Monday, May 02, 2011

Spring,& Good Friends

What a wonderful weekend on the coast of southern Maine. JB and I lounged around and gallivanted with two of our dearest friends, she who I trust with my life and he an artist who sees wonder and passion in just about everything. (I have returned eager to share some photos of my weekend BUT, despite a new template and prayers even, I am still unable to space my blog correctly and my sidebar is just as not still missing. I have a call in for professional help hoping hoping that a programmer type person will be able to wrestle effectively with blogger and relieve my frustration). Anyhow, that is why I am not spacing my words here. I hope my photos are spaced adequately and please indulge me because I don't dare try to add text to the images. Suffice to say I had a good weekend and I hope you did too. It's springtime here, and my heart is all aflutter. Love kj


  1. Evocative photos - thanks for sharing. A.

  2. Not sure what the issue still is - I think the blog looks pretty good!

    Can I be next to Gordon again at YART next year? We had such a good time last year.

    And who's beautiful lab is that?? Gorgeous doggie!

  3. I think I met yr friends at YART. Lovely photos, esp love that house with the four stacked windows. I agree w/Mim. I am seeing a sidebar??? I dont understand what is wrong. Looks good to me. Take care, suki

  4. oooh, I was hoping to see parts of their house! How funny that we were both in Maine!
    I think your blog looks fine. I wish I could sit next to you and see what your issues are as you post.

    Hey, it looks like we took a photo of the same lab!

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend. It's nice to get out of town, isn't it?


  5. Your photos are beautiful! Looks like a fun and lovely place to be~~as opposed to the gloomy Indiana day I am waking to.
    Spacing with the photos is something that is not that hard to deal with; it's a phone walk thru for you.
    The new editor and photo uploader is the issue and Blogger has supposedly be *working* on that for some time...hmmmph!
    I figured out how to get around it....


  6. Your blog looks good to me, kj! :) And your pics are fabulous. Ain't Spring grand? I am hopping through quickly because I am behind in everything - lol! Hippity hop. Have a great week - xox Pam

  7. Lovely photos - it looks like a wonderful and relaxing time! Good Friends are really the most precious things in the world....and your hosts are truly that!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. I think your right I would love maine, it looks beautiful there. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. I bet they have great knitting shops! I love that house with 4 windows, wow!

    Good luck with the helper guy, mine is going to give it one last shot with my own. But I think it's done this time.

    Happy Monday dear kj!

  9. Loved seeing all your photos and the banner is a stunner!!!

  10. Lovely lovely photos Kj...I have to admit I was so moved with that first photo..feels like a secret garden..makes me want to run and play.Thanks for sharing!!Big Hugs,Cat

  11. Both Lo and you were in Maine!
    Well lovely place that is!
    Too bad you didn't met but I am sure you all had a good time.
    Lovely studio.....wish I had one.....

    Have a good week dear♥


  12. OMG that's a tidy studio! My kitchen should look so neat! Great shots. Not sure why you're having so much trouble with Blogger. I was going to change one of my templates but I'm a bit scared to now that you've had so many probs. If you click on your pics, doesn't a little toolbar appear? If so, it has "Add Caption" on it. Just click and type.

  13. What great photos, KJ. I love the trees at the top of your blog.

  14. ann, thank you for visiting. i like evocative :^)

    mim, the sidebar shows up only when you click on a specific post, not on my blog in general. baaa! i don't know the lab, parked beside him/her. and of course, woo your way to gordon!!!

    suki, i must seem like i am complaining needlessly because i want to see my own sidebar!!

    lo, love love love maine ♥

  15. thank you anne! i'm still experimenting with the ^^%%$@@!spacing issue now that i'm on the new template. i so much appreciate your knowledge and help. thank god for smart kind friends! xo

    oh pam, i am so far behind i might be ahead and not even know it!! i honestly don't understand all the demands: where do they come from?! (breathe)xo

    hello robin, we had a great time. my friends are not only fun, they are gracious hosts and serve wonderful food :^)

    lori, my fingers are again crossed for you. i hope hope hope your computer surprises you and re-ups for another day :^) someday i think you will see maine. xoxo

    thank you lynn. the trees in my header are in the park next to my house.

    cat, that view struck me the very same way! it's always nice to see you here. xo

    marianne, i kind of hinted to lo to meet me on her way back home--what fun that would have been! i was glad she and i were both gallivanting on a beautiful spring weekend. xo

    hells, not such a tiny studio. that's probably just my photo skills. that's new to me to click on my photo: is that the new editor because i didn't elect that. i was concerned, still am, about not being able to put my photos in a different order once uploaded. i wish i even knew what i am talking about, i don't! haha!

    hello snow, thank you and thank you for the visit. i hope you are feeling better. i'm sending you good vibes xo

  16. We are edging into summer here and I couldn't be happier about that.

  17. Your photos have lots of healing mojo in them! Welcoming, all...