Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

If you follow the wonders and whines of Emily Rabbit, you know that there is a mighty fine poet leaving her melodic messages that bring chuckles and cheers.
This poet is by day an Artist
She might not know that her art includes words. And rhymes.
There are no poems on her blog.
So I offer this poem of mine to her.
And on this Memorial Day weekend, when just being alive is so precious, I offer it to you too.
And....anybody feel like writing some rhyme time too? Anne? Anne?
The paint awaits
The sweetest fate
As though I’m eight
And already late

I’m moving slow
And well below
No grass to mow
And even so

Who would have known
The sunrise tone
From the telephone
Just might be foam

The laundry stack
Wants to attack
But instead sneaks back
in a laughing sack

Who would have guessed
My maybe best
will now confess
that more is less

The colored sky
Does not ask why
So why would I try
To reach so high?

My list is long
I could plug along
With little tongs
Instead of songs
Suddenly I stop and rest--
Decide to quickly flunk the test,
Remember why I’m kind of blessed,
And snuggle in my secret nest

It’s distraction, yes, it is, no doubt
It snakes inside and then peeps out
When I forget to pause and pout
It’s because I’m playing all about

Tell me that I’m wasting time
And I’ll be inclined to remind
The kettle to forget to find
the hooting steam that fails to bind

I’m painting words upside down
Twirling, turning each around
Until they fall without a sound
Onto orange sacred ground

I might watch them dance before they spill
Just beyond the window sill
or maybe roll down the widest hill
into space that I won’t fill

It’s Saturday and winds will blow
Around everything I use to know
And should you stop instead of go
Please be glad I told you so

You can sniffle, wince, regret and moan
And cover, conquer, then atone
But when it’s clear you’ve finally grown
I hope you hightail it back to home.

As for me, I’ll still be here
Distracted from this daily care
Strangely brave about old fear,
Skipping side wards, holding dear.

You can tell me I am wasting time
But don’t forget the time is mine
And if I forget to toe the line,
Well…all I can say is: “Fine!”
Thank you soldiers
and brave warriors for the life I lead.
And to my friends: Why not count your blessings
and relax today?



  1. Beautiful poem! I believe there is no real time, so how can you waste it? :-). I am with you, relax today.

  2. And you said you couldn't write poetry....
    I'm having a talk with Emeily and sending her a coupon for the industrial institutional size bag of frozen peas to shoot at you! ;)
    Okay, someday I might write a poem on my blog.
    But not right now---I got stung by a wasp and am determining if I need meds from someplace other than my medicine cabinet.
    I hope my eye doesn't swell shut.

    Then I couldn't see to blog! :D
    My eyes would pop out like a frog!
    I know I'd be a frightful sight,
    and howl the everlasting night
    keeping DH awake and grumpy.
    yes, life would certainly get bumpy!
    So now I beg a fond Adeiu,
    And off for Ice and medicine too!

    The Bard-ess hahahahaha!!!!

  3. Great poem kj.

    LOL!! you two!!!
    Anne you got stung in your eye??? Oh no!!
    Still good with the poem though.

    Have a wonderful holiday all!!!
    Love and hugs.

  4. i hope you are relaxing too kj in your beautiful garden (and that the wind is not blowing too much!)
    your poem was lovely, it's always a pleasure to read words so carefully chosen.
    i really enjoyed reading all your announcements in your last post too, it's a good idea, a way to remember all the things you want to.
    xoxo lori

  5. Kj, are you on some kind of poetry marathon here?? I can't keep up but it did make me smile!

    Anne, you completely rock the poetry!! a wasp??? I react severely to them. Please take good care of your eye.

    I'm thinking a pomegranate cosmo and some ice for the eye;P

    Maybe I'll try some rhyming later but right now I'm off to sip wine in the sun just for fun whilst on my bum!


  6. Sweet. Such a shame we tend to feel so guilty for doing nothing but contemplation. I excel at procrastination. Enjoy your long weekend.

  7. Lovely post - and of course, WE ALL knew who you referred to...
    Anne is an astounding poet....who has the gift! But, dearest KJB, methinks thou hast it too!

    Dear Poetess Anne, feel better - and hope the swelling abates soon... your poems amuse and amaze, leaving us in a daze - of delight and wonder. Though life be asunder,through lightning and thunder, your wisdom shines through.

    Dear Poetess KJB, ack, 4 days at the opera, with singing and Drama, leave me spent and without a....breath to add more....

    Be well, be happy, enjoy life and all if it's many riches!

    Love to everyone who commented....

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Hi kj! I love your poem, and Miss Anne's, too. The two of you! I bet if you were in a room together, you would soon talk in rhyme! lol! I have had a busy weekend, and I am hoping that today I can just hang out with the kids, and putter. I love to putter, don't you? xoxo!! Pam

    PS My word vert is "sperrem." I refuse to comment - hahahaha!

  9. They saved that vert word JUST FOR YOU PAM!!!!!
    Okay.....I am in no shape to write anything amusing so I'll just laugh and shut up.
    And I'm as okay as I'm going to get...LOL!!!
    Pam...."Sperrem" you're saying it slowly and savoring the sylables.

    The Imp

  10. There was a time
    you said rhyme
    was out of fashion
    but I believe
    with a passion
    you are on a
    rhyming mission *!*

    Wonderful poem, did it all flow in one sitting?