Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Every Word...

. (The colors are way more vibrant than they look here. Sigh....)
Not good enough? Or smart enough? Too emotional? Not emotional enough? Confused? Misused? Lost? Hidden? Emerging? Heartbroken? Healing? Hopeful?
Not long ago I wrote a post that was as personal as anything I've ever shared on my blog.
The response was incredible: comment after comment instructing and affirming and reminding me that all is well.
I've compiled a snippet of this sage advice from every comment I received and put them together in an 8 by 11 flyer.
If you would like a copy I hope you will be able to print it from here. But if not, or you want a higher quality on cardstock, just send me an email or tell me here and I will happily send one off to you.
Every word carries the weight and wisdom of friendship, of experience, of love. I was pretty sure that what I said would be well received, but I did not expect such a heartfelt and ever-wise outpouring.
This will be my roadmap ahead. I will keep it nearby and let myself be calmed and comforted and guided and held when I need a push or a pull forward. Take a look: the directions are pretty clear.
Thank you thank you.


  1. what a creative way to preserve all that outpouring of love and advice - it would actually make a wonderful greeting card to send to someone when they need cheering up♡

  2. I like the part that says: "There's a reason they didn't make it to your future".
    And yes,,it would be an excellent greeting card.
    Very creative,,the way you put it together.

  3. how creative, and how wonderful to have a supportive community.

    much love

  4. Leave it to you to come up with a creative way to share love! And you thought you didn't have artistic ability.

    I've been busy for DAYS converting my favorite bloggers on my sidebar to a more readable list. And then importing that into Google Reader. So far, it is working well. I read so many blogs that I just had to do something. What do you do?

    Emily - do you still have your Get Out of Jail Free Passes?


  5. I love how you put it all together
    Kj, very arty :-). very wise your friends. I would only add to that "Love your life", It is a mantra and one that has helped me very much, even when I did not feel like loving my life. You can't change what you resist, this is something I know for sure.

  6. kj that is awesome! what a brilliant idea. i'm so impressed by your creativity (i wouldn't let emily get hold of this or she might try to sell copies!) heehee.

    i'll try making my own copy here (still figuring out this printer of mine) i think the whole thing is lovely, the idea, the advice/words and your creation.

    and now i'm closing up this computor again and off to work on my projects! have a wonderful weekend. :)


  7. What a lovely way to share your friends' advice and strength....
    this would, indeed, make a great inspirational greeting card.

    Hugs from the heart,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Love~Love~Love. :-) You're a creative sentimental wonderful brilliant adorable you! xoxoxox

  9. hello amanda, i've just visited your blog and smelled your fresh basil! greeting card? do i get all that text on a card? hmmmmm...... xoxo

    babs, funny, that line made me sad, probably because i know it is true. acceptance....xoxo

    staceygirl, thank you. i feel totally blessed by the wonderful friends and visitors i have met through blogging. i count you among them. xoxo

    linda, i used to play around with text and fonts through microsoft publisher. it was so fun to find myself doing that again yesterday. linda, i don't even know what google reader is! i keep track of my blog friends seeing who's posted and i do that from my blog list on my sidebar. i think i fall behind too much, but i blog for fun and not from obligation, so i won't let myself feel anything but good about all of it. tsup! ♥

    annie, you're back!!!

    'You can't change what you resist'

    what a great line.

    lori, copy coming in the mail. i couldn't resist not sending you one! no computer this weekend? good lori!! have a wonderful time creating. xoxox

    wrobin, speaking of mail....
    i ♥ you

    oh roo!
    thank you!
    it is true
    i love you too!

  10. Thank you so much for your comment, KJ! I had never quite looked at it that way... Now I don't feel like my worry mind is broken. Just a little unevolved! ;-) I'll teach it to mind it's own business!! Happy Weekend! Love, Silke

  11. What a beautiful post...I am ust getting back to reading...been out of the loop. Read the post you refer to. And the only thing that comes to mind is Dr. Seuss..."Sometimes the questions are complicated. And the answers are simple."

    Simply put...Love you!

    Thanks for your thoughts for my son. They were heard.

  12. Hrumpf!! (to quote a certain rabbit.) I don't see a snippet of my comment anywhere...but I do love this compilation. I think it's a true testament of how loved you are.

    I'll try printing out a copy so I can be reminded of how I've been left out!

    hahahahaha!! I'm trying to be whiney but it comes across too funny because I'm not a natural whiner.

    I'm a natural wine-O perhaps ;P

    Can you tell I'm exhausted?

    Good post...later gator!


  13. People say the nicest things, don't they?! xx