Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow & Snow

I don't remember anything like this.
17 inches of snow on the ground
and another 20 possible tomorrow.
No work today, no work tomorrow.
There is food in the refrigerator
and most of the world
around me has shut down.
I wrote today. I will write tomorrow.
I feel like a squirrel nestling in
and happy with my supply of nuts.
But manohmanohman this is alot of snow.
The only worry is the weight on the roof.
But even that doesn't lessen
my childlike joy of it all.
I may even get up at 4 am
just to stare outside.


  1. Hi kj. Thanks for your good words at my painting post this morning. The experience has been on my mind all day and I have much food for thought, especially regarding Mrs. Davis and my own reasons for making whatever decision I make. As it is, I have six months ahead of me. That is my committment to myself to give it a chance.

    So - anyhoo - I have to admit, I am very glad I don't live in this. Pretty as it is, beautiful and dramatic, in fact, I find this very scary. Perhaps it's because it is so unknown to me. You seem to be well supplied and with heat still working, you must be warm and comfy. I like very much your analogy of feeling like a squirrel nestling in with its supply of nuts.

  2. I just can't believe it. You have to stay home don't you? How would you get around? there are mountains of snow.
    I love the idea of nesting with all the neccesities.

    I am praying all this snow is still on the east coast in 19 more days. :)

  3. kj...Lori Ann really ain't all the right in the head now is she? Lori Ann all that snow melt just doesn't go away it causes floods in the rivers and streams, which are the second portion of record snow falls.

    After about 8 hours we have about 4" on the ground and some more coming but to be honest I will take it this time and not send it south. I need to finish breaking in the new snow blower. The snow just has been afeared of Detroit these past few years.

    Hell they won't even plow the residential streets here unless (they say 6" but they mean 10") they are forced to.

  4. Similar pictures on my post. Lori...it's gonna be here - really it is! it ain't going away.

    me to KJ. staying home

  5. Yowzers! Well, I am very happy you have food and power. Yikes is all I can say. That is a heck of a lot of snow, my friend! xox! Pam

  6. Oh, wow, KJ, I can't believe it!! So much snow!!! I am glad you get to stay home and get to write and I'm sure the roof will hold off the snow perfectly. I used to love being snowed in with plenty of supplies in the house - as long as the power stayed on... Wishing you a cozy day!! Love, SIlke

  7. The middle photo reminds me of Narnia! Doesn't it look like that lamp-post just beyond the wardrobe door? Magical.

    Wrap up warm KJ. xx Jos

  8. course, I can believe this as I have the same just a couple hrs north of you. Quite a bit of snow y'day. More today.

    Like you, I am having fun feeling cocooned inside and cozy as long as the electricity doesnt go out that is.

  9. I've actually been liking it too! All nestled in the studio with my fur babies. But this morning we're having freezing drizzle. Not good. Maybe I won't have to go out but I'm pretty sure I do.

    I love how magical everything looks, but as mark says, melting snow is a high price to pay later on.

    I wish fresh snowfall for Lori when she comes, but just a little. Just enough for her to feel the magic ;)


  10. It is all beautiful and magical - but now, with so much snow and ice - also dangerous. Keep an eye out for that roof!

    I am glad you, JB, and Stella are all warm with a well-stocked fridge.

    It is a lovely feeling to be "squirrel-like", cocooned and safe.

    I heard Mr. Groundhog predicted an early Spring! (I think he had too many "magic mushrooms" for breakfast! Ha-ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. I love snow too! We got some last night, but only a couple inches. It is cold though -19 last night, I had to bring the homeless kitty I found in and he/she is now in my bathroom, at least until the weather warms up. Wish I could stay in, but I must go forth :-).
    Happy writing. xoxo

  12. stay warm, kj. i'm sorry to report we're sending more white stuff your way. we just got trounced here in the midwest (although we've got it a lot better than other folks, like chi-town!)

  13. hi annie, you are not the first person to say the snow seems scary. it really isn't, as long as you have a roof over your head and food in the refrig. and a car with four wheel drive and maybe snowshoes to walk in the woods :)

    lori, once the storm itself passes, it's easy(ier) to get around. the roads many of the sidewalks are plowed and cleared.
    today looks like a bit of a bust. no more snow falling outside my window

    mark, you can't be saying lori ann isn't right in the head. i would have to defend her :) four inches is barely enough for that new snow blower, right? but better than shoveling... :)

    mim, ahhaha! work's shut down and the day's not so bad! i hope you are puttering relaxing like me. and don't we hope lori has some fresh snow on her trip east. grey snow is not even the same :)

    pam, i'm surprised you don't have as much. yes, it's as much as i've ever seen as a tall adult. when i was wee little, it all looked 20 feet high. xoxo

    silke, yes, there is something about being cozy and comfy that makes days like these special. no worries about what the rest of the world expects or is doing. oh your self portrait, silke. wow...

    hello dear jos, it looked magical for sure, right outside my own wardrobe (well, kitchen) door. xoxo

  14. suki, glad to hear you are cozied up too. no power outages at this point, i think. but we have the candles ready. ♥

    lo, when you said you wish fresh snowfall for lori, i first read it as fresh SNOWBALL and i smiled at the thought of lori packing the snow in a ball and giving it a throw or two. i hope your ice doesn't create addl problems esp in your driveway. grrrr to some of it, yippee to other of it ♥

    robin, oh boy will i take an early spring! i love spring! now you've got me thinking about those crocuses breaking through the ground. ♥

    annie, good for you for taking the kitty in. i would do the same thing. when i was a kid, my Dad wouldn't allow that and i vowed I would always help when i could. i hope your day goes well, out or in.

    amanda, more? i hope not! not for a few days anyway! since the drama of another storm today is now waning, i'm ready for a thaw. in my dreams... xoxo

  15. Wow I've never seen anything like that in my life.... must be kinda scary?
    Take care and have as much fun with it as you can. x

  16. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Although I don't envy you, I'm really glad to hear you are cuddling inside and enjoying it so much.

  17. I do hope your roof holds up ok! The weather is going crazy at the moment isn't it, snow, floods, cyclones...

  18. robyn, not really scary. aside from concern about roofs, you just try to be off the roads when the storm is in full force, then enjoy how beautiful it is (before having to shovel it of course) :)

    cs, i wish i had more days to hibernate. i got some writing done. and plenty of good food. and calm moments :)

    sag, thanks, and yes, unpredictable forceful weather. we all need to catch our worldwide breath xo

  19. Please can I have some of that white stuff shipped over here right now - I'd like to fall in face first and keep falling until just my ankles are showing*!*

    ... it's too darn hot here tsup x

  20. OMG!!!!
    This is not normal!
    What snow you are having over there.
    Hope the roof holds it. But I think it 's more the flat roofs who are a problem.
    Glad you are warm inside and writing, yes then snow is ok and it is very beautiful.
    Read your mail in the train. Will mail you later.
    Just returned from a day to the American consulate .......Will take a nap now.

    Enjoy the snow


  21. No, I wouldn't like all that snow on my roof either. In fact, I would become frantic about it until I got it off. I've gone out in the middle of the night to take snow off my patio roof because it can't hold even a little.

    Your weather and Egypt dominates the news. I guess you're better off with all you've got than what they've got, but you're handling it better than other bloggers I know.

  22. I love the second photo...I could stare at those swirls in the snow for hours!