Thursday, May 19, 2011

THIS... where I'm headed.

Tomorrow morning JB and I will head back to Provincetown and begin to settle in for the summer. I won't be there non stop: we will have to drive three and a half hours each way back and forth to work three days a week for all but two of the summer weeks. And some times our little sanctuary of a place will be rented out for the week.

But for the first time in five years, the place will be ours again. No tenant. I will be able to leave my underwear in the top drawer. :^)

It's a gorgeous place of land and sea. Take a look, starting with my smiling face:

Sending love from the Land's Edge,


p.s. will the book get written? finished?

submitted? accepted?



  1. As someone who spent many, many years on the cape and kits of time in P'town, and am now stuck in the desert, I am green with envy! I'm hoping for lots and lots of pictures!

  2. This summer I'm comin' down. That's it

  3. giantspeckledchihuahua (gsc!), so we know the cape is like nowhere else. i hope you get back there one day. thanks for stopping by. i see you have 'tails' to tell :^)

    mim, damn damn right you are!!!

  4. It looks totally fab KJ. I hope the writing goes well and you find ways to make the commute back and forth fun. xx Jos

  5. Of course all those things will happen!!!!
    I am sure!
    So happy you have your place back and you will be able to live there wherever you want!
    Hope to return there one day as well..........Such good memories there.
    I have a fever will settle on the couch for the rest of the day.
    I feel and look like sh.. but this is temporary I know.
    You wondered where F was , see my blog to find out ;)

    love and hugs

  6. I am drooling with envy. i wish you peace and contentment in your special spot and pray the creativity will flow for you. You are so clevifir (my WV word)

  7. Wishing you and JB a lovely, relaxing summer in your beautiful corner of the world.

  8. Lucky, lucky ducks. Have a fab time!!!Kisses to Stella. xoxo

  9. I am so happy for you and JB and Stella. It looks like a wonderful summer ahead for you...I am consumed with envy! Please take a long walk on the beach and listen to the waves for me...xo

  10. I am so happy you, JB and Stella will awake to the smell of salt water, the cries of the gulls....
    #9 is charming - but - a change of scenery will stir your creative "leetle gray cells"...
    I think you WILL finish this book.

    Sending you three love and many hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. :)

    I know the magic of that place.
    I'll see you there!


  12. Take me with you! Looks magical.

  13. oh it's so lovely to see your smiley face again.
    can't believe another whole year has passed once more.
    of course that book will get written.

  14. jos, i am here and the electricity to write is running through me. you know what a great charge that is! xoxo

    feel better, marianne. ♥ i'm so glad you know of this place: your energy is here still, and certainly felix's (and lo).

    suki, what shall i do? write? walk? eat? ah, such decisions....xo

    thank you angela. and i see you are in the midst of quite a canvass. i love when you paint ♥

    annie, quackin' awesome xoxo

    marion, i will do that. you and i : our transitions have begun, sweet friend. ♥

    thanks for the vote of confidence, robin. i think i will finish it too. WHEN is more the question. it might take alot longer than i wish were so. xoxo

    lo, i hope so, yes, of course, count on it ♥

    ww, it IS kind of magical. some of that magic is the way the light bounces off the ocean. and for some reason, creativity flows here. it's a writers' and artists' sanctuary. xoxo

    thank you ms. joss. for the 137th time: i'm super duper glad you're back xoxo