Monday, June 19, 2006

new orleans

here's my first attempt at adding photos to commentary.

jb and i spent two weeks in new orleans with the red cross last october. it was a life changing experience:
--for miles and miles and miles, the damage was indescribable
--the lack of response and help from the government was shocking
--the people in new orleans and throughout the state were stunned, homeless, and brave.
--the red cross volunteers confirmed that people, not politicians, really come through

jb and i were assigned to a mental health unit. we saw families returning to their destroyed homes for the first time, others sleeping in their cars, dogs still panicked on the streets of saint bernard county, six weeks later, and rooftop holes where people had cut through their attics to keep from drowning.

i'm told alot of the devastation we saw in october is still untouched.
i'd go back in a minute. it changed me forever, and i am grateful.


  1. Hi kj,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. My family and I have been passing by Louisiana every time we go to South Carolina. While it is outside of New Orleans, one can still see the fury and the devastation. It is always sad.

  2. That was quite an expereince. I don't know if I would go back so easily, but it did change me forever.


  3. Blessings to you for doing that. That is my home state.

  4. thanks, rramone, it was a privilege.