Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Own Version of Sillypants

Don't ask me why I wrote this or why it makes me chuckle. I just did and it does. :^)

The Teacher

I’m looking for the universal
Under the butter dish
Because if it can’t hide under there
It doesn’t deserve counter space.



  1. i admit it makes no sense :^)

  2. Might as well look there - just as good as somenothernspaces

  3. I'm glad I read your blog through Google reader sometimes KJ as I was really coming here to comment about the post you've since removed. It was so lovely to read about your Mom's visit home.

    Yesterday I spent the day with my mum. Mothers Day has been and gone here in England (3rd April) but I can never quite let go of my Canadian ways :)

    As I was getting ready to leave Mum gave me a big hug and told me how lovely it was to see me. I'd seen her the day before ... I see her very often these days but sometimes she forgets.

    What's so brilliant is that she sometimes also forgets that she is not given to hugging, or touching, or showing any form of affection at all. This confusion of hers has this up side.

    It reminded me that just because this side of her was never apparent before didn't mean it wasn't there all the time ...

    on to other matters ... you might try looking for the universal with Ryans help. Seems to me he is a very smart cookie. I'm pretty sure it's not to be found under the butter dish although it might be that it's an invisible universal in which case all bets are off.

    xx Jos

  4. Huh???

    Why would car parts need counter space?

    I agree with Jos. Ask Ryan!



  5. I read your post about your mom in google reader too, it's very sweet, and I like the photo of her too. It's not showing up here though, blogger again?

    And you certainly are a sillypants, I cannot figure out what this post means!!

  6. To be able to amuse oneself is a HUGE gift! I love you laughing at your own words. Shouldn't we all?

  7. the fact that it makes no sense, make it all the more sensible! ha ha. write another one please.