Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thursday 13: Summer Mish Mash

1. What a week it's been! An epidemic of sorts has taken hold in the form of Blogland Lane. Many of us bloggers are moving in every day, claiming whatever plot of land we want and designing and sharing our homes and rooms and yards and terrain just the way we want. There has been an infusion of good spirit and neighborly gestures that I would describe as quite touching and authentic. I love seeing old friends visit new friends.
2. And moving in is just the beginning:
Deborah is thinking about opening a Mexican restaurant
Studio Lolo will offer a summer camp for poor children and a card shop for everyone.
Tessa has suggested opening our homes for week long open studios twice a year
Owen is already planning Blogland Lane's New Year's Eve Celebration at his castle
Zappha is bringing her non profit organization called "One Square Mile" to Blogland so we can
share our personal stories of giving
Pieterbie wants a bookstore and planned music concerts
Soulbrush is opening a school with all kinds of classes for both children and adults
Robert's giving out Greek feta and cold water on hot days
Margaret Pangert suggests we choose different themes like 'poetry' or 'photos' or 'music' or 'nature' and visit each other to see what we've done for that them.
Snowbrush is wondering if we need a police force or a standing army (he makes me laugh every time)
Marion and I read tarot cards
Bimbimbie likes a swap shop where we can swap or trade anything small enough to send in the mail.
And the ideas keep coming.
What a blast!

3. And speaking of homes, Ms. Emily Rabbit posted a picture of her family home today and it looked remarkably similar to a Hobbit House. I called Emily's mother and she told me our little Emily is trying to get her family to move to the Hobbit Houses, but really they live in this house:
Mrs. Rabbit could not explain why this picture is so small but she said Emily is not doing a very good job completing her chores especially since she started blogging. She also said it is true that nobody and nobunny cries deep from the stomach as well as Emily.
4. I went to an outdoor concert this week. Who knows of or remembers Joan Baez? She is a folksinger who started at the same time as Bob Dylan and although she can no longer hit the high notes, forty years later she was pretty damn good.
5. It was a beautiful night. The concert was held in a park next to my back yard. The venue was surrounded by mature majestic trees and happy relaxed people. I don't go to enough concerts: I always think that when I do go because I almost always end up feeling optimistic afterwards.
. 6. Don't ask me to explain why this street name makes me laugh every single time I see it

7. JB and I went to a wedding last weekend. The state of Connecticut has legalized gay marriage and two of our friends, together for eight years, beamed at being able to commit to one another before family and friends in a way they never imagined possible.

8. The church was magnificent:

9. The reception was held on a ship that cruised the Connecticut River for four hours. This was some experience: the ship had a stateroom that reminded me of the grandness of the Titanic before it sank, the food was great, and the dance floor--well, it wasn't empty for a second, from start to finish. And surrounding all of it was the river.

10. It's no secret I've had a very difficult year. Someday I'm going to write the story of why someone I loved so much and who I believed also loved me so much would end up describing me as selfish, needy, demanding, dysfunctional, and sometimes even worse than that. But someday will wait until a time when I can grasp what happened and I no longer struggle with loss or shame. I know full well I had a part in a cherished relationship falling apart, but I also know I am generally considered a good friend and a reasonable and decent person. I'll be glad when I can look back and feel that more good than bad came out of it all.

11. My friend Cam took this photo the morning he and I got up to see the sun rise in Provincetown. Cam is 14 years old and has just started his own photo blog. He'd love it if you'd stop by and say hello.

12. I'm not spending much time in here this summer, but this is my home office and the room where I write, blog, dream and begin. It's such a luxury to have my own room, complete with books and bookcases and a cozy little wrap around desk.
13. Tomorrow morning at 8:00 JB and I are heading to Provincetown where I will stay for two and one half weeks. This will be the longest uninterrupted vacation I can remember taking, and I am so psyched I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I plan to work considerably on writing the first draft of my second book, a novel with some characters I know and some I don't.

Meanwhile, look for the addition of more neighbors, more houses, and more great ideas on Blogland Lane. It's happening.

And, please, pray for Renee.


  1. Be still my heart! Joan Baez!
    Some of the best music I ever heard. Especially the early stuff with Dylan.(his songs)

    I have my very best castle dress all pressed and ready for Owen's housewarming parteee, and his New Year's bash will require a new frock for sure.I'm looking at some of the shops around the lane,,what's a good one for formal attire?
    Love so many of the cool sounding events and happenings planned for our community,,,thanks kj!
    Oh, and check your email, please??

    Goes without saying, re: Renee,,,

  2. I hope you have a beautifully relaxing holiday kj.

    I'm praying for Renee and thinking of you too knowing you've had a tough year (how anyone could call you those things is beyond me).

    And...I am still laughing out loud about that comment you left on my blog.

    Complete priceless!!

    With lots of love and laughter. xxx

  3. Very good, that also in the States two men or two women can marry. Yes, about no. 10: I think I know who you mean. Always sorry to see a good friendship is no longer excisting. I would have send you an e-mail, but one way or the other e-mails to your address are bouncing undelivered. I think your and my provider are in state of war ;-)
    About Blogland Lane: I am planning to open a small flower and giftshop.

  4. Isn't it wonderful that Blogland Lane is taking off! I've posted about my house. I'd like N° 735, please.
    I thought I'd open a "Salon de Thé" and just a quiet place to go to relax.

    Mainly, I want to be invited to Owen's NY's Eve party!

    Hope you have a lovely time on your vacation!

    I love Joan Baez!

  5. joan baez, oh wow, of course i remember her, loved her stuff in the late sixties, omg that takes me back. you forgot to mention my suggestion of education courses in our virtual lane. have a wonderful vacation and i know all your creative juices will flow (i nearly wrote all your juices will flow!!!!!!! )
    remember in time, this awful year will fade and although it will leave an ache, this too will diminish (i have had many years like that, and they are now buried deep.) peace to you and lotsa prayers for renee as always.

  6. Whoa, Joan Baez. That's very cool. I love outdoor concerts.

    With you on #10. :{

  7. Yes I know Joan Baez and her prolific catalog.

    #8 Congratulations to them. Soon the rest of the nation will have this out once and for all and we will move forward allowing people to be people without having to divide each other by a term or definition other than American.

  8. The Joan Baez concert sounded awesome. I never saw her, but would love to.

    I hope you have a relaxing, healing, joyful vacation in Provincetown. Talk to the sea and let her heal you. You're an inspiration to all of us, Karen. Blessings!!

  9. Have a great and wonderful vacation you two !! Check out my birdhouse-place in blogland lane, when you're back and if you want to. Can you mail me your address one time, because I would like to send you a postcard. Warm regards, Hildegarde

  10. LoVe Joan Baez! Takes me back to my Hippie days.

  11. I like Joan Baez as a person but I've never, ever been able to listen to an entire song by her. Too high pitched and warbly for my taste. But Brian saw her once and she sang Amazing Grace acapella. He said you could have heard a pin drop. Now that I would have sat through ;)

    Blogland Lane: What happened to my free summer art camp for poor kids?
    I think I'd also like to open a co-op art gallery and card shop to help fuel my card addiction :P

    Avocado Street. Yep, that's freakin' hilarious KJ!! I have no idea why you laugh at that but I'm glad you do!
    There's a street here called Cul De Sac Way, I kid you not!

    Still praying for Renee et al.

    Gotta run to the post office to see if all the birthday gifts are pouring in yet!! I crack myself up :P

    Pretty soon I'll be singing happy birthday to you...but me first!

    Happy vacation dear friend! And hey, who said those things about you? Want me to beat her up?


  12. Joan Baez - COOL! - Can you hear the concerts from your backyard? There are many good ones in that park.

    Have fun with your 2 weeks off. Here's wishes for a clear mind for concentrating on your book, quiet time relaxing and hopes you have some exciting moments... maybe a tea dance, cocktail party or other entertainment?

  13. OH, and I almost forgot:
    I shall open a hairstyling salon,,,as I still have some great cuts, weaves, and colors left in me, just screaming to be created for Blogland Lane Residents.
    Wine and cheese served of course, come have a cracker!

  14. Hey, I've been so absent here, that I didn't realize you had had such a difficult time. I'm very sorry to hear that. Haven't been feeling that hot myself the past year, hence my absence, have just been swamped in work and needed to cut down on some stuff, like blogging. It fails to be a priority when other things become just that.
    Blogland Road. Photos: obviously. I can help out with that.
    I hope we don't need police or army.

  15. Hello, I'm a new neighbour at 500 Blogland Lane. I already have several friends who have moved in and am looking forward to getting to know you. I, by the way, started designing a set of Tarot cards, just the Major Arcana, but got distracted. Hopefully, having 2 Tarot readers in the community will inspire me to finish the set. Happy holidays to you!

  16. Wow action packed week or what. I long for a bit of excitement. Great news about your friends. Gay marriage is again on the Agenda here but not much hope just yet. And you are a good person. I still haven't caught up with all the neighbours on Blogland lane but we're in for a cold and windy weekend so . . .have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Visiting by way of Dedene's. If I can find time this weekend, I'll setup housekeeping on Blogland Lane.

  18. oh JOAN Baez - I just love her voice. she had crystal clear tones - I yearned to sing like her.

    2.5 weeks - just amazing, don't think I've ever taken that much time off. Have FUN.
    I'm off to Arizona tomorrow, almost cancelled due to a sinus infection but am OK now.
    be good!

  19. babs, joan baez: farewell angelina...every time i read one of your comments about blogland lane i get excited all over again..xoxox

    kate, my pleasure to make you laugh any day!

    wieneke, do you think it would help if i emailed you first? thanks for your awareness. i am glad to be in touch with you again.

  20. That Blogland Lane empty, beachfront section (as we call them here) is mine. It has a sign saying SOLD and that's all. I need to take some time to figure out just what to do about it. :) Meanwhile ... apologies for being so slow about moving in.

  21. Oh I wish the bloody builders would get a move on with my place ... my place in blogland that is :)

    Lovely to visit you and read all the news.
    Sorry to read about your friendship going pear shaped :(
    Have a wonderful holiday :)

    best wishes always

    PS and yes Renee is in my heart

  22. I like this post very much.

    It imbibes a feel good feeling within. And also I like the photographs especially the study desk.

  23. This post makes me so *so* happy!!! Thank you, KJ! :) My mom emailed me yesterday .... completely confused as to where I was "moving" and why didn't I tell her about this cabin we built ... and then she "got" it! :D

  24. What a great mishmash. The first concert I ever went to (I was 13) was a Joan Baez concert in Berkley. What a voice. Lolo is right-acapella is her strong suit.

    My trip to P-town will take two weeks-ish and that is probably the longest stretch of time I've ever been on vacation or on the road. I'm looking forward to it.

    I set up a blog for Blogland Lane, I need to set up an e-mail so people can send me their e-mail addies and set them up as Authors. If we get more than 100 people we'll have to move-that's all Blogger will allow. Yahoo kept wanting a credit card and I was wary of that-why do they need a credit card for a free e-mail. I'll go into my sbc account and set up a sub account-just have to remember how to do it.

  25. KJ, the funny thing is that you sent me an e-mail for inviting me in the Blogland Lane project. I tried to answer you right away because I was full of enthousiasm of course, but even that response-e-mail bounced.
    An announcement!!! I shall open a small but very elegant Flower & Gift Shop at Blogland Lane 100 this weekend. I bought a very old Dutch house for it. Especially my brocante department will be smashing. :)

  26. You haven't come to see my house yet, boo. But I see you have been busy. I love the color of your room and the wedding looks lovely. I will say many prayers for Renee.
    Have fun at the beach (sigh, I miss it so much!)
    Oh and I love Joan and I am old enough to have grown up with her music.

  27. dedene, you in france are living my dream for real! thank you for stopping by. i look forward to getting to know you.

    soulbrush, i forgot your school even though i had written it down. it's now added to the post as it should have been. thank you for your encouragement. xo

    cs, yeah...

    walking man, thank you for expressing your opinion. it means alot.

    thank you my friend, marion.

    hildegarde, so nice to see you here. i will send you my address shortly. did you get my last email about a month ago? xoxo

    deborah, i didn't imagine you a hippie, more a genteel and beautiful dancer... xo

    ms. studio lolo, thinking of you with a wheelbarrel of love and good wishes

  28. There's so much in this post, dear kj! I'm so sorry to read that you've had such a bad year, and I hope you are coming out of that long dark tunnel now, my dear friend. (I know the feeling, as I'm finally coming out of a deep 20-year depression myself.)

    Isn't Joan Baez beautiful! I didn't like her years ago, as I think I was too immature to appreciate her. But I could just look at her (and listen, too, of course!)for hours now, she has really grown into her full grace and beauty.

    How wonderful that your friends were able to marry and have such a lovely celebration of their love!

    I hope you have a peace-filled, rest-full vacation.

    Yes, Renee is always on my mind. . . It's heartbreaking.

    Hugs and love,

  29. Hi sweetie playing catch up...

    Renee is held in every prayer and thought..

    Baez...awesome your so lucky...Daughter went and saw Bob Dillon here in Texas this past Tuesday with John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson..

    Can I open a Pub..where friends can relax, have a drink and listen to poetry, music and view Art?

    The pictures are awesome by a follower now..he has a great eye for photos natural talent..

    bedtime longggggg week..

    xoxoxox S

    Emily get ur chores done so we can role down the hill...geesh.