Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Animal Wenesday: Emily in Cape Cod

Hello everyone, it's me again, Emily, this time I am bobbing in the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Coddy and I am having a wonderful time sneaking out at night to play with my friend Gregory Squirrel and splashing at the beach with my friends Muck, Truck, and their cousin F--- Duck, which kj tells me cannot really be anyone's name but I heard F--- Duck being called F--- and that is what I call him so I think kj is just a prude about the word and that's not F---'s problem so I just pretend I like the name and why would anyone even care?
Anyway, I am relaxed and even kj is relaxed. She is writing her story with her computer on a red couch that is very comfortable and when she is writing you really can't even talk to her because she looks like she's in a trance and she pretends she doesn't hear a word I say, which maybe is true but if I really need the attention I will just whine first just a little but if I have to I will get louder and recently I've learned how to throw frozen peas, one at a time, at a window or somewhere that you can hear the bing! when it hits and that has helped me get attention very fast. It turns out throwing frozen peas at something is also good to do if you are worried or nervous, so I recommend that you try it sometime.
Once out of desperation I had to throw frozen artichoke hearts because they were bigger and made more noise, but for the most part I'm happy with the peas. kj doesn't like it but I just told her "peas on earth" and she smiled even though she didn't want to. kj has a good sense of humor some of the time even though she tries to be serious and even though she cries when her feelings get hurt, which I am trying to help her not care and instead either forget about it or threaten to punch anyone mean in the nose.
Anyway I am in Cape Coddy with my purple poka dot bathing suit and I am having a very good time and I have even made some new friends:

These are pictures of my friends Fernando Fish, Camilla Crab, and Benjamin Birdie. Usually I meet them while kj is writing or shopping or eating or talking non stop with jb and her own friends. I do different things with different friends and I thought today I would tell you how to be nice but also how to get good things from friends.

First of all kj is not a good example. Last year she got in fights with someone she loved because kj wanted to see her more often than her friend wanted to see her. Isn't that ridiculous: why would kj want to see someone who didn't want to see her? She knows this now most of the time but it took her three years to figure it out and sometimes she is still sad but I tell her when she gets upset that she should draw pictures with silly or mean faces and she will feel better but instead she prefers ride it out and "love anyway." That's what she says. I think that is very stupid but of course she does not listen to me so it's not my fault when she looks stunned, which she does sometimes when she is sad.
Anyway, that is not my point. My point is that I get different things from different friends and I think you should be able to see why. For example, I can play in the water with Fernando Fish and Camilla Crab but I have to make an adjustment for Benjamin Birdie, who I met through my friend Gregory Squirrel and who likes to spend most of his time in trees, which I do with him only because he gives me free candy he finds in people's yards. And Fernando Fish and Camilla Crab cannot go anywhere near trees, and they do not roll down hills either.
That is what I mean by different friends: you have to accept them as they are and then you and they can figure out the rest together. That is my advice for today and I think it will help you sometime to listen to me. Just don't forget to cry loud too when all else fails.
I am not saying anything about Blogland Lane this week. But maybe I will next week.

Yours Truly,
Emily Rabbit

P. S. Hello Harry Hare and Mr Snowbrush my mother says absolutely I cannot live with you and kj says to remind everyone to pray for Renee and her family.


  1. "I am relaxed and even kj is relaxed."

    Emily, look at her eyes to see if her pupils are constricted. If they are, she's on drugs, and you'll need to arrange an intervention. (If her pupils are dilated, that also means she's on drugs--whatever her pupils look like, you can take it as proof that she's on drugs.)

    "First of all kj is not a good example."

    If I want to know something about KJ, maybe I should ask you instead of her--eh? Whatever works.

    "Isn't that ridiculous: why would kj want to see someone who didn't want to see her?"

    Then again, why wouldn't she? Being friends is not like riding a tandem; it's like being on separate bikes, and one person wanting to ride faster or slower than the other. Unfortunately, if you get mad at someone for not spending more time with you, they will probably spend even less time with you because your desire/need will cause them to devalue you. It's really crummy when this happens. On the one hand, you want to be honest, but, on the other, you know that honesty is likely to be counterproductive.

    Emily, KJ needs your compassion here. I know you have issues with her, but... Look, I was just watching a video that kind of, a little bit, speaks to the issue of separateness between friends. Maybe you and KJ should get a box of Kleenex and watch it together.

  2. Dear Emily,

    I heard you got my card today. Did you like it? KJ told me you got it but she was on her way to the movies with JB and she couldn't talk long and besides my phone carrier kept hanging up on her anyway. How rude!(You've taught me to do the BEST run-on sentences!)

    Anyhoodle, I think you should let KJ write in peace when she gets in the zone like that.
    Peas on earth, remember?

    I love you Emily. Not to get all mushy or anything but I do love you.
    We'll color soon okay? 'Cause I'm coming to Cape Coddy!!!
    Please just make sure there's enough white wine (NOT Chardonnay) chilled for me ;)
    I really LOVE New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. In case you wanted to know.


  3. Hi Emily!!
    Remember me?
    Great to read such a long story with lots of things to learn and laugh about.
    Love your bikini!
    Wish I could join in on that Sauvignon.......


  4. hello ms em. firstly let me say you look so 'spiffy' in your costume and i am really jelly-ass that you have so many great pals to have fun with. secondly, let me remind you that kj pays for all your jellies, so leave her in 'peas' please. thirdly let me say that i wuv you, lots and lots. fourthly let me say i hope to see you round bloggy lane. fifthly let me say nitey nite.

  5. Quite the fashion statement you make in that bikini, Emily!
    Tell me, is it made of purple jellies?
    Glad you're having fun on The Coddy, peas don't get a sunburn,,,Noxema really mats the fur,,,,

  6. Try as I might, I cannot bring myself to speak to an imaginary rabbit. I'm odd that way. But hope you guys are geting better weather than we are!

  7. Yay...Its wednesday..This am I got to work..and realized its the day...Oh ya..Emily Day...Emily last week I had Jellie Bellies have not had them in forever..Always like not knowing what I might get..But I have to say some of them are pukey tasting...I think F*** is a good name. You know Renee must
    have lots of friends named F***. I think its a popular name.

    I am feeling a lil better..Be setting up my pub and house at bloglane this Saturday...

    Working on a new drawing of you...keeps mind occupied and less pain when you distract.Ok getting late for me, 5 am comes early.

    KJ loves you, she just wants whats best for you is all. I have had friendships like what KJ experienced. Throw marshmellows at her they soft and squishy.

    xooxoxxo S

  8. Emily my dear - you are gaining's awesome to watch.

  9. Very good advice Emily, KJ must learn a lot from you :-). Glad you are having fun!
    And give a hug to KJ for me. Thanks

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  11. babs, hahaha matted fur. you are too funny! hahahaha!

    dear secret agent woman, you should try to speak to an imaginary rabbit because you will be surprised how relaxing it will be. besides i am very fun and i don't really give a f----- or a
    s----- about anything except having fun, which i could teach you sometime if you want

    sonia, i am glad you look for me on wednesdays because i always think about you too and i say 'oooh, i wonder when sonia will come by.' sonia, DO NOT EAT PUKEY JELLYBEANS. spit them right out. promise?

    mim, wisdom? me? me? oooooooooh. it sounds good.

    oh what i could teach kj annie if she was smart enough to listen to me. as it is, she does things her way and sometimes it works and somtimes it's stupid

    r. rabbit

  12. mr. snowbrush, i am too little to understand most of what you said but i showed kj and she said you are wise and smart. especially about the separate bikes and when to blab (complain) and when not to. i will try to be nice to kj. she said she'll watch the video with me.

    renee, why are you kissing me? is it because i am so sweet today? since i kind of am just today, here's a little kiss on your left cheek, right below your eye.

    lololo, i got a card from you today and it had a big carrot on the envelope and it was so much fun to open. plus it was all very nice. i am too little to arrange wine for you lololo but i will try to make sure there is some chilled saucy blank for you. you are very mushy today which is fine because it makes me feel sweet which we both know i am not always but i like that you made me think about it.

    marianne! it's my best friend marianne! how are you? how was your trip? are you coming in october? do you miss me? are you having fun? i could ask a few more... xoxo from emily

    soulbrush, do you think i should live with kj on blogland lane or have my own place? i would have to tell my mother i am with kj no matter what i really do. what do you think? maybe i should move in with bimbimbie since she knows where to get the magic jellybeans...

  13. Emily-it's safer to leave people alone when they are zoned out writing. I'm really bad about startling when I'm writing, and I usually am in foul mood from being startled. Imagine if you were floating in your floaty in your pretty bikini-all warm and happy and ZAM somebody sat you down in the middle of the living room floor. That's what it feels like to be startled out of the "zone".

    Being friends is hard work, it really is. And, sometimes the only way to stay friends and stay true to yourself is let some distance grow between you.

    It's painful, but I'd rather have a fond dear friend that I see rarely than someone who I have to change or ask to change to be around. I miss the close times we had, but people change directions and if they go in different (not opposing) directions, whatchu gonna do?

    I had a child very early and was the only mother in my age group. Now, I'm the only person who doesn't have small children at home. I felt bad for awhile, but not bad enough to go get a small child...LOL. I just do what I want to do, and see them when I can.

    Sometimes it reminds me of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon"-you know, where Jackie paper grew up and left Puff? But if I were Puff, I'd just fly around and see what else is going on.

  14. Very good advice Emily, KJ must learn a lot from you :-). Glad you are having fun!
    And give a hug to KJ for me. Thanks

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  15. Very good advice Emily, KJ must learn a lot from you :-). Glad you are having fun!
    And give a hug to KJ for me. Thanks

    Online Marketing of your brand

  16. Emily will you please bring back a sea shell for me ... I have lots of snail shells but I really want to see just how big a sea shell is to fit the sea inside of it*!*