Monday, October 19, 2009

For Love

I wrote this poem to hold on tight and true even when love hurts. It's one of my favorites.

It’s only one arm,
Okay its dominant
But I can still
Raise broth to my frozen lips..
Only one eye,
The other choked blind
Though still I see your shadow
Gracefully in flight..
I gave up my voice
So I could hear yours
When the wires
Misfired and static reigned..
My steps though mis-shapened,
Hobble past space
Where molecular memory
Settled in..
Forgive me on a day
When my knees give out
And I whimper toward
Whatever grace isn’t..
When I was whole
I moved too quickly
To notice almost anything.
Lucky loss has given me sight..
My smile survived
because it double duties
With its tearful turn downward
At midnight, through the howls..
Yesterday I watched a cattail
Bend and balance
And I remembered when
My heart moved like that..
This loss of limb and life
Love lust and luster:
What a tiny price
What a tiny price..
I wonder in the years ahead
Should my parts regenerate
If I will miss
The space I’ve forfeited..
I wonder if sorrow
Might reappear as joy
filled with the love
That’s made me whole


  1. Anyone loved by you kj is lucky.

    I'm having a giveaway tomorrow so come on over.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. oops kj I forgot to tell you that yes I have read Mists of Avalon.


  3. kj,
    it's beautiful
    i hope it helps you
    to write this
    and read it
    when you
    need to.
    you are a lovely person
    and will be ok
    you will be terrific!
    xoxoxoxo ♥

  4. ms. renee, thank you times twelve.

    ms renee2, i'm surprised and delighted you've read this book. it transformed the way i thought about 'god'

    ms. lori,

    thank you
    my friend
    i will mend
    and in the end
    i might send
    you a letter
    to say i'm better.
    (tee hee)

  5. This brought a tear to my eye :( incredibly beautiful kj!)

  6. You have a good heart, KJ, and I appreciate you.

  7. i feel you need bucket loadsa wfs right now, so here they are sweeping across the pond from me to you.

  8. It is at the end of one road where the answers to questions behind are found and questions for the path ahead lay.

  9. No free food, you know I can't cook or bake.

    So if all of us are together one day, no one better expect me to even cut a piece of lettuce.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. kj really is time to move on. . sorry Chardy induced bravery but . . you're future's bright . .leave the past behind

  11. Holy sh*t, KJ -- this is the best poem you've ever written. Can you submit it somewhere? It is gorgeous in so many ways. Bravo!

  12. Holy sh*t, KJ -- this is the best poem you've ever written. Can you submit it somewhere? It is gorgeous in so many ways. Bravo!

  13. val, thank you. i wrote this months ago, maybe even a year ago and i still like the hope it offers.

    snow, OMG. i consider this a HUGE compliment from you. tsup!

    mark, how did you get so damn wise, mark? you really do nail it!

    renee, "if all of us are together one day": are you f--- kidding? i'd cook everything, even special orders. and you could act like queen moon raven and just look pretty!

    soulbrush, i am actually pretty well these days. i wrote this a while and i'm ever an optimist. xo

  14. baino, chardy bravery, eh! i wrote this a good while back, hells, and i can't help really liking it. but thanks for the periodic kick. that's what friends are for. :)

    melissa, you know, i kind of agree. i like this poem for many reasons. thank you so much for this comment. it means alot alot alot!

  15. hmmm, I think you've posted this not long ago because I remember picking out my favorite part.

    I'm glad you posted it again though because it's beautiful.

    Like your heart ;)


  16. I love this one. Doesn't that sound trite? And I don't mean it that way-I really do love it. It captures the essence of love, loss and hope for redemption. It's a more mature view than just wallowing in the loss.

  17. It is wonderful that you have so much talent and expertise with words and can express your sadness this way which can be shared with others too.

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mists of Avalon (sorry I over heard you and Renee "chatting") is so good! I had a vivid and very scary dream after reading it one night before bed...I was in Texas at the time and I woke up screaming.

    Beautiful poem.

    much love

  19. lo, so i DID post it before! damn! i've written probably a 100 poems and you'd think i could remember when i post one. but i LIKE this one, so to quote emily: it's not my fault. xoxo

    debra kay, mature? mature? ooohhh...that's nice :)

    suki, you are so supportive. i appreciate that so much. xo

    stacey, now i have to know about your dream! what scared you? i loved loved loved 'mists' too. i'm smiling that you did too.

  20. Under no circumstances are you being left out of the draw dear one.

    We can never have enough of Tessa's prints if we are lucky enough to win them. Right?

    I am laughing at my Mom because she phones me and says, I quote "Renee, I can't get it to show my response, something is wrong with that fucking thing." Har har..

    And of course so I come and look, and no her response is not here. Now I will have to type one in for her.

    kj I got the most beautiful card today. You always give me the nicest cards and I love them.

    Love Renee xoxo

  21. Have I never told you that she is from Scotland, they are all fishwives there.

    They swear like troopers.


  22. Oh kj - I'm always pleased when I see one of your poems here- even if it is one from sadder times! This is lovely - I hadn't seen it before!

  23. renee, tsup,

    caroline, thank you very much. i follow your art with great pleasure. tsup to you too.

  24. Sorry to drop by late KJ.
    So lovely written poem, can feel the love here:)

    Please write to me, I hope you wouldn't miss my email, I need to send you some gifts!
    I gave you my emails before.
    Thanks KJ.

  25. this is a beautiful poem thanks for sharing.

    wonder if you could take a look at a video of someone who lost a limb and while he, chris, doesn't get poetic his story about charging back into life afterward, has become a finalist in the mutual of omaha, aha moment campaign:

    if enough of use vote for him he'll be featured in their 2010 ad campaign. that will be a nice feature on someone we care about.

    thanks for looking. tell friends if you like.