Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Make. Believe

Hello! It's me, Emily. Did anyone miss me? I have been traveling and having fun. I have gotten in some trouble but not enough that anyone squealed on me or made me cry so all in all I would say I am fine, except I did run out of money for a short time until kj left her wallet on the coffee table.
I told kj that I am going to write about make believe this-and-that today and she said, "Oh, that's a mish-mash." I don't think rabbits use that term very much but if you know what it is then that is what I am doing now.
Here is my first make believe mish-mash:

kj's blog and blogland lane friend Pattee MADE this witch and kj bought it for JB. Her name is Gilda the Witch and she is in a little frame that is going to hang in the kitchen for Halloween. What do you think of the expression on her face? At first she scared me but really I think if she was not stuck in wax she would be fun at a party. Maybe she will turn out to be fun at a party even though she is stuck in wax. That's where the make-believe comes in. First you make, and then you believe.

I went to Provincetown with kj, Lololo, and Debra Kay (more on that later) and they saw this women in a restaurant and Lololo told kj to take a picture of her for their friend Soulbrush. It will be nice if Soulbrush likes this and it makes her happy, but personally I would be very very scared if I had to be alone with who ever this is. Something about her body doesn't look right and those two big circles and little circles don't look right either.
. Speaking of Provincetown, here I am with Mim, who was supposed to come but she didn't because she couldn't so kj, lololo and Debra Kay carried her around anyway and they couldn't stop laughing about it no matter where they went. They laughed just about all the time about it for three straight days. By the way, can you tell how messy kj is sometimes from this picture, because everything around Mim and me is not very neat, right?
Oh, and here I am again with Mim in front of a house that Debra Kay painted for lololo. One day for an hour Mim came with me to meet Gregory Squirrel but I have to tell you she was way too prissy to have fun with. She kept complaining that she could not climb a tree in her dress and I said to her, "Mim, I'm a rabbit and I'm not even supposed to climb trees but life is short so why do you care?" but she just said hmmpfff! and played with her hair instead. To be fair, I heard that Mim was more fun when she had a few drinks so that counts for something good, right?
. The place in Provincetown was beautiful. Even I appreciated that.

I met Muck, Truck, and Fuck Duck on this beach every morning and we bobbed and bobbed and once I sat on Truck Duck's back and he waddled too. I told kj I was at the library most of the time when I was actually playing with my friends and staying out late. One time kj asked me what time the library closed and I knew it wasn't eleven o'clock at night so then I told her Gregory Squirrel's mother had invited me for acorn stew and chestnut pie and I'm not sure she believed me but I told her squirrels do not have phones so kj did not check my story but I made sure I was home right at 11 so it wouldn't blow my cover for the next day. I am very smart like that.

Before my trip to Provincetown I went to Cleveland with my mother and Uncle Bunny. I have not shown anyone a picture of my mother before but here she is and you can tell that she is a good mother just by the way she looks, right? This was taken before she married and multiplied with my father. My mother tries to be strict with me because I am only 8 or 11 years old but I tell her I need to help JB and kj because JB is sick and sometimes I beg JB to call my mother so I can miss school and go on trips with her and kj. Sometimes JB will do it but alot of times she won't so I have to be more creative with Make and Believe.
My Uncle Bunny, you should remember him because he was a friend of Janis Joplin's,
is starting a rabbit pellet home heating business and that's why we were in Cleveland, which, by the way, was kind of boring, no offense to anyone reading this who lives in Cleveland. Can you tell Uncle Bunny is smart? I think this picture of him says so.
I was very bored in Cleveland but I met two nice friends in Provincetown. Lololo, Debra Kay and kj spent 14 hours a day together for just about four four or five straight days and they laughed their as**s' off the whole time. (I am not allowed to swear on kj's blog except to mention Fuck Duck because that is his name. ) I was off doing my own thing most of the time but I like Lololo and Debra Kay a lot because I could tell they liked me and I don't think they would have gotten me in trouble even if they could have. Besides they are very nice friends to kj and I heard kj say that she thinks they would wash her back, whatever the heck that means. kj told me she said 'watch her back' but I know she said 'wash'.
Have you noticed yet that this week I am saying and doing what ever I want and I am calling it make believe? I do that most of the time anyway, but if you like any of it, you should do what ever you want and call it make believe too. Because you should decide to have fun and not worry about anything except a few things.
That reminds me about kj's poems. Lately and for a while they are either sad or serious because kj says her heart got cracked open, which to me sounds terrible but kj says she hopes it will be a good thing for her sooner or later. But anyway since I know some of the sorry details I would not be as nice as kj has been for even a minute. So I wrote my own poem about it and I think kj should follow my example instead.
A Poem by Emily V. V. Rabbit
So long good bye
You made kj cry
You were very mean
you lima bean!

You called kj names
and gave her the blame
You phony friend'
The End.
I hope that everyone is happy to see me back on kj's blog. I am going to ask kj to pay me $ 15 this week because this took a long time to write. Meanwhile, don't forget what I am trying to tell you.
MAKE. and then BELIEVE.
Try it. I know I'm right that you will feel better following my advice but of course if it doesn't work for you it's not my fault.
Yours Truly,
Emily Rabbit


  1. "I did run out of money for a short time until kj left her wallet on the coffee table."

    Emily, I think you should aspire to nobler goals. For instance, reality TV. They would LOVE to have a rabbit. Then "Dances with Stars." I can just see you dancing with...well, I don't know WHO I can see you dancing with--someone short, maybe.

    "Fuck Duck"? Emily!!! And YOUR middle initials are V.V.? I shudder to think what your middle names are.

  2. you are very very smart, mr snowbrush.

    plus, do you want to be my agent for the tv show? i would give you 30% of every jellybean and whatever else.

    your friend,

  3. p.s. you can't change the names of your friends, snowbrush. at least i don't think you can. it would be wrong to try, right?

  4. Hi Emily, I will follow your advice (I always do :-). I am glad you had a wonderful trip. xoxo

  5. Of course it's not your fault miss emily, your intentions were good right? and that's what matters.
    i'm going to try your make. believe. just as soon as i wake up because *yawn* it is waaaay past my bedtime and i am too tired now to do anything but sleep.
    oh, and ask for 10 cents a word next time!

  6. annie, i am glad you follow my advice. is that why you are such a nice happy person? probably, right?

    ms. lori ann, i can see right away that i like you and you give good advice too. do i have to count the words by myself? and do words where i complain or have a temper tantrum count?


    e. rabbit

  7. Dear Emily,

    I love love love that poem!! Do you know you are one of the few friends who makes me laugh out loud from my belly?
    Well you do!
    I would even let you or KJ show certain pictures of me on your blog and I never show my face because I don't want to scare anyone away not that I would but you know what I mean right?
    I'm so glad I learned how to write long sentences from you because some of the sentences with periods and commas are boring because they make you slow down and take a breath and think about what you're reading or writing and who has time for that?
    Well, time to keep packing. My computer is getting packed away tomorrow for a while but not too long I hope because I'd miss you!


  8. Oh Emily you are just the cutest rabbit ever.

    I hope that when you told your mom JB is sick that JB really is not sick. We don't want that.

    I love how you write and your poem with the lima bean is adorable.

    I laughed again when I saw Mim. Too funny.

    Great post.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Emily it's late and I haven't been here for days, maybe even weeks and now my eyes are burning from all the reading I've had to do so could you please just pass a msge onto kj for me to tell her that her blog is wonderful :)

    thank you xx ribbon

    ps.. you need to charge more

  10. Milo is on his way to the Netherlands, and then to YOU!!! My expectations are quite high after your post with the traveling paper doll. That was way cute cute!!!

  11. Emily-I think we met one of your cousins at the Bird Boarding Place and Feed store. Oliver the Parrot wanted to bring him home, but I don't have room in the house and it's winter and I can't leave animals outside even though in the wild they live outside. This is not the wild, it's my home. Oliver the parrot wanted to nibble the rabbit's ears and the rabbit sniffed Oliver's big old beak.

    He did not cry or roll, but when we were leaving he stomped his foot very hard.

  12. I love the red tape, you are very very clever.

    You are a bright star in the everyday sky. Oh, I forgot, you are a moon.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Dear Miss Emily VV Rabbit, your post was most wonderful to peruse. And should you find that you can swim, to pop over here to old blighty and call for tea. We'll have cucumber sandwiches, scones and cream and delicious little cakes with nettle tea.
    PS people should stop critising your friends name. His mother chose it and we should respect her choice..... Go fuck duck!

  14. lololo, you are very cute. i think you should let everyone know how cute you are because that is another way for you to know you are cute, which you very are. i am glad i make you laugh in your stomach because that is a very good way to spend your time, besides being cute, because being cute and silly is a very good thing every time, and i should know because i do know. right?

    thank you renee. you always say very nice things to people but i like it best when you say something nice to me, even though i don't think i've ever said anything that nice to you. if you want me to i will, just let me know. if it makes you happy i don't mind at all. that's how it works, right?

    ribbon, i told kj what you said but don't forget that her blog is good because she has a guest rabbit telling the truth and not being afraid about it as long as nobody makes me cry, which so far almost everyone has been mostly very nice so maybe that is a reason why you like kj's blog. anyway, she told me she likes yours very much too and she said you are very very fun.

    ms. deborah, but what about me? hmmmpff!

    fondly this time,
    emily r.

  15. debra kay, i like birds so tell oliver i would be happy to play with him but he cannot peck my nose. did you have fun in cape coddy because i thought you were very very fun, even funny and fabulous sometimes, actually most of the time and maybe all of the time, although i wasn't with you all of the time and not even most of the time, right? anyway, do you know how to stomp your feet because i can teach you if you want. it's a good idea most of the time and sometimes all of the time.
    right? haha

    renee, do you mean me or kj? because i am a rabbit, not a moon, but once i dressed up as an iguana, remember?

    ms. fire byrd, you are so right! i love cucumbers but why do i have to swim? why don't you just come to kj's house for lunch and i will give you a radish and maybe some jellybeans with your tea. come if you want. kj won't mind.

    sincerely yours,

    emily rabbit

  16. EMily you should have SEEN me at the airport laughing and trying to imitate you by hopping to the bathroom cause that was the only way I was gonna make it there I was laughing so hard and no, I am not a priss - I am a scardy cat afraid of heights and people seeing my undies.

    LOVE you emily vv rabbit

  17. mim, even though i like attention to myself best of all in this case it made me happy that i made you laugh and then almost pee on your way to the bathroom.

    ms. citizen, thank you for complimenting my poem. i think the next time kj writes one of these sappy romantic poems i am going to write one too, and not one like that.


  18. Was at the hospital with Jacquie all day, she had some appointments. So Ben, me and Gil went.

    Long day.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. So happy to see you again Emily!
    I really missed you!
    I am catching up and your story updated me about you whereabouts.
    Sounds like you had some fun after Cleveland!
    Your poem is the best!
    Even I can follow it....
    Loved reading your long post.
    Are we still best friends?
    Sorry I couldn't visit you on Wednesday, that day I flew home from Chicago and Thursday I was too tired, Friday too busy, but now my holiday has started!


  20. marianne!!!!!!

    of course we are still best friends. you will always be my best friend unless you are mean to me which i know you won't be so we are best friends and that's all there is to it. i liked my poem too. kj gets too sappy. i hope she learns from my example. do you think she will? i don't.

    marianne, kj is not paying me. maybe you should talk to her. my new friend lori ann said i should charge ten cents a word. i am not sure if i will go on strike if i don't get paid. i don't want to bit off my ear to spite my foot.

    love to my best friend marianne,


  21. Oh tha is great!
    I think you should go on strike, if that doesn't work try screaming until she agrees.
    PS I DO clime trees, but if I don't get that high we just think of something else naughty to do. I could use a lesson roling down the hill and then I could teach you how to get dirty in no time. I drove my mom crazy with that when I was little, but I still remember how to.

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