Monday, October 10, 2011


savor savor savor this the McGhee Family & their cute Sextuplets

(thanks to my friend Susan)

Tonight if I had my way this post would have photos of my own family this weekend, my daughter Jess, me as Mom-Gram-Bam, a sleepy infant named Logan, and two little boys, Mr. Ryan and No Longer Baby Drew, all of us delightfully lost in a huge corn field maze today, then staring down a smiling buck tooth llama, riding a sweet easy pony, & lapping up ice cream cones dripping every which way.

My ancient laptop is full up and doggedly refuses to upload from this little camera of mine, so here is an image of the bonds of family that reflects my own.

Bless our families. They don't have to be blood families, that's for sure, but bless anyone who has the good fortune to be a part of people and pets who love one another, no holds barred.

Want to know how I feel about my own family?

Just Like This.

And The Most Important Thing About Love?

Don't Hold Back.



  1. Doesn't that picture just say volumes??
    I adore it.
    The cutest babies too!! This is love!
    And that one near her daddy's face...OMG!!

    I see you all in the field together. Good thoughts.
    Thinking of you friend/family!!
    Love and hugs.

  2. That carrot is wonderful too!x

  3. All so very lovely, indeed. Too bad you couldn't post family pictures, though the one at the top is wonderful!

  4. Two beautiful pictures dear. Reflecting what is important.
    I just know you had the most wonderful weekend! I am happy for you.
    You spread love and you get love
    I love you too

  5. In spite of all the fights that you may end up in, you know in the end that the people you love, the people who love you, they'll stand by you no matter what. I've come to know this better after having spent about 6 months away from all those people, and having missed out on a lot of family traditions that happened during the time I was away. Now that I'm back, I can see just how stressful all of those traditions may seem to the outside world, but for our little circle, they have become a way of life... sort of our purpose of existence.

    Arnab Majumdar on

  6. wow..sixtuplets... amazing...i think family is the most amazing thing that one can ever have in life :)

  7. How in the world did they get every baby napping at once? LOL! It is such a sweet picture, and I can only imagine how tenderly it was arranged. As for the carrot(s), that is weirdly adorable. I agree completely about family (whoever it is made up of!). Sounds like you are having a rollicking and wonderful Fall! xox

  8. top photo is a work of art. carrots, so fun. family is the best.

  9. It's all really about LOVE. You are blessed to be surrounded (like the top photo) with a warm, caring family....both in real life and in the Blogging World!

    As for those Carrots....a-ha-ha! They like to be loved too!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  10. I think sometimes our most loving families are the ones we choose on our own--who we meet through blogs, friendships, by chance.
    Love both photos, but I especially love the carrots! (it kinda says it all!)


  11. hi marie! love and hugs to you too!

    caroline, it's the little wrap around carrot arm that gets to me, don't you think? :^)

    rob-bear, i will get those photos uploaded one way or another!

    i love you too marianne, that is for sure! i was so tired from the weekend i stayed off work today--a gift to myself xoxo

    arnab, i know what you mean. our families know who we are in ways that others don't. and the traditions, i think, serve to ground up. wings & roots....

    muhammad, your insight at your age always impresses me! i wish you were my nephew!!!!

    pam, i asked myself that too and i have to admit i wondered if the photo might be photoshopped. how could all the babies be so perfect at the same time? !!!! never-the-less, i am quite willing to adore this family portrait ♥

  12. suki, when i first glanced at the photograph, i did not think it was a HUMAN family. that makes it all the more special to me, in its universality. xo

    hello lilith, thank you. i spent some time at your blog this morning; so very nice!

    robin, yes, thank you, i know. i have learned and i am learning how to hold on to love, to cherish my relationships and all that they offer. friends as family too, that's for sure! ♥

    anne, when JB and i had our celebration weekend a few years back, we invited 45 people but only people we selected. we did not invite many family members for various reasons. life is too short not to be surrounded by good energy and true love. i mean it!

    annie, yup ♥

    lori, yup ♥

  13. KJ these photos are both prize winners!

    Love love love is what its all about.

    PS to see the finished paintings I did at the Paint out scroll back three posts from todays.

  14. Oh gosh. I've seen some porno carrots in my days at the farm. Those babys love to entwine! Yours is precious. And yes....bless s if we find ourselves part of any people, blood relative or not, who love us....quirks and all.

  15. Love the carrot shot (and the gorgeous photo of the family too!). I think those of us who are luckiest and the most blessed are those who have learned to choose our own families. Sometimes the people are related by blood, other times by experience. Either way - we function better with family and they bless us back with their support and love. :)

  16. lynn, blush: i hate when i rush through something i should already know. of course i saw that post and of course i will revisit it now again. :^)

    ww, i'll bet those of us who blog all have this in common: we know that blood is NOT thicker than water at least sometimes. we know about the bonds of community because we live them here ♥

    tracy, even though many of us need solitude to do our work, at the end of the day we need to belong somewhere, somehow. ♥

  17. Oh cute! Love, love, love these photos! Awwww! That's it I'm cutified now!

  18. hello annie, tsup tsup!

    julie, you were cutified before this too!

  19. That carrot photo, for some reason, is very compelling. I guess I like how human it is to see images of love everywhere.