Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Why can't I just lighten up?
and please keep praying for Renee, Jacquie, & Sheldon


  1. You can lighten up dear. Care about what is important and let the rest go for starters.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Listen to Renee. If she can do it, so can you :-). Funny you ask this, go read my post I just posted, which is all about this very topic :-).

  3. Sometimes it's hard to lighten up. It really is a mentality to be worked on :)

  4. "Why can't I just lighten up?"

    I had to laugh because it's a very heavy question. As you know, I laugh often--especially at irony such as in your question--yet I take life pretty seriously.

    I don't know why you can't lighten up--more--and I don't know if it would matter if you knew. There's a word I like, omphaloskepsis. I do it a lot, metaphorically, and maybe you do too.

  5. Ah, to lighten up!
    What is so hard about that?
    Sometimes, I wonder…

    My Six Words

  6. just stopped in from 6-word Saturday; I don't know; I have a tough time lightening up too; its hard sometimes to let go of things....

    hoping you do have a good weekend


  7. Is it in part just reminding ourselves to lighten up when we start getting grim. Just to be able to do that is a good start on doing it.

  8. lighten up
    tighten up
    only one little difference!

  9. if ever you wanna just 'talk' e mail me anytime friend. if it's trying to write every - day must be stressful, so demanding, so rigorous,i totally get why you can't lighten up...

  10. It's taken me years, but I'm finally learning to lighten up. Having my daughter helped me a lot with that.

  11. Lighten up? Ive been trying to lose weight and lighten my step..Ive lightened a lil since my mom moved back to Va..woot woot..shakin the bootie...woot woot..We cant be light everyday, nothing would get done LOL..

    xoxoxox S

    Love ya girl...Im here!!!!! I posted girl...Im ready to rock..

  12. oh renee, moon sister, how self absorbed i feel getting this wise advice from you! i trip over the word 'important', that's more than half my problem. xoxo

    annie, yup, i know. i'm on my way to your post now.

    hello becca, thank you for stopping by. changing my perspective is important. it sounds like you know that's easier said than done. :)

    okay snowbrush, after i visit annie's blog, i will head for the dictionary. :)

    MMT, thank you for your comment. sometimes i wonder too. it seems it ought to be a lot easier!

    betty, welcome and thank you. i think you've nailed it: it's the letting go that matters. have to do that to really be present...

  13. suki, sometimes i'm not smart enough to know whether to change my feelings or see them through...

    soulbrush, the writing is a joy, except you are wise to mention that because i am writing about a sad part of my life. i'm sure that's part of feeling heavy. thank you for your offer of friendship and support, joss. i hope you know i appreciate it. xo

    buffie, thank you. it's good to hear you have let the wisdom of children overtake you--you're a smart woman!

    sonia, you're coming across like a happy train whistle!! it's always great to see you here. xoxo

  14. As a "dog person", I keep the following in mind:

    Bark less. Wag more.

    Cat person? Try this one:

    Hiss less. Purr more.

    These words don't "fix" anything, but they do help me smile as I put things in perspective.


  15. Maybe you should change your question to "Why won't I lighten up?"

    Who's the boss of you KJ?

    Guess who!

  16. Oh yes, when we think of our friends & their troubles we can't lighten up.

    We are thankful for our friends...


  17. "I'm not making a joke, you know me, I take everything so seriously.(Indigo Girls, "Glaileo")