Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Perfect Weekend

Our Ms. Emily Rabbit has leased this drawing to me for the tidy sum of $ 5. The artist is one of my best friends, Ms. Studio Lolo. I was willing to pay Emily for this rendition of 'jubilant' because that is the kind of weekend I had.
First of all, my good friend Heather arrived Friday night and stayed until this morning. I only see her a few times a year and I delight in fixing her my homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce. Heather is a fussy eater but she loves my spaghetti. That makes us both happy.
On Friday night we along with JB went to the Iron Horse, a small music club, dark and inviting, little round tables all with a good view, to hear my friend Nerissa Nields perform with her sister as the Nields. They are a local acoustic folk duo with a national following, and they sang their hearts out. I'm not into pulling a link together just now but google their song "Clean Heart" and you'll know what I mean.
I fixed breakfast for the three of us: yogurt, nuts, fruit, scones, coffee cake. I liked doing that and I liked that we sat in the little room off the kitchen and contently smiled at one another.
My weekend only got better: I was alone puttering all day Saturday and most of Sunday while Heather and JB were taking respective woodworking and jewelry making workshops at a local arts and crafts place called Snow Farm. That meant my dog Stella and I had the run of the house.
I blogged. I wrote. I talked on the phone. I visited my mother. I blogged. I wrote. I talked on the phone. I slid by the chores around me, every now ignoring everything that even looked like work. I did not wear a bra. I did not stack the firewood. I did not empty my suitcase, nor did I organize my office, pay bills, mail books, or empty the dishwasher. (I am lying for dramatic effect: I did empty the dishwasher.)
I did whatever I wanted. I go for months without a day like that, let alone two days. My rhythm was restored.
Tonight I had to hustle to write the reports, make the calls, finish the mail. But this is now. I'm talking about Then. Then I let someone I love named kj kick up her heels and do her own thing. And tonight, not long ago, that someone I love named kj told me she feels jubilant.


  1. Oh, sweet Girl! I'm thrilled for you! And we must be on the same moon, kicking heels and dust bunnies, laughing, smiling, living! It absolutely was the perfect week-end....heard 'round the world! Savor it, remember it....Smile. And before too long, do it again!

  2. singleton!!!!!!!!

    oh sweet girl too!
    don't let me lose you now, you hear?


  3. Oh you had the weekend I wish I had but I'm glad you had it!

    much love

  4. stacey, i'm officially wishing it for you. when do you want it? i'll arrange it with the universe powers-that-be. much love back.

  5. Oh! I had that same weekend too. And I loved the way you put yours kj, avoiding anything that looked like work.

    I'm so glad you are restored and renewed, it's a miracle what a little time can do for a persons soul. You are a dear heart kj, I would have liked to be sitting at that breakfast table.

    Oh, i found the link for you, so lovely!
    (well, that looks awfully messy, but it is the url it said.)

  6. "I fixed breakfast"

    And I had thought "fixed" was a Southernism, but you're from what--Rhode Island? When I moved to Oregon from Mississippi, I learned that breakfast might be made, or cooked, or even prepared, but never "fixed" unless, of course, it was broken. I am charmed to hear the word used that way again, and I'm delighted that Emily leased the painting to you so cheaply. Does she not know the quality and desirability of Studio Lolo's art? Silly rabbit!

  7. Love the description of your happy weekend kj! And Emily's rabbit - or rather Lolo's rabbit is the perfect illustration to accompany it! I'm so glad you emptied the dishwasher though! P.S. I'm definitely going to read your book sometime too!

  8. Hello; Somehow I happened upon your blog (via Suki's I think) because I liked the ikon of the little house. I immediately empathised with your posting. I too have just had a few blissful days pleasing myself and it was oh, so refreshing. I will follow your blog from now onwards. Ann from UK

  9. LOVELY weekend. (once I got home from doing chores and also bike riding...I took off my bra also. The girls love being loose)
    You sound centered - good

  10. Hey chickie, If i was to buy your book, could i do that with a money order (With postage added)? X:-)

  11. Hooray, hooray for perfect, well-deserved weekends! :) I wish I could have been at the IH ... someday! And January is just around the corner -- eeeeks! xoxo

  12. I love those weekends of happiness, when all is right in the universe. Where the house is still...and u can let ur hair and bra down.....

    xoxoxoxox u deserve that

  13. Oh this is so good to read. I can just see you kicking up yr heals like this sweet bunny of Lolo's. That emily is a card all right. anything for a buck. re: bras. I havent worn one since the 60's when we burned them. However, I am not well endowed so to speak and it is no sweat for me to just wear an undershirt. Love Snow Farm. Hope they had fun. Be well, suki

  14. soo happy for you all. sounds like just what the doctor ordered. and mim, my girls just love swinging free, yahooo.

  15. Self care was contagious yesterday!! I took Emma for a ride with me while I insisted (to myself) that I get out there and take some wonderful Autumn foliage shots before all the leaves are gone. I got some good ones!!
    Check them out on my Flickr link;)
    Then we went out for dinner with friends. Finally had some decent food in the moving mix of pizza and cooked chickens from the market.

    back to the grindstone today but at a slower pace. I like this 'self care' business.
    And I like it when you're jubilant!!


    P.S. Thanks for the art comment Snowbrush!

  16. Getting the perfect weekend, what ever it hold is just beyond words. It's almost as good as a two week holiday. So glad you got yours.

  17. Hi kj~ What a great weekend! I adore those times I have the house to myself--great, isn't it?! I did it! Got the book! (I've been meaning to for some time, just didn't get a "rountuit." Thank you for mentioning it here. Can't wait to get the book! LOVE xxox

  18. If you feel like Emily on the image then it's wonderful!
    Happy for you you had such a good time! Sounds busy but fun!

  19. Now that is the kind of weekend that restores a soul :)! FABULOUS!

    Thank you for the very encouraging comments at my blog! No, I am not in a writing group, but someday I would love to join one!

  20. lori my dear heart friend: i read about YOUR weekend and that contributed to MY weekend. you captured the love just right!! xoxo

    snowbrush, i don't know how you will take this, but you are an adorable person. this comment made me laugh. i love when you visit me. and of course you are so right about lolo's work. xoxo

    caroline, what about emptying the dishwasher? i almost didn't! (but i did because it would have bugged me). i would trade a copy of my book for an atc from you--i clearly would get the better part of that deal but if you like this idea... xoxo

    hello wild sommerset child, thank you for stopping by. any friend of suki's is a friend of mine. but what shall i call you: wild? wsc? what? what?!

    MIM! so now i'm walking around with an image of your loose girls. HAHAHA! but of course i agree with you. xoxox

    nolly chickie, i left a comment on your blog. i would be thrilled for you to read my book!

    melissa, it is a personal goal of mine to BE at the iron horse with you. i would buy your drinks and dinner. still, thinking about january leaves me very content. xo

  21. sonia my sweet friend, you described this perfectly. i want this for you too!!!! tell me when so i can smile for you. xoxo

    HAHAHA suki, so now i have an image of you and mim both walking around the house! xoxo

    "the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind,
    the answer is blowing in the wind"

    lo, i am delighted that you are into self care right now too. but lo, did you loosen up also? HAHAHA!

    (note to kj from kj: there are alot of HAHAHA'S in this comment section)

    fire byrd, i needed it. i find i need to be alone sometimes, nesting and resting and playing loud or soft music. xoxox

    aww, margaret, i got your order. you are so sweet. i will mail it out on wednesday. thank you very much. here's two extra kisses for you: tsup! and mwah!

    marianne, busy? ha! i was as busy as a sleeping cat. unless you think that blogging is busy...
    (tsup! to you marianne)

    meredith, you are a fine writer. it is not hard to leave encouraging comments for you. i hope you consider a writing group. i know you would love love love it.
    i love that we have discovered eachother's blogs. xo

    milady!! oh how i am thinking of you! when i do i can hardly keep my feet on the ground (mary poppins style). i can't believe you are coming and we will write together. and that we will have breakfast together and sit on my couch in front of the fireplace. and we will gossip and hug melissa in no specific order. xoxoxox

  22. Reasons I love your blog:
    You say things like "I am lying for effect. I did unload the dishwasher"

    You write honestly and clearly and in such a way that I am there

    You love Milo

    You believe in the bunny.


  23. Hey kj Do u have an email address here somewhere? (i hope i'm not doing tha 'boy thing' and it's staring me in the face here somewhere???) Lol! It's (re) ya book thingy X:-)

  24. First off I am shocked that I am two posts behind. I am never even one post behind, so I don't know how that happened.

    I am happy that the weekend was a good one.

    Love Renee xoxo

  25. rhonda roo, i like you!!!

    nolly chickie, an email has been sent. i enjoyed it. :)

    ms. renee, ah, you've shown up. you've gotten me accustomed to you and now i'm stretching my neck in all directions when i don't see you. tsup! :)

  26. I will diarize a weekend like that in about 16 years time when my youngest is 18. Sounds like bliss! Congratulations on your book.

  27. I love those moments of solitude although the bra goes Friday night! My favourite time is Saturday afternoon when the chores are done, the kids are preparing for their night out and everything's spic and span! Glad you had a great weekend. Mine was largely spent on the couch watching DVD's and listening to the wettest recorded day in 22 years. . .