Monday, November 15, 2010

A Pictorial Poem # 14: Breasts

AAAAAAAGH! With yuk internet service here I just uploaded and downloaded a dozen photos of Arizona and Sedona and of course accompanied them with my best efforts to be witty. Slow slow slow but finally I hit 'publish post' and POOF! Gone! %%$$#@@&&*
So this is all I can do. Breasts.
Oh, but one more thing: my new header. Does anyone besides me (and probably Lori) think that polka dotted penises in public display at the Phoenix Airport might be a bit much?


  1. Wow I've missed a lot... I gather that you are somewhere near this rock.

    Off to have a catch up

    x Robyn

    PS... love the poems
    I have been reading, but just hadn't had time to comment

  2. robyn, yes, i am on vacation in sedona arizona and will be gallivanting from there.

    (it's only fair that i announce that robyn left this comment when I was monkeying around with a defiant internet so she did not have the benefit of my narrative, which was added after her visit, not that she probably minds missing said narrative one bit!)

  3. hahaha, darn internet stealing your wit!
    i said pickles, pickles! hahaha, but that is a very well endowed rock.

  4. saint lori, don't worry, everyone who's anyone knows you said pickles hahawinkhaha. and well endowed yes, not evenly so, but....... oh jeez, i can't even finish my thought or sentence...i'm laughing too hard now...

    i should apologize for being a bad influence, right?

  5. I'm back 'cause the word breasts and penis caughts my attention.... yep these words were not about upon my first visit.

    xx :)

    happy holidays

  6. Now I know what a friend of mine meant when she said her girlfriends tatats were like stone.

  7. Being a prude, I cannot comment. :)

  8. Aaaaah, the West! We miss it so much!! Just that one photo made my heart leap! Thank you for that!!! Enjoy your vacation!! Love, Silke

  9. Where's today's poem????

    Penises????? I don't think so. Not even if I really stretch my imagination.

    Breasts, yeah, I see them. But I also see a frogs head, two nostrils and sleepy eyes ;)
    Pam maybe you'd see that too!

    Or two loaves of warm, crusty bread. Mmmmm.

    See, not all of us have our minds in trash land! No wonder you write those kinds of books.

    hahahahahahahahahah!!!! Gotcha!

    I hope you're having fun in the sun.


  10. know, I sort of thought of "pickles" before "penises".... but that's my life currently!

    No matter....this post and these comments are priceless!


    ♥ Robin ♥

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  12. Hmm they look strangely familiar, the breasts not the penises

  13. Oh indeed! We have something similar here ... a massive building of a similar shape in London ... for some unknown reason it has been dubbed "The Gerkin" but we all know what it looks like really. Hope you're having a blast KJ.

    ♥ <-- had to edit my last comment as I seem completely incapable of remembering your INCREDIBLY clear instructions for making that little heart icon. Sieve-like memory I'm afraid. Oh well .. these "grey" moments are only to be expected at my age.
    xx Jos

  14. I kinda thought they were suguaro cactus'. what a clean mind I have.

    Stone boobies??? have the got inclusions? (that's a geology joke)

  15. Okay, I probably shouldn't even say this, but if those resemble any penises you've encountered, you should be frightened. I know I'm frightened for you.

    And secondly, those are breasts? Because when I reach the point where my breasts look like a shelf, I'm giving up.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    What a way to start my day with breasts and polkadot penises!
    Hope you are having a wonderful warm time there dear!
    I could use some time in the dessert here the climate is more tundra like.......


  17. HAHAHAHA!!! it seems i have far less experience in approximating the appearance of penises than many others here and okay, since i'm a lesbian maybe there is some truth to that HAHAHAHA! at least marianne sees these pickles, ah, i mean cacti, as polkadotted penises too.

    comments like all these remind me what a great bunch of bloggie friends and visitors i have. heeheehee