Saturday, November 29, 2008


I can't do her justice, but I hope her spirit, courage and hope come shining through:
Your first observation is the fuck and the wit
Highlighted boldly, a quite perfect fit
For this woman who waxes and cleverly wanes
About family and futures and gentlemanly manes.
Not! Australian by birth,
Open by choice
She welcomes outrageous
In her tolerant voice.
Is her accent as cool as one might conclude?
I imagine she yells, but stops cold at rude.
She swears and complains and cynically chats
Yet a vulnerable kindness covers all that.
A writer she is, with a widely world view--
A pudgy white chick who knows what to do.
She polishes tales of corruption and rabbits,
About ClareBear and Dummerboy and various habits.
She’s Baino the brave
And she’s plotting her trip:
A stop in New England
Then Houston and zip
To the west coast and back
Cross the sea to the Royds.
Whatever she lacks
She’s too real to avoid.
A Shirley Bassey style
And a backside with plunge
She'll travel long miles
Through beauty and grunge.
She fashions herself
With a steady true hand
And welcomes you warmly
Into Ms. Baino-land!


  1. Well thank you kj. It's 6:35am as I type this and you've got me giggling like a schoolgirl! I don't think anyone has ever written a poem about me before and right to brief! Well done ..except I wasn't born in Australia. I was born in England but have lived here since I was 11 and I am naturalised. Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn I say.(Except for the pudgy white chick - that's all too true unfortunately) Bless you. (This can be your contribution to my wonder wall! hehe!

  2. baino, oops, got to correct your birthplace. the pudgy white chick came from one of your posts, i hope you know! i'm so glad this made you giggle.


  3. oh this is so exciting... your decision to write a poem for the 20000th person and the poem itself...
    i don't know her but this poem made me like her and curious to know her... oh i had to check her blog now...

    your words always have a magic in them... when i read your precious comments on my blog, i forget all about the obstacles and inhibitions that might stop me...

  4. What an entertaining and clever poem! It had me giggling as well!

    I agree with HB about your words having magic in them ;)

  5. Bravo!!! (cheers wildly while giggling and smiling ...) KJ, I think you just made us all feel like we were in a room together raising a toast to the fabulous Baino!

  6. Does your talent know no bounds?! Great stuff. Good on ya mate!

  7. hb, it is always a pleasure when i see your avatar. if my words to you inspire and encourage, i consider that a great honor.

    studio lolo, i have come to look forward to your blog and your comments on mine. i'm glad we've connected!

    melissa, maybe baino will sit and toast with us one day!

    chief, blush. coming from you, this is a skyscraper compliment! thank you.

  8. Yay!

    Bloody brilliant :D

    Of course, she's a Lancashire lass by birth - am I right Baino?

  9. Yep, quite right Milady. Stockport born and bred but no flat cap or bicycle involved! Thanks everyone. I'm very honoured! kj you'll have to do this again for your other commenters (birthdays maybe?)!

  10. That's fun. And in spite of your relucance to talk about bodily fluids, I see you used the fuck-word right off the bat.