Friday, November 12, 2010

Poem # 12: Iowa

Not every poem has to be written by me, right? # 12 is a musical poem, one of my favorites.
There are two songs that reach me in a real and raw way. One is Dar William's song 'Iowa' and the other is the Dixie Chicks 'Not Ready To Be Nice.' In my corner of the world, one is sad and one is tough. You may or may not agree.....
And, whenever I think of playing the guitar and performing in front of anyone else (hahahhaha!) "Iowa" would probably be the first song I would want to sing.

Click here to hear Iowa. I hope you like or love it!
p.s. I just listened to the lyrics myself. Please know that there is healthy airspace between then and now and this and that. I might have chosen to start with The Dixie Chicks and my favorite kick-ass song instead. But sometimes I just hand the wheel over, and this must be one of those times. Yes, the song makes me very sad, and yes, sometimes things are that and not this.
But this I know: it's a journey, and I'm grateful for it all.


  1. Shoot, I'll have to come back. I'm in the den with the kids and the tv is on.

  2. I'm rushing, rushing getting beautiful things ready and put together for tomorrow children's book festival... Just stopping by to say TSUP!! Love, Silke

  3. And more and more i am lovin' you,too Ms Karen Jasper!

    Oh yes.. very kick assy sort of a song. ;)


  4. Brian was too upset to spell properly. It happens sometimes, I guess.

  5. Did you ever hear one cowboy called another cowboy, "you old jasper, you," on a Western movie? How come you're related to so many cowboys when you live so far east that if you moved any further east, you would be back in England?

  6. Never heard it before, but love it now.
    hey you....have fun in the sun OK?

  7. 'puter's packed up, heading for the airport before the sun comes up. I'll be traveloguing here, most likely while I'm gone, maybe even the grand canyon. I wish I could watch Lori shoot the grand canyon. I wish my dearest pumpkin pie has a wonderful family day. I wish Mim and Marianne get to relax, the gap proposes to robin, Marion gets a hundred hugs, the earth keeps moving for cs, colors spill over suki, that 3 annie's write/paint/play, I wish mark has a good weekend, my Indian friend laughs outloud, Karin feels better and maybe best, vicki relaxes, my beloved honeyhells keeps on truckin'. I wish sweet mango knows I think she's hot :) , that Linda still likes me on monday, and I wish my new and old friends enjoy me as much as I enjoy them.

    I wish for peace in every corner . TSUP!!!

  8. I wish Pam makes even more people happy with her happy dolls and skellies, I wish b.s. is never hurt, that jos keeps the light of compassionate love burning strong, that anowbrush gets to hike, that Marie keeps feeling great, that Robyn knits strong hearts, that renee still reads us all. This is not everyone I am so glad to know here (Lydia, silke,pattee, Sonia, etcetc) but you get the idea

    I wish us continued friendship and vitality

    it's not easy typing on this iPhone, so please just accept my TSUP! See you soon xoxo

  9. I hope you have a super duper time KJ!! So what if there'll be a few enchillada splats on your poems this week? Keep 'em coming.

    I love Dar Williams although country music gets little airplay on the radio here in the UK. Iowa is a brilliant song. This bit " For tonight I went running through the screen doors of discretion" ... now THAT is just flipping fanatastic.

    xx & &hearts: Jos

  10. ♥ <-- when I say I've become proficient, what I mean is ...

    Whoever knew semi-colons would play such a key role in life? xx

  11. Oh poop, we didn't connect last night! I knew you'd have too much to do by the time I called you back.

    How nice of you to list all the things you wish for us ;)
    I'll have a great day with family tomorrow.

    I'm so glad you'll be having coffee with Linda and sitting under the glow of arizona skies.

    Talk to you when you come home.

    Later, gator!


  12. Thank you so much for the hundred hugs, kj, and right back at ya! Have a great time, enjoy the canyon, and let everything flow along...

  13. Sorry we missed each other yesterday! I know you will have a 'muy fantastico' time while in the Southwest....(and other place$ too.....ha-ha)!

    We will all miss you tons!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. I know you'll have a wonderful time too, including the getting there (and coming home).

    At the G.C., take many many shots. But don't forget to put the camera down too. It's one of the wonders of the world for good reason. I can't wait to hear your impression of it!

  15. Hmm I have a friend in Iowa or is it Indiana, I forget.