Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not for Naught plus Emily Rabbit Pushes Her Way In

What can I tell you?

What shall I say

When the universe stumbles

and shards come your way?

Mother, you promised
safe passage if I

believed in myself
and was willing to try.

I've followed your guide

And of course you were wise

but Mother you didn't

mention dark skies.

For years I've believed

I had fate in my hands

For decades I've traveled

To wonderous lands

I married, delivered

I left when I knew

There was no more to say

No more to do
I believed in the goodness

of a universe kind

Mother I trusted

what you had in mind

Did you know there are reasons

sometimes in the end

When even devotion

Can't sew up the mends?

Did you know but not mention

because you thought best

that I learn for myself

this and the rest?

I love deeply, dear Mother

You taught me that too

I try not to falter

and I try to be true

But did you know that the winds

can turn quite unkind?

Mother, did you wonder

if I'd misallign?

Hopeful with dreams?

Yes, that's what you taught

Love? Yes, Mother

YES not for naught

Poem 3 of 3o
by Emily V.V. Rabbit
Mother it's me, sitting here at the desk
Counting my jellies for whatever comes next.
It's me, little Emily, writing a rhyme
Complaining and whining and having a good time
People get so serious, I have to nag them to play
once I pushed kj down a hill and in the leaves she did lay
ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee hee hee
If you want to have fun just follow me!


  1. emily, you did not have my permission to hog in on my poem


  2. kj,

    you did not have my permission to hog in on animal wednesday


  3. hee hee, do i have permission to be here?

    dear kj and emily, to me it's a tie, lovely poems both. more to enjoy :)
    i would rhyme,
    but it's past my bedtime.

  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love you both
    Now that is so true

  5. Love it! Makes me feel lighter, happier and wealthier.

  6. Well done, kj and emily! Emily, maybe it's time you had your own blog?

    I'm very envious of the talent the two of you display!

  7. Hmmmm...both are great poems, written by wonderful Poets!

    Methinks tis .....a tie!

    One thing I know is true -
    You love your Mum
    And Your Mum loves you!

    Though you act like a bandit,
    growing sweets is your habit,
    You are an adorable Wabbitt!

    EARLY here in I can do with one cup of coffee....

    Wuv to both,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  8. lori, permission forever!!!

    mim, i love you too
    i always will
    seeing your grin
    is such a thrill!

    shubhajit, thank you especially because i think of this as a sad poem (mine, not wise guy emily's). hopeful yes, but still sad...

    marion, it's me emily rabbit
    i'm now in the habit
    of writing a story
    even if it's gory
    i'm glad you read me
    i wish you could see me
    maybe you could be me
    sometime when i'm busy-ee

    wrobin, it's me emily again
    i will be your friend
    as long as you agree
    forget kj, and be nice to ME!

  9. Sometimes I wish I'd had more forewarning ... some glimpses of the future so I could brace myself against the unkind winds that sometimes blow.

    But I wonder now if I would have learnt how to weather storms in quite the same way if I'd had the benefit of such foresight.

    And I wonder at the cost for the prophet to thus propehsy the future on my behalf.

    I love that you recognise how well your mother equipped you to weather the storms KJ. She did a great job and you built on a firm foundation.

    Love you too, but I can't find the little heart thingie!!! Har har har. xx Jos

  10. Spooky !!! you were at my blog whilst I've been here ... ♥ ... ta da!!! I copied this little heart from Lori's comment. Where there's a will there's a way n'all that. xx Jos

  11. jos, my Mom equipped me but in a way she didn't. I had no idea about broken hearts and i had this confidence that i could fix and handle everything. not so. these days i want to see my vulnerability as a strength. i choose that above numb or blame or shame. i know you do too. your blog is making me happy these days, jos. here's a ♥ for you too

  12. wonderful that you two are writing poems together. what fun. life is so full of surprises. to be a broken-hearted warrior is not to yield to vulnerability but to accept and admit that life is heart breaking. Over and over. Perhaps it is through our personal heartbreak that we reach out to and connect with the rest of humanity in both heartbreak and joy. Big hugs, Suki

  13. K J I'll always follow you~: )
    Dear one that is a wonderful poem!!!


  14. Such a lovely poem about your mother. Chocked me up.

  15. suki, 'a broken hearted warrior' has such a sad tone to it. it makes me wonder really if hearts truly heal. and yet....
    your words here are poetically wise, suki. i've read them over three times. ♥

    thank you so much pattee. i'm following you too! but don't we miss renee in that caravan :( she is such an imp, besides for being so much everything else too :)

    cs, thank you. the poem reaches to our universal Mother. so much to know, so much to learn. xo

  16. I think both are wonderful. Keep going! xoxo

  17. This is wonderful... 30 days of poems - Yay! I'm really looking forward to this :)


  18. kristin, we'll have thirty days of creative juices in colors and words!

  19. annie, it started off hard but i'm picking up steam! thanks for your fine encouragement ♥

  20. very touching Poems..thank you