Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. I got several D's in conduct--I think in 9th and 10th grade

2. I can't stand coke and most sodas

3. On my couch sit Esther and Mildred, two (cloth) witches who have now moved three times with us, and insist on prominence in the family

4. I loved playing hopscotch as a kid, especially throwing the rock in the square(?)

5. One of my proudest accomplishments was being the Project Director of a Spinal Cord Injury Resource Directory

6. My jewelry is all over the place

7. I usually have a back-up plan

8. People who know me would be surprised that I make true friends very slowly

9. I regularly make up songs that rhyme and sing them outloud (I can't sing)

10. I've lived in two states (Mass. and Oklahoma) and one other country (Germany)

11. Pizza is my # 2 weakness in life and bread of any kind is my # 3

12. I am not eating much of either because I am losing weight

13. I've had (& loved)a parakeet named Crystal Starlight ("Chris"); dogs named Sniffy, Scottie, Mitch, Nicky, Rosie, and now Stella; two cats Alice and Max; a fish named Tillie (she came when I called), a hampster named Faye-Faye and a squirrel named Henrietta Mooney


  1. I remember hopscotch - actually I should say I forgot about it until you just mentioned it. I enjoyed hopscotch, dodge ball and red rover growing up.

    As for soda, I love Diet Pepsi and can't imagine life without it :)

  2. elsa, just about everyone i know likes pepsi/coke. i have no reference point because i hate it!
    oh well..

  3. I can't imagine life without coke! Go you for staying away from your food weaknesses (I'm now feeling guilty about wanting to go to Dunkin Donuts...). ;)

  4. I got a D in driver's ed for Christ's sake ... I still can't believe it. Luckily I already had my license ... wait, now I don't know if that was a good thing. :) I do the song making up thing, too, especially for the sled dogs. They seemed to like them, and didn't mind my not-so-good voice!

  5. p.s. I *love* the giraffe on rollerskates post -- awesome!!!

  6. KJ,
    Thank you for the best wishes comment for my MIL. I just realized I we have so many things in common:
    4,6,7,8,9,10,11 but you can't lose weight with me because I love bread, cake and soda, although I drink less soda not because of the calories but because they are bad for the teeth.

  7. like a, i can't imagine life without coke.

    these thursday thirteens are fabulous!