Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mish Mash Moments

In no order for no reason, here are some scenes and people that make my heart flutter.

I'm headed back to work tomorrow. I've had four days of easy comings and goings, and I am (again) determined to stay calm and centered and aware of all these reasons to be alive in love.

Care to join me?




  1. Love to join you but it may be later on if my son takes the job in CT. MA, even all the way across the state would not be a hard drive. As for the easy living part...sorry kiddo, can't right now too much porch dram (when you sit on your porch and watch the drama of others) going on right now.

  2. Aww seemed to short no? Lovely shots and I can see why they make your heart flutter. I can't publish the ones that do it for me hahahaha!

  3. yes, many reasons to be in love with life.

  4. Yes.....joining you after too much storm stress.
    We all have many reasons to be happy and in love with life.
    (I think I'll love it a bit more after storm season though....)
    Have a good work week.....
    Frankly, I'd like to be sitting looking out across the bay, doing nothing, thinking nothing, brain on vacation. :-)

    (love the header photo)

  5. You'll soon be back...four days seems hardly enough time to settle and relax, but the thought of going back in a few days must make it all better.

    I loved the shot of your sleeping boys...they're adorable! xo

  6. hopefully you can keep ptown fresh in your heart and head when you head back to work, pulling it up whenever you need to be quietly inspired.

    safe travels to your other home!

  7. Oh my goodness, how do you get the older one to sleep in the car?! We've tried everything, every back road wobble you can think of.

    Love the one with your pooch.

  8. Doggy! And babies!!! (Now my heart is aflutter too, love it!)

  9. Some very sweet photos in this set.

  10. I can see clearly why your heart would flutter at the sight of these scenes.


    x Robyn

  11. I tried to comment yesterday...but Blogger refused to let me!

    But now I can say it's only a few more days until you three return to your P-town haven! (The photo od Stella has to be one of my favourites!)

    Spending a few days at #9 enables you to check up on Emily - help her buy a new bikini and chek on her jelly bean garden!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Knock, knock...it's me the "Lucky Ducky" and it looks like you're in that club too. Love the bambinos, the mom with newborn, the cottage, well, I LOVE it all and am sending love on to you.


  13. Every reason to be happy!
    It will be heaven to return;)

    Have a nice week Before you know you will be back


  14. These photos are wonderful; all express so much feeling. Your dog at beach, the boys, mother holding baby. Two empty chairs in the garden and landscape of sea grass and billowing clouds also evoke feeling. Love, longing, happiness. And then I go back to the picture of the dog and how moving it is. Thanks, kj! xo

  15. the foto of the little ones asleep in car seats complete with slumped baby jaws is picture perfect -- the innocence! and then the last shot (mr. ryan?) with his jaw set in determination --

    joining you in that calm center, kj♡