Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ah, Yes

So glad to make your acquaintance, rockin' robin.

Come, splash and chirp with me.

The sun is high and so am I.

Love kj


  1. Love those RRB's.
    Glad you are high - sounds good to me

  2. Tweety sweet. And I have a big complaint! Why aren't I in your blogroll? Hmmmm? Hmmmm? May your Robins turn into Emus and knock your Dunny down!

  3. Quack! Wait, that's wrong. Peep, chirp! :) xo Pam

  4. Is this a robin??? Are you sure? Our robins are much smaller and absolutely rounder. The one which lives in our garden during wintertime is not to be seen anywhere in spring and summer. He must be there, but I cannot find him. Ungrateful bird, after all those oatmeal I have served him ;-)

  5. The sun at least has a reason...what have you been smoking? hahahahaha

  6. Kj, so loely of you to post a photo of "my Cousin"! A-ha-ha!
    Now, you KNOW Spring is Wienke observed, my "European Cousins" are smaller, rounder and are Winter Birds. The American Version is darker, bigger and definitely a harbinger of Spring!



    ♥ The San Fracisco "Rockin Robin" ♥

  7. Ah, I just saw a robin on somebody elses blog.. nice synchronicity.

  8. They are so beautiful. I love to watch birds. They are so graceful in flight. Grounded, their movements are twitchy and stilted. There's a lesson in there somewhere!

  9. Ahh! I haven't seen a robin yet! Lucky! But you did bring me good luck when that oriele flew right into my rosebush and I was right next to it!!

  10. The robins are here in full force, making nests and generally declaring their territory.
    One male was sitting on my studio steps this morning; I was looking thru the window and he was looking back, completely nonplussed. They are BRAZEN! At least here!!! ;-D


  11. Such a sweet, adorable post that just lit up my face! I love it - perfect for a sunny Thursday afternoon over here in Cali. :)

  12. I can't belive the number of robins I see on my walks! They're all listening intently for the earthworms that wriggle below. And how I love their morning songs! I love waking up to them.

    But just as I'm in a trance on my walk listening to birdsong, you know who goes NUTS when she spies a squirrel and then my meditation is over.

    Damn dog. You know I love her ;)


  13. One of my favorite things in the world is to hear the robin's song! I hope you are having a beautiful spring, Twinkles.

    And why am I no longer in your blogroll????? Baino already said it much better. :0)

    My blogger dashboard hasn't been letting me see any blog updates for days. :0(

    Wishing you a lovely Mothers Day this Sunday!

    Love and hugs,

  14. Lovely Robin. I am glad you are high on life :-). xoxo

  15. I sure do love the robins. So cheery!

  16. Yippee! It is official...spring!

    Love-just checking in on you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. our robins are much, much bigger than old world robins.

  17. mim, high on life, low on money (heehee)

    hells, blogger ate my blogroll and i am slowly reconstructing. but certainly you should have been the NUMBER ONE restoration. :^) & ♥

    pam, and meow, baaa, woof, and my personal favorite: whine xoox

    definitely a robin, wieneke. they are now everywhere in my yard, a sure sign of spring. bt the way, do you know how much i love and appreciate your visits and comments to my blog? ♥

    mark, hahaha, i knew you'd say that!! xo

    wrobin, rocking robin indeed. do you remember that song? it's been stuck in my head since i posted this. xo

    barbara, i've discovered that i love birds!

    w&w, no doubt you are an observer of life. you are so right; i wonder what it would be like to NEVER sit still--those little necks seem to twitch every which way xo

  18. anne, i've never noticed that! now i'll be on the lookout xoxo

    lori, i liked that thought then and now!! ♥

    tracy, i love where you live. and i'm glad i contributed to lighting up your face :^)

    lo, you are so smart. i didn't think to get it that the robins are looking for worms! so that's why they spend so much time on the ground!!!

    angela, my blogroll is worthless without you and baino :^). happy Mother's day to you too, my twinkly twin. i spent all day outside today and i soaked up warm spring weather in the garden. heaven.... xoxo

    thank you annie. ♥

    cs, me too! xoxo

    hello sharon! check in on me anytime; i love that! next time in california, and who knows, maybe one day in maine.... ♥