Sunday, June 26, 2022

Two Homes

I currently live in Provincetown, at the very tip of Massachusetts, where the bay and ocean is barely a block from home. Before that, for more than a decade, JB and I lived in Western Massachusetts, in farm country that also had the benefit and vibe of six local colleges. 

I don't think I'll have to tell you which photo is from which location. What I will say is that the Universe has blessed me with wonderful homes. I love having the sea a part of my daily life--JB and I check the tides every day--and at the same time I miss the farm stand that was barely a mile from our house, where we bought just picked strawberries and just picked peaches and just picked corn on the cob, all of this following the rhythm of the farm seasons. 

My life here is Provincetown is a new chapter for me. I've 'retired' from my paid consulting work, although my 'volunteer' schedule is still pretty busy. I have the skills to help people get through tough times, and I can't (yet) justify not jumping in to help when the need is right in front of me. In any case, 'retired' isn't the right word. I write now: I've published two books and am working on two, maybe three more. I garden, sometimes I cook and bake, I have more local friends than ever before in my life, and I have a precious family--my Jessica and her husband and four awesome kids, and our extended family, and JB, my loved and loving partner of how long is it?--37 years? 

Here are some random photos of my life in both places. You'll know which is where.




  1. Looking at your pictures always make me nostalgic for my mis-spent youth, growing up at the beach. I think once the salt is in your blood, it never leaves.

    Sun, sand, salt, seafood. You are blessed indeed.

  2. Hi 8, you're right about the effects of the ocean. and the breezes! Sometimes I can't believe I actually live a block from the beach. I hope you are well during this crazy crazy time. xoxo love kj

  3. These are so beautifully done! Maybe some day, I will get the courage to post some pics too. In fact, why not today?! Let me try!

  4. i did it! made a photo post! :)

  5. What a lovely post! If money were no object, would you have kept both houses?

  6. I hope your summer is going well.

  7. Another summer drawing to an end. I very much miss your posts.

    1. Snow, it’s been a haul of a summer, but finally settling. Thank you for showing up. I’ll soon be back. Love kj

    2. Yay! I've started a new blog that I'm excited about: