Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween in Provincetown (Booooo)

Still Aspiring Babe kjkitten

It's been Halloween in Provincetown. In case you don't know, the residents of Provincetown, being a bit more eccentric and flamboyant than the general population, wait all year to don their costumes.

This year, bringing back a tradition from the early 1900's, the town hall hosted a Costume Ball for 700. Tickets were sold out in one day; alas, JB and I did not act that fast. But the festivity of the weekend was not lost on us and our friends Marsha and Norm. The rains pelleted and the winds roared and our umbrellas folded inside out, but that did not stop our plans or melt our makeup.

We started Friday night and wound down Sunday morning. We screamed bloody murder in the haunted house (so scary, we couldn't stop screaming); we spent hours in the West End Salon donning face makeup and hairdos; we walked Commercial Street and met all kinds of people and creatures; we fine dined, and best of all, we talked to everyone and everyone talked to us.

Ptown at its best is a no stress, have a blast kind of place:

dear JB who bet a stranger sitting near her at dinner double or nothing that he would not waddle down the aisle of the fancy restaurant quacking like a duck, and she lost that bet.

look closer:

Love: the best costume of all....

p.s. did you know that sometimes if you let yourself dress up in make believe

you may become more yourself?



  1. How absolutely beautiful you all look! Love that wonderful face artist did that work! What fun. Enjoy some for me!!!Happy Halloween!

  2. I really have to put PTown on my bucket list. You make it sound so wonderful!
    You both look mah va lous dahling!
    Happy Halloween.

  3. dress up in make believe you become more yourself......yes. i love this~

    halloween is my favorite holiday but i never get dressed up anymore - so i will live vicariously through you this year ;)

    you go kjbabe. i LOVE the amazing kitty face — looks like you are starring on broadway in CATS!

  4. wow wow. that is amazing face paint, what fun you had. i did not know that about dressing up. i love all your festive pictures kj, kitty cat.

  5. KJ - your face is so wonderful!!!!!!

  6. aways a babe for sure. i hardly recognize you in your kitty face. what fun you guys had.!

    i once provided homecare for an elderly woman who in her younger years participated in those early Ptown festivities. she posed for Hawthorne and had a painting he did of her. talked of her costumes. not to mention she had a huge closet full of 1920's beaded dresses. so interesting.

  7. You two are amazing cats! What a great town. I love any place that has a creative skin and isn't afraid to show it - lol! My kind of town, Ptown, is...hum along. Happy Halloween! xox

    PS Sorry about that duck bet - hahaha!

  8. amazing. Just amazing.

    did I say amazing?

  9. Sounds like a great time, and reminds me of New Orleans on Halloween is a hoot!
    I think we should get to dress up every day! :-) It's good for the soul!!!
    Hope you all had a wonderful time.
    MUW-HAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:-}

    Anne (she-devil)

  10. MEOW!!!! Luv these photos....
    I grew up having Costumed Birthday Parties.... I miss this!
    Perhaps year? Hmmmmm..

    JB looks radiant! You look kittenish!!!!



    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  11. You and JB look like stunning pussycats!
    I bet it was a lot of fun!
    I love that picture of the man under the truck so funny!
    And the wine flag! Now that is my style
    Happy Halloween dear♥

  12. Provincetown sounds like the place to be!!A costume Ball...yes sir ree..sounds like fun...and the haunted house..eek...Not sure I could handle that..I jump ten feet at the slightest little scare...thats me..a scary CAT..heehee..You all look like you are having one wonderful time!!Big Hugs Friend,Cat

  13. Your body under a car photo; someone in the country near here put a body under a tractor, poured real looking blood all around, and was visited by the sheriff when a passerby called 911.

  14. What a great paint job! (heck, now I'm making you sound like a car, but you know what I mean!) It's really exquisite. You look beautiful and happy. Yay!

  15. You're both just gorgeous in your costumes. What fun that must have been!! xx