Monday, November 01, 2010

First Poem on First Day, That's All I Can Say....

Poem 1 of 30
(oh dear...)

Nothing to say

I'm in my own way

It was a fair enough day

the grouch was at bay


doubt rang the bell

but i said go to hell

concern took a break

it was all i could take


I remembered it's true

that what ever you do

you might as well try

to live it up til you die!


  1. You my dear Kj look beautiful as a mermaid!!!!

    Love ~Pattee

  2. Cool babe, cool poem!

  3. 1 down 29 more to go. I like the quatrain but I may have broken it into couplets just to put some space between the AAAA BBBB CCCC scheme.

    In honor of 30 poems in 30 days I switched to prose today and yesterday.

    Where is my pie?

  4. LOVE the poem - and the mermaid photos... ;-) I can't believe you are writing a poem a day - you are ambitious!! Can't wait to read more... Love, Silke

  5. live it up till you die. Right on!

  6. Heee! What a happy little mermaid you are! :) And you are so right. We do have to live it up until we kick the bucket. Wait, that doesn't fit in your poem. xox!!

  7. Yoborobo, I can think of something that rhymes with bucket!! :P

    I recognize this mermaid ;)

    I like that you told doubt to go to hell when he rang your bell!

    Will you tell me to leave you alone when I ring your phone?

    Happy Tuesday. Remember not to see a five o' clocker!


  8. Hey there Kj the beautiful mermaid, this is a fun poem. Keep going...xoxo

  9. "A Magical Mermaid
    leads the Parade,
    What a BABE"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. haha...I have a similar photo of me in Key West. Yep, takes less muscles to smile than frown

  11. Oh my! One a day? Will that be accompanied by new photo's too? Love the lovely grinning mermaid. Looking good there KJ.

    Oh and about your comment ... 20 years is something to be very glad about. Definitely. Big huge hug to you KJ and thanks. xx Jos

  12. Live it up til you die!

    Off to a great start, KJ!!!

  13. Truer words were never said, wonderful poem and picture kj!
    You are so cute!!
    Love and hugs