Monday, August 24, 2009

Provincetown Finale

I am winding down a summer like none I’ve ever had. Efficiently wrapped around three days of work each week, JB and I have hit the road every Wednesday afternoon and driven three and a half hours to Provincetown, a wild little peninsula where the light magically bounces off the water in pinks and oranges and Maxfield Parish blues, where we settled in until Sunday afternoons , when we headed back to work knowing we'd be feeling the salt air again in another three days.
Ah, but not just that. We stayed put in Provincetown for the last two and a half weeks. Totally. No one sick. No unpaid bills. No calls to make. Just time. Just ocean waves. Just a corner seat on a red sectional couch, laptop propped on my knees, sad words and true words and hopeful words spilling onto each other, one by one. Eating out on a whim. Sleeping late, rising early
The Wednesday to Sunday routine will take place one final time, this week, but here are some highlights of one damn good summer:
--watching my friend Gordon paint—he is a master
--getting up before dawn to take pictures of the sun rising with my great little guy friend, Cam, age 14.
--eating fresh lobsters three times
--picking up a piece of charcoal and drawing a nude (!!!) model for the first time
--spending time with Heather and Liz, Marsha, Maureen and Cheryl, Johannes and Jim, Gary and Janice--all good friends, each affirming and reminding me that I know how to be a good friend.
--hearing Mr. Ryan talk to his “Froggie” for 15 or 20 minutes before anyone else woke up
--JB and Mr. Ryan I walking barefoot at low tide in early morning, when everything was still quiet
--getting to know Baby Drew, making him laugh, smelling him, holding him for hours
--knowing my beloved Jessica is happy, spending four magnificent days with her and Mike and the kids,
--catching up with old friends who live in Ptown
--seeing the success of the Artisan Cooperative and knowing I developed it from
--having tuna sushi at the Mews, my favorite restaurant in the entire world
--drawing in my moleskine
--doing three book signings
--being introduced as a new author by Kate Clinton at her comedy show and having people clap for me
--kayaking and easily living to tell about it
--riding my bike for the first time in thirty years
--doing nothing
--doing everything
--celebrating my birthday with the people I love
--seeing Julia & Julie at the local movie theatre
--going to my favorite art supply store
--relishing two home made milk chocolate peanut butter cups from the local candy store
--eating breakfast out and easily talking to the people sitting at the next table
--finding a special shell for Renee
--going to the beach every day at 2 pm
--finding a perfect birthday present for my friend lo
And last but never ever least
--WOO HOO to my 25 year anniversary with my beloved partner JB
Dear God, let me appreciate everything around me, the people who love me, the future that awaits me. xoxo


  1. Simply charming! Happy Anniversary! Did you sign up for another 25?????

  2. Fantastic . . see . .life is beautiful and 25 years is a wonderful achievement. I wish I'd had that long with my sweet husband but it wasn't to be. You've had a wonderful summer kj, you both look wonderful and may you stay so! Right go out and buy each other something made out of silver, right now . .go on . .what are you still doing here . .GO!

  3. Wow it sounds like heaven to me...
    I wish I had that many wonderful people in my life... and a wonderful time!

    Good for you!
    25 years is what my husband and I have had in marriage.... 28 in living together... not always easy but definitely worth it!

  4. What a beautiful post KJ!!!!
    I am so happy you enjoyed this summer over there!
    And it all sounds so great.
    But you have your eyes and heart open so see all the beauty and wonder in these small and big things!
    Make this summer feeling last till Christmas.


  5. Every photo only heightens my long-standing wish to visit Provincetown sometime. This was one happy post about one happy summer!

    If I don't get to the Oregon coast in the next few weeks I just might harden up like one of your lobsters. It's been an unusual summer for us in that way, little beach time.

  6. oh kj i am so glad that this was such a happy summer for you and jb, you also had a lot of 'working out' in your mind to do about the past and what happened a year ago, and i hope that you have found some peace in that matter. seeing these pics makes me feel sad that i will not be seeing this beautiful place (this year) and all you gals in october, as work (sigh) has to come first....but these pics will be in my memory for a few days to come...and that little drew is a poppet! Now remember your last sentence each and every day. love ya kj....xxxxxxx

  7. This is a lovely lovely post KJ - I feel relaxing just reading it - and the pictures are fantastic; you look wonderful and happy and vacation-y.

  8. Another summer fades and though the memories change from place to place the appreciation of the season passing is the same.

  9. Great photos and great gratitudes for all the wonderful things that fill your world. Congrats on both the b-day and anniversary. wow. that's a long time.

  10. Ah, kj - beautiful post! Wonderful summer and memories for you and delights for us readers! Thank you!

  11. AWWWWW KJ....that was the most romantic, sincere, splendid, happy, emotional, expressive, comforting post I have ever read about someones life. I am jealous, envious, and truly Happy for My friend and her wonderful partner of 25 years. I love you, I appreciate your thoughts, quotes and friendship. I bow to you and your summer.

    xoxoxox S

    ps...Hi emily...I made a a picture tonight..son started first day as a sophmore yesterday...whew the paperwork...and his smile when he came home. Here is some jelly bellies.

  12. This was almost like being there with you!
    What a wonderful summer KJ. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. I wanted to grab the lobster of jess's plate!

    25 Congrats to you both and sweet wishes for many more.

    Looking forward to my perfect birthday gift ;)

    Your friendship is my best gift.


  13. I went weak in the knees at the lobster photo-my my my!

    25 years-WOW.

    I'm really looking forward to visiting in October, seeing friends and soaking up the ocean.

  14. Crikey, fantastic photos - I love the idea of your Wednesday to Sundays...and the lobster (similar to what we call crayfish) will always be a hit with me, washed down with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc from our Marlborough region. Oh yes.

  15. Happy anniversary ! Wow! 25 years!

    I am glad so many good things came your way! you deserve it !

  16. deborah, i hope for another 50!! i'll be over at your place soon, i see you have another combo of gratitude and great layout!!!

    baino, thanks, honey.

    pattee, not always easy, indeed! we fall apart, we start again. i like some of that because it keeps us fresh...

    marianne, until christmas....hmmm. there's a good thought. but i think i'll be complaining about mundane things and chores long before then. :)

    lydia, i want to hear about where you live. and if you ever find yourself in ptown, if you don't mind, i will be there to greet you!

  17. soulbrush, aaww, sweet friend, thank you. i love thinking of baby drew as a poppet!! and maybe next year?? xo

    mim, you know it's not ALL sun and fun, but i'm happy i am happy enough to feel happy... :) xo

    walking man, i wish!! sometimes the seasons go right over my head!!

    thanks, suki. you know how much fun and how beautiful this part of the world can be. i'm so grateful for the people along for the ride.

    caroline, thank you. i now smile when i see your avatar on my blog.

    sonia, i love you too honey! are all those nice adjectives for me? because i'm sharing them with you!
    sophomore, huh? what a great feeling to see your kid come home smiling from the first day of school. my stomach did flipflops every first day, when i was i child and then for my own little daughter. xoxoxoxo!

    lo, your friendship is my best gift too. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    sag, i think a lobster is bigger and sweeter than crayfish, yes? and your "oh yes!" made me laugh outloud. i went from lobster to sex in one second! :)

    debra kay, you shall have your lobster(s). :)


  18. What a summer!! Gorgeous photos and I can feel the memories that have been made the last few weeks. That photo is the best one of you ever!! That's the look you give me when we finish an awesome session at BY. :) Congrats to you and JB!! You two inspire me in so many ways. xo

  19. kj this is the most wonderful post. The pictures are wonderful and your words, as usual are wonderful.

    I love how you have lived your life this summer. It seems like that is what you should be doing. That is what we all should be doing.

    Congratulations to you and your JB. 25 years is a very long time.

    Love you Moon sister.

    Love Renee xoxo

  20. melissa, i think about seeing you in a couple of weeks and i squeal with anticipation. honest to god, buti can't approximate the 'squeal' here. you just have to believe me. :)

    dearest renee, you make me squeal too. seeing your comments is always a treat for me. honest to god etc etc. :) i know your summer was and is so difficult, but i also know you are surrounded by love. brave on, my moon sister. and don't forget to rest too. xox

  21. WOW! Whew you have really lived! Sounds like you HAVE had the most wonderful of times and I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your 25 year anniversary that is awesome. I will write to you soon and catch up. I loved all your photos, they are inspired! :) xo

  22. What an infectious smile you have! I just grinned ear to ear when I saw that centre shot of you, how could I resist?
    Enjoy the last trip - and when it ends, just start planning next year.

  23. Congrats, and Happy Anniversary to you both!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous photos and adventures!!
    (I love that shot of you- it is perfect!!)

    I am positively shivering with my renewed vows to return to the New England Coastline one day!!


  24. Tsup*!* Happy Anniversary to you both :)

  25. Whow, 25 years!! Happy anniversary, you two! And keep on doing the good job :-) It is clear to me, that you enjoyed the vacation in Ptown to the bottom (is that the right expression?) I mean: very much! Love to see all those nice pictures.

  26. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. And what a perfect holiday you have had. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  27. Congrats to you! Looks like you've had a wonderful August.

    I've always wanted to spend time in Provincetown at the FAWC. One of these days ...

  28. I LOVE your photos, kj. I'm always so happy when I see them on the page!

  29. "WOO HOO to my 25 year anniversary with my beloved partner JB"

    Wonderful! Happy Anniversary to you both!

    I have so enjoyed the photos and stories of your summer in Provincetown. (I want to move there! My Blogland Lane dream house is located there!)

    I'll be back in a day or so to catch up on posts I've missed.

    (Thanks so much of all the kind comments you always leave for me. I appreciate them so much!)

  30. val, it's about time, huh? not out of the woods yet but wanting to be.
    xoxoxo my wonderful friend

    awwww, lavender, you just made my day, that smile is on my face reading your comment. ps it's great to hear from you,

    hello january, thanks for stopping by. i know the facw very well, i've seen and heard some great poetry readings there on some wintry saturday nights...

    hopeful, i know what you mean., you belong in new england, i think, j, and one of these days you'll be back here. xo

    bimbimbie, annie, TSUP to you!!

    wieneke, thank you. it is such a pleasure to be back in touch, don't you agree? xo

    kay, it's been a good summer. my heart has appreciated it. xo

    liz!! hello! i need to come see how you and lion are doing. xo

    angela, it is so easy to leave kind comments for you: i like your art, i like your politics, i like your spunk. so there! :)

  31. KJ, your summer sounds so wonderful and how you have soaked every little cherished moment. Happy belated Birthday!
    Your message also was so deep, thank you. Always good to get some back up, just so I know I am not going mad, lol! Just as long as we are both mad, he, he, he!

  32. julie ann, we are both mad and proud of it!


  33. Happy Anniversary!! The Mews is also my favorite restaurant in the entire WORLD. It just doesn't get any better. I'd drive to Ptown and back in a day just to go there.

    PS -- absolutely love the pics.