Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday 13: Splendid Complaints

OK, so it's "Friday 13". I'm a day late. But I must be feeling better because I'm hankering to enjoy complaining. That's a sure sign of my improving mental health.

Here are some things that bug me:

1. Blogging is the ultimate in cause and effect. Fail to reciprocate visits to people who visit you and your fan base will shrink. (Please note: I am not referring to myself, right?)
2. Speaking of bloggers, my least favorite trait (besides moodiness, which would not easily show up in Blogland) is self absorption. I don't like it when a blogger showcases her/himself too damn much. (Please Note: I am not referring to myself, right?). See # 1 for the expected result of such an approach.
3. I am ripping rooms apart trying to cut through the plastic around my printer cartridges. The scissors are wimpering. Why in the world are plastic encasements made so damn thick???
4. Has any one noticed that house flies have strengthened their gene pool so that they fly faster and die slower even after several swats?
5. You're a cashier in the grocery store. Fine. You tell me how much I owe and I hand you my money. Fine. You hand me my change back while you are talking to Johnny at the next register. My change falls all over the counter. Um, not fine. Did you notice? No.
6. How long have I been on hold? 7 minutes? Oh, it felt like 7 hours, because 7 minutes is a LONG time to wait on the telephone. Don't get me started--because then if I cannot understand the person who FINALLY answers the phone, (I speak American English--an accident of birth), I'm out of luck again.
7. American Hospital Emergency Rooms are a disaster. Imagine a woman in her 90's lying on a gurney for 6hours--6 HOURS!--not in a cubicle but against an open corridor wall, waiting for an X-Ray to be read by a Physician's Assistant (not a doctor). Here's the worse part: several hard working good people a certain person spoke with--including the ER Nurse and the Ambulance EMT--justified the system, the process, even the wait. Health care has had a deep and gruesome fall. It barely works. Really. I kind of know.
8. When did people stop holding doors open for those just behind them? Actually, that's the wrong question. When did people stop NOTICING that someone might be behind them? This one's about AWARENESS as well as courtesy.
9. I like awards and recognition as well as the next person (ok, maybe even more), but how about letting them speak for themselves? Start bragging and my mind's wondering what to have for dinner.

10. I wish I could more easily forgive and forget. I'm pretty patient and mostly loyal, but if pushed too far, I'm apt to check out and stay away, even if it's self defeating and I don't want to. That's PRIDE steering that train.

11. How come I've never had a truly quality can opener that quickly and efficiently opens cans? Could it be because if they're too good, I won't have to buy another one? Come to think of it, how come there aren't tires that don't wear out? Or toasters? And how come I upgraded my cell phone today--same phone company, basically same phone--and I had to pay $ 29.00 for a new charger? How come the old charger conveniently no longer fits?

12. And speaking of phones, I hate the phone companies. Verizon. Sprint. Comcast. Every one of them. I hate all the confusing plans for minutes and service contracts. Don't tell me all the confusion is not purposeful, because I won't believe a word of it.

and finally, # 13: My complaints have dried up. It's a sunny day, I have fun plans, and the weekend's coming. I'm wrapping up by remembering my favorite piece of advice: Ride the horse in the direction she's going.....


  1. # 1&2
    We are both very lucky that all of the Bloggers who intersect in our little corner of cyberspace are generous and cheerful...
    and 'pay it forward' at every available opportunity.
    because if they ever leaked in your purse or pocket...
    that is from absorbing all the radiation behind your microwave...
    ((chomp))have a ((chomp chomp)) nice day ((chomp)) sir...
    You mean Merkin Inglash.
    Thanks to the abscence of a National Identity we Canadians are forced to grow up listening to newscasts and sitcoms from both the Commonwealth and the US.

    We pride ourselves on blending BBC Proper, Cockney, Strine, East Indian, Kenyan, Newfie, Scottish, Irish, with an equal measure of New Yawker, Albammer, Californian surfer dude/valley girl, Bostonian and mix it all together and enunciate in a bland emotionless drone...
    It is the same as up here, that is why we call it Universal HELLthcare...
    Even my 5 year old Son opens doors and says Ladies First...
    I've never even won so much as a Daytime Emmy!...
    my electric can openers are in the basement I still prefer the manual thingamabob...
    I loathe them because they are attempting to control the Internet..which everyone knows will replace the Phone Companies..
    It has been cloudy and hovering just above zero C all week and it is supposed to go back up to the 60's F tomorrow.
    "A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse"

  2. If Blogging is the ultimate cause and effect, I think that's a good thing. I've always thought the world would be a better place if karma were instant. You do a good deed, something good happens to you. You steal and something is stolen from you etc. That would address of lot of your complaints, not the one about the flys though. People would be kinder to one another, don't you think?

  3. Well, sweetie, I just want you to know I'm standing here holding the door open for you and swooshing this complaint list out into the public! Damn phone companies make me nuts! I've boycotted so many, I have to start over at the top of the list again! And red mojo is right! Instant karma! That would just about do it! Peace~love and enjoy that week-end you've got planned!

  4. These are indeed splendid complaints KJ! Today is sunny and I'm just just thankful to have gotten through a difficult night involving the medical system. *sigh* No complaints about ANYTHING today :)))

  5. Oh my god, I so here you about the cell phone chargers

  6. Good for you to get it off your chest, and I agree with SEVERAL of them (but must not get started! Tehehe)
    Heres hoping the weekend takes them all away and refreshes!

  7. he, i love the quote!!!

    rm, instant karma. yes, you are wise and right.

    singleton, it's a rainy saturday and i like that best. i am lazily industrious on days like this. you be well yourself.

    anon, you're dealing with the medical system too? you'd think the universe would understand we have more important things to do!

    gj, my worse wishes to the phone companies...

    lavender, i wish you and anon would do a thursday 13 sometime.

    ces, you hate everybody? gee, you have the entire planet fooled. i thought you just hated stupidity.

    ces, your head hurts? i hope by now you are able to resume the intake of chocolate and sugar...

  8. OH NO! I think I'm guilty of 1 and 2. I try to keep up with comments but I'm easily distracted
    'oh look a sparkle marker...'

  9. I hate SPRINT!!!

    I hate SPRINT!!!

    I Hate SPRINT!!!

  10. joy, these comments NEVER apply to you. you are a wonderful blogger in every way.

    ces, i hate sprint, i hate sprint, i hate sprint too. and all the others. 50 cents a minute for exceeding cell phone minutes? (*smirk, guiltridden smile)

  11. I hate many things. I love to hate today.

  12. Splendid complaints! I enjoy the humour behind a lot of them ... & the fact that you don't take yourself too seriously. Isn't it great to have a grumble?

  13. {quote}Fail to reciprocate visits to people who visit you and your fan base will shrink{/quote}

    I have to disagree on this one. I find that readers keep coming back if you have something to say. You do.

  14. am feeling a bit too mellow today to think about my own complaints.

    but you're totally justified about yours, of course. Let's see, I once waited for 5 hours in a hospital corridor wearing only a hospital gown while waiting for my c-section. i think i fell asleep for parts of it. and i kept wishing i had a book with me. but, yes, not loving hospitals.

    i hope you had a good weekend, kj. :D

  15. I agree with you thay you should always notice if someone follows you through the door and wait and hold it open until the person behind you can receive. I do and I'm proud of it. I raise my kids to do so, and I'm proud of them.
    I cannot accept the 6 hour wait, I would likely go mad if it was a relative of mine. Fortunately the health care over here is jus superb.
    Belgium is a very hospitable country. I just filled in a form declaring what language we speak at home to our youngest kid. I felt stupid.
    The kids speaks Dutch at home.
    His mother speaks Dutch to him.
    His father speaks Dutch to him.
    (We live in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium).
    Are we exceptions, are we weirdos?
    What killed me this week: I'm part of an average household, I will likely have to pay 150$ more for running water next year.
    I find that a lot.

  16. ces, no more hate arrows allowed for the next 10 days, except for the phone companies.

    chief, i am an expert-level complainer. i love to grumble and look indignant.

    marloes, you are right: in your case i would continue to visit your blog no matter what.... :)

    menchie, i wish i could have fallen asleep at my recent hospital disaster. my mother needed me to be alert on her behalf but i was very very very very irritated by the whole process. :(

    pieterbie, well, of course you would speak dutch if you live in a dutch area. why would you wonder if that is weird? (alot of "w's" in that question...

  17. oh, oh! i'm here! finally!!! i'm here to pick up my fantabulous award! ok...and now i must apologize for taking so long to say thaaaaank youuuu! :) (i haven't even checked my email in two days. can you believe it?!) you are an inspiration for me as well. why? because you are living a life that i very much hope to make for myself someday...complete with days filled with walking, writing, dog love, a comfortable home with a big yard and big trees and lots of magic. and, of course, lots of love all around. your attitude in life is truly incredible, kj. even when you're complaining! :)

    lots of love to you!

  18. #1, there are some folks out there like that(who count one for you, one for me)but honestly, I think they need to get a real life!

    #8 ... and when did people stop saying thank you, when you do hold the door open for them? I can't help but say "You are so welcome!" in a very loud voice every time they ignore my politeness. One day someone's going to smack me ... but manners (or lack of them) are my BIG peeve!