Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back & Around

My recent technology challenges (camera, printer, laptop!) have led me backwards. :^) Here, in no order are some snippets from my life, some then, some now. I'll try to be brief but I can't guarantee:

ahh--the bedroom in Provincetown

if you want quick easy beautiful verdant flowers that bloom all summer and into fall, for your yard and home, plant hydrangeas and zinnias.

Our house for 20 years: a Victorian duplex with us on the right side. three floors, 14 rooms. five doorways and 3 refrigerators in the kitchen when first seen, every room in disarray. but there was no doubt its bones were solid.


Do you know where this is? CS, I know you do. And Silke, I'll bet you do too.
I'll let someone other than me tell you.

This is one of my favorite views in the city where I work.

This is a poor and diverse city, not long ago in receivership.

What a day this was. Our friends have use of his old horse barn, modernized with a sink, counter, stove, refrigerator, worn couches, and pool table. We pot-lucked lunch and dinner, canoed with geese and dragonflies, willingly became dazed and impaired (hee hee, non-specific and true), and right at dusk we stood in front of the barn and from the chimney in the house across the street came hundreds of bats; one, two, three at a time out the chimney, then six, seven, eight, ten twenty. They flew within inches by and around us, unbelievable to be part of it, knowing their radar would not let them hit us.

I just wrote a post about Joey, who I help in various ways. Here he is. He socialized only with his parents until they died twelve years ago, and now he is more independent and confident than he ever thought possible. He's likable and hilarious: can't you tell?

I've probably posted this photo a hundred times already.

This is my daughter Jessica (and mr. ryan). Isn't she beautiful?

Oh dear who cares: the bedroom

The view crossing into Provincetown from Route 6

If i'm on the phone any longer than five minutes,

I must be talking to a darn good friend

I made a cake.

aaah Italy. I can't wait to go back.

My freezer when it used to be neat(er)

I would like it if every one did a post on their freezers

my friend liz and i are still laughing at this

Emily Rabbit's very first appearance

happy happybirthday wrobin.

I think it will be quite a year.

my blog friend human being sent me photos of her country, Iran.

Beautiful bamboo forests and lush and green land. human being

is not free to blog or speak or disagree openly. I think of her often.

her name is laurel gaylord and she is a first class artist.

and finally, three brothers.

Tonight, this moment, my heart is full.




  1. What a nice mish mash KJ!
    It sucks to have electronic problems.
    I just got my Nikon back. I felt unhappy without it. The docking station of my transformer broke down as well.
    But just like you all is mended now and I am back from a trip to Johannesburg and Sweden (without coming home in between) and all equipment is working again.
    I enjoyed watching all your pictures :)

    ♥ to you

  2. oh welcome home, marianne. i hope you get several days to rest before your west coast trip. i have every electronic problem possible! tonight my iphone is not connecting to the internet. good thing my laptop can still do that! when is chicago? :^)

  3. Good morning!

    Love it all. Love the idea of a freezer post.

  4. I'll try to remember about the freezer post. mine is almost empty. ha.

    lovely melange of snippets from your rich life. be well, suki

  5. Much to be thankful for. I haven't done a freezer post, but will a fridge post do?

  6. You have such a beautiful family! Huge smile :) Julie

  7. And right now, after this post, myheart is full too kj! Thank you!

  8. Mmmmm...cake.

    Mmmmm...cake again..

    Great pictures!

  9. I love this little introspective kj but where were the bats? You have a nack for decorating cosy

  10. Beautiful post kj... I love the photo of you on the phone.
    Human Being... I grew to love her and I also carry her in my heart. I'm going to write to her soon... she is a gem.

    I have a shot of a freezer from a share house many years ago... I'll try and find it to post for you. Currenty our freezer is almost empty :)

    Thanks for sharing x

  11. God, I loved this post. And now I want some Cherry Garcia ice cream. Remind me to come back and visit it again. xoxo

  12. good morning and good evening to you mim. you made me smile :^)

    suki, my freezer is no longer that full. but i do love the holidays when the refrig is full up again. xo

    cs, i saw it, yes, it will do just fine ♥

    thank you, julie, huge smile back. xoxo

    how do we know, hello! now how am i going to read your blog these days? :^)

    3girlknightgooddad, cake cures all. don't you think? :^)

    hells, they live in the chimney, or they sleep in the chimney. i'm talking hundreds of bats flying out of there. incredible.

    hello dear robyn, if you hear from hb, would you let me know? i too carry her in my heart. she has been absent for a long time now. i worry. i know you do too. thank you for liking the shot of me and the phone :^)

    andrea, the frozen yogurt version is just as good. i've turned my 4 year old mr. ryan on to cherry garcia ice cream. i don't think he'd eat it if he knew they were cherries heehee xoxo

  13. Lovely photos. Your bedroom is the same color as my apartment.

  14. Loved the stroll through your year, kj. What was all that pink/blue in the earliest pictures? Love the gentle mood it cast.

    Joey looks like he would be fun to enjoy a coffee with at Starbucks. His smile is infectuous.

    You are rightly proud of the photo of your daughter and Mr. Ryan. I call it Two Madonnas Holding Their Children.