Saturday, May 15, 2010

Five Minutes on a Friday Night

Sometimes the light hits just right.

And in just five minutes

it dances and glows and paints shadows

that surround and make silly

the inhabitants inside

assuring them that

there will be dinner on the grill,

plenty in the pantry,

laughter in the love,

and jaw dropping wonder from the kitchen window.....

Sometime you just look around
and your only prayer
is 'thank you.'


  1. Beautiful post KJ!!
    ♥from me and a thank you!

  2. so true. it is wonderful just to be alive and experience spring and the simple beauty around us. thanks. lovely post.

  3. Sometimes things just seem to be absolutely perfect! I love the scene from the kitchen window! Have a very happy Sunday!

  4. Lovely shots - all captured during my favourite time....twilight.

    These photos tell me that YOU are going to be fine... when the beauties of the world - both outside and in, resonate to your mind and heart, you ARE healing...

    It makes me feel so happy to see you feel this way.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Now you're talking my language girlfriend!

    When I walked the beach in CA every day I would turn to the water and quiet myself and then say a simple "thank you."
    It became my daily prayer, and I'd repeat it again at night but I'd add "thank you for another day."

    I'm delighting in spring here once again. I can't get enough of the birds in the early morning. They make my heart sing.♥

    Very wonderful post Miss Poet ;)


  6. Oh, look at Miss Emily Plush! She is in heaven there. :) And I know exactly what you mean. Last night, the DH, Lucas and I went out into the moonlight to watch the space shuttle fly over. The very first fireflies were out, there was a slip of a crescent moon, and Venus was so bright I felt like I could touch it. We just stood in the yard, looking up, with a cool breeze blowing over us. I said, "Thank you.", too. xox!! Pam

  7. This is true and these are stunning photos! Even on a bad day there are things that just take your breath away. Happy Sunday!
    xoxo ♥
    P.S. I am mad at the post office!

  8. There is living.

    Then there is being alive to the world.

    For that, the only response is awe.... and gratitude.

    And joy in knowing friends who live with their eyes open to it all.


  9. marianne, i'm glad you had a great vacation and i'm glad you're back!

    suki, ♥! ah, i'm guessing it's a nice day for you today. :)

    marion, who i love and think about more often than it may appear: you too, in the cariBOO! my season is about a month ahead of yours, right? and then there's silke who is already into tomatoes!

    robin, good afternoon. i didn't think about it being twilight, now i know: it is a special time when the light bounces off the grsss and sea and mountains. (i miss the sea, not til august. i am doing much better, and i hope you are too. but if you're not, i'll wait in the clearing for you to catch up. ♥

    what a wonderful comment, laurel. the birds know you are a friend. ♥ and i'm glad new england can now properly welcome you back.

    pam, i think you rock! i do! xoxo

    annie, that damn post office! but it will come and it will be great. renee's treasure chest was supposed to arrive at her house by the 18th of december and it showed up on christmas eve. i was sweating bullets, but it turned out to be perfect. this will too. xoxo

    linda, have i told you i'm glad you are back and i missed your comments? how many times have i told you? :) and yes, open eyes change everything. and then there is lori's 'snowblind' eyes, where love sees in its own wonderful way.

    happy sunday everyone! i have 20 reports to write before tomorrow morning. bad kj for putting it off.

    and stella is having her surgery tomorrow morning. please offer a little prayer. xoxxoxo

  10. Many, many, many prayers for beautiful Stella..... I am lighting my "Renee" candle for her tonight.

    Love and hugs to you both,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Tsup*!* Wishing Stella a speedy recovery from her operation, she'll soon be outside with the two of you, watching nature's shadows play*!*

  12. Those are some beautiful, and quirky fun, views to look around at - truly reflections of you!!
    big love!! K

  13. Kj, Hugs to you, JB and STELLA!!!
    I will be saying prayers and thinking good thoughts.
    Love. ♥ xoxo

  14. so beautiful kj,
    i loved these small glimpses into your day.
    have a wonderful week ahead okay? and thank you.

    my prayers will be with stella, try not to worry, she'll be surounded by love.

  15. I love the...the thingy in the window, and all the rest too.

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  17. Hi KJ,

    I love those moments in the evening, when the sun is setting and the color is changing as you watch. I ran---no, waddled--as fast as I could in night clothes and house shoes out to the back of the acre (through knee high thistles) to try and capture a glorious sunset. It had for the most part vanished by the time I got from the kitchen to the back yard.
    But it is that one glorious moment of *glow* that I try over and over to capture......

    P.S. Tell Emily *Hi*....

  18. Wonderful, dear one, wonderful!!
    Thank you!

  19. De-Lovely! **kisses** Deb

  20. Sometimes we forget that heaven is supposed to be here on earth...