us ! We all can use this poem to put that first step in a happy future.

    Wordveri: poeton :)

  6. perfect poem for our cupcake princess ;)

    omg that hedgeyhoggie!!!

    I love you Robin...I hope ypur bithday was what you needed it to be.♥

    I love you too, Kj :)♥

  7. I need to pop over and say happy birthday to Robin.

  8. That's a real baby hedgehog?? No wonder people love this wee creatures to distraction.

  9. What, oh what, is that adorable thing in the picture? Is that for real? Can I have one? Oh my. I just keep looking at those little feet!

    KJ, I have no idea how someone gets the thoughts in their head to rhyme! Every time I try, I compromise what I want to say, so I don't do it. And here you are, writing a poem, and rhyming no less!

    Oh, good friends are so hard to come by, no? Happy birthday to Robin, and many many more.