Monday, July 19, 2010

The YART (Yard plus Art)

Wanna Come?
I'm serious!
The New England change of seasons
and leaves in October is a wonder of the world.
But even better is friends and artists
sharing and chatting away.
I can think of no greater thrill
then hanging out with the likes of you.
(are you serious??? email me and i'll fill you in)


  1. Oh! How I wish. How I WISH!!

  2. If wishes were horses we'd all take a ride!!

    Love this card,,your little cottage is perect for a yart gathering! Will it sleep many people?

  3. Oh, this will be a fantastic event, I'm sure. Sorry to miss it and envious of those who get to take part, but I'll be there in spirit!!

  4. I'll be there with bells on!!!!!!

    I think it will be a wonderful day filled with laughter, good food, good drinks and great friends, new and old. I'm looking forward to it!

    I know I'll bring my notecards but I'm still not sure what else to do. And I know you want people to watch me paint.

    But I'm so shy! :P

    We'll see. But I'm glad I'm going and making it a nice getaway for me and Bri.



  5. I've never been to a Yart. How I wish I could this time. I'd love to see lolo paint her superb art. And there'll be so many others it would be great to meet. There is always next year, never knows what life will bring.

  6. Save my room! I still haven't given up hope that I will be working by then and come help be your Sou-Chef and Set-Up Girl!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Wish I could be there.........
    but I will see you soon!!!!! yeah!

  8. Oh, Darn! If I hadn't already got 2weekends in Sept booked, and 1 in Oct...I'd be there! Can I RSVP for next year? Really, I'd so love to meet you finally and Lolo and...

  9. Tsup*!* make sure you take lots of photos for those of us who will be there in spirit*!*

  10. Oh, if only I could. I forgot to thank you for the invite! Thank you! Maybe a miracle will happen, you never know! Kisses. xoxo

  11. Oh I wish I could be there...I love seeing you and being back here.

    I'm continuing the story, including Pia Mellody!

    much love

  12. Of course I want to come and thank you so much for your kind posted invitation, it has pride of place on my fridge. Unfortunately darlink, I weel bee in Paris!

  13. wow - cool! i found your site via robin and lo and behold recognize so many other wonderful folks you are connected to!

    i've enjoyed exploring your blog - and great title! ---will be back.

  14. Sob. Whimper. I can't go. Sigh. But have fun, and sling paint, and gab, and buy art, and do all those fun things that you do when creative people congregate! xo! Pam

  15. Oh! I've heard you talk about the YART in older posts and I was secretly wondering if you would have one this year.

  16. annie, someday..... ♥

    babs, the little cottage is too little to sleep hardly anyone! it is jb's studio. but our house and yard will sleep whoever is here. we'll have plenty of food and drink and pray alittle extra that the toilets hold up. :)

    caroline, how i wish!

    lo, i hope you bring your 4 by 4 soulful animals. i am gleeful thinking about you and the YART together!

    marion, you know you are on my shortest short list. ♥

    wrobin, your room is absofuckinglutely reserved. :)

  17. marianne, august, august august. wheeeeeee!

    teri, you can DEFINITELY rsvp for next year. i think there will be a next year! wouldn't that be wonderful?!

    annie, i will love to take photos and i'm sure i won't be the only one snapping. but i will also be busy: i will read tarot cards at
    $ 3 a shot! last time i did 25 plus readings!

    annie, we believe in miracles, right? xoxo

    staceygirl, i am VERY glad you are back. i missed you. so you read pia mellody. i'm glad. i am using a good bit of her material in my new novel. it helps to understand, doesn't it? ♥

    aw hells, i will think of you on that day and know that you are walking along the left bank somewhere, perhaps eating a nutella and banana crepe. what a time you will have. don't think i didn't think about coaxing jb along to surprise you there! :)

    welcome amanda, thank you for the visit. i've now been to your blog too and i have no doubt i'll be back. don't you just love writers?!

    pam, i know you have a big show in october. i still can't help imagining you here! maybe someday. ♥

    chewy, will you come?! please?! books and prints and calendars and/or whatever you want. email coming! xo

  18. if only i had a spare few thousand dollars! i would be there with bells on, literally LOL
    It will be a wonderful day, Im hoping that you will share photos and memories of the day with all of us that are too distant to attend.
    love me

  19. sweetsweetmango, your arrival at this # 9 YART would be an honor for the ages! i wish I had thousands of dollars so i could travel to australia. i feel like i have a small family there by now.

    i was trying to psych out the rhyme and reason of your recent poem. on your knees? i certainly understand that, but not why you why now...
    love always

  20. I'll be making trips to the east coast now, so crossing my fingers here...

    It's such a wonderful idea kj, the whole thing, the yard, the art, friends, the invite! It is going to be the place to be in October!!

    xoxo lori

  21. lori, gasp!
    if prayers were butterflies
    (i made that up..?)

    here's hoping the universe decides in our favor.

    love love

  22. Oh sigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... i will have to be there in Spirit only ...But hey ~here~ in bloggy worlde that sometimes counts as everything <3

  23. I would love to come!

  24. What about your non-artistic friends? Would they be out of place?