Saturday, June 17, 2006


Writing this was quick and fun.


Toss it in the wastebasket
Like it never existed
Hide it under your winter sweaters
And hope it smothers
Take it for a ride and toss it out the window
At 40 miles an hour
Bury it beneath the porch
And let the ants feast on it
Lock it in the closet
Until it shrivels
Put it in the washing machine
And start the rinse cycle on high

You see, it hasn’t done a thing for you.
And it hasn’t done a thing for anyone else either.
It hasn’t clarified or enlightened or solved or absolved.
It hangs in your heart as an “I wish” or “I should”
But without change or action.
It just sits there, taking up space
Until you do something.
And when you do something,
It’s not guilt anymore.
It’s worthless.
It’s a junior league emotion
Trying to make the team.
Do yourself a favor
And let it find someone else
To hassle and diminish.
Screw you, guilt.
I fed you, gave you a home
Respected your purpose
And in return you did nothing


  1. Great stuff, kj. I just posted mine and I'm resisiting the urge to apron-wring (not loving what I came up with this go-round).

  2. well done… only if more people could believe this…

  3. I really like this....guilt is THE useless emotion, for sure. Great job!