Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Poem # 9: Tears on the Horizon

They crease down my face
And challenge my place
Rip open my secrets
Encase my regrets
Tears on the horizon
When I’m aimlessly tryin'
Not tears that I’ve lost
But because of the cost
I walk straight ahead
Tuck a quiet soft dread
In the fold of my heart
Got to sew a new start


  1. tearful poems always make me want to ask what's going on? Is it a now thing or an old thing? Or is it my business to ask or must I simply "enjoy the poem"?
    Hugs no matter what.

  2. lynn, i'm alright! thank you for asking and caring. i've been wanting to write a poem with this double meaning title for a good while. and lynn: it's an old thing. but sometimes old things try to stay new things, y'know? xoxo

  3. Wonderful... I love, love, love the last 2 lines!

    It is so great to see your accompanying illustration - the safety pin is brilliant!


    p.s. The theme at Creative Tuesday is Little House, you should add your link. Here is the site if you're interested: http://goodteatoo.blogspot.com/

  4. Ah so lovely, i like the last two lines so much too. Your drawing is just right for the words. And it's a good thing you know how to sew, but even if you don't, it's an easy thing to learn, with so many friends to help.

  5. lots of us sew. and we sew lots of different things.
    lovely poem KJ

  6. Love the couplets. I may have set them in quatrains but that is the good thing about couplets they work either way.

    the rhyme in couplet 2 was wonderfully executed kj. No stretch to it in syllable or entendre; just perfect

    9down 21 to go.

  7. I especially like the end "got to sew a new start" and the illustration is wonderful. get out those sewing needles, KJ

  8. Even the tiniest stitches will eventually enable the rip to be mended.... and that's a huge thing!

    This is a beautifully crafted poem KJ!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. I sat with this one for a while.
    I love it. I think you're on a roll.
    I always like to read mark's comments for some reason. And I agree with him about the second couplet (even though I didn't realize it was a couplet. perse.) Heehee! You know I know nothing about formal writing. I just spew it out.

    I love the drawing with the big ol' safety pin. It reminds me of the pins we used on our wrap-around plaid skirts back in grade school!

    I hope today is excellent so far.
    Is it??


  10. Love love love this short but meaningful poem Kj...

    Love ~Pattee

  11. everyone, i want and try to answer every comment but sometimes i fall behind in the chores of life and all i can do is tell you each how much i ADORE everything you say.

    and mark, i love how you teach me things i should know about rhyming but don't. and might never if it weren't for you.

    the moral of all this is we reap what we sew....

    love love love

  12. Good choice to use a safety pin on those tears.