Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday 13: A Brief Mish-Mash

How brief can I be? Let's see:

1. Autumn: Less garden more ground.
2. Dearest friend who performs magic on simple card. 3. Bulletin:Europe less uptight about sex than America. 4. kj finally lays brick border, back predictably gets pissed off. 5. Annual lottery in Provincetown for solitude week in a no-ammenities dune shack. 6. Mister Ryan does Easter Bunny, both smaller than ever
7. kj awards Inspirational Award to.Melissa and Joy Elizabeth. Both totally highly deserving.
8. Old photo, kj's Mom second from right.
9. Companion Stella does the Mass. Turnpike. 10. kj wants flag symbol to be non-political.
11. kj attends weekly auction and bids $ 10 for miscellaneous glass.
12. Beach-walk is beautiful.
13. Haiti: pride trumps poverty.
Hey! Friends! How about an occasional Thursday 13 of your own?


  1. ... I see Isabella paid a visit.

  2. ... I see Isabella paid a visit.

  3. Love the photo with your Mum and the glass *gasp*! The stones on the beach and your garden (with work) are beautiful! So many things ... thirteen of them :)) Congratulations to the award winners :)

  4. I could start an entire blog-my life as a mishmash....LOL. We all could though, that's what's nice about coming together this way.

  5. Wow! Thank you, KJ! (blushing bashfully) What a way to wind up the week ... an award from you. :) All of these are great -- I love the shot of your mom, the glass, the brick walk (though sorry about the pissed back), and I agree on the flag thing. I remember how comforting all the flags, big and small, were flying all over the place after Sept. 11. It really made me feel close to all my neighbors because of them. #13 is an awesome painting!!

  6. anonymous, who are you?

    bib, who are you?

    anon, hello!

    debra kay, my mish-mash life. yes, it's a movie alright!

    melissa, i am tickled to give you this award. i could have written a book about why you deserve it but i had to be brief.... :)

  7. That glass, KJ, that glasssss !!!
    Did you get it?

  8. kj, A lovely 13. Thanks for sharing it. I might try next Thursday if I remember! That's the big IF!

  9. wieneke, i got 50 plus pieces of glass, including little glass fishes, for $10!! i go to an auction where you can end up with a box of treasures for $ 5 or $ 10. i gave alot of this glass away and hung some in my front hall.

    rm, thur 13's are pretty fun.

    ziggi, how lovely to see your avatar here!

  10. 13, dunno. 13 seems like a lot.
    Not my thing.
    But I like yours!

  11. All that glass for $10.00?????

    Pretty flowers in your garden! The brick edge looks very flash.
    Please pat Stella for me, shes a beauty!

    $10 ?????

  12. I love your mother's photograph the best! This is such a sweet post. Lovely as usual. Don't know about pride trumping poverty though.

  13. pieterbie, i would love to know 13 things about you, or where you live....

    lavender, yes, $10!! two weeks ago i got a box of vases and cat books for $ 5 and lo and behold, there sat an unopened roll of 39 cent stamps--100 of them! $ 39 for $ 5!
    it is a fantastic auction. even the furniture often goes for $ 20 or less.

    ces, since you know my mother...i love the photo too. as for pride and poverty, haiti is the poorest country, yet the faces of these women.... xoxo

  14. because then we might miss your beauty! Love this!!!

  15. Noce set of 13. I like the garden, very luch even in autumn.