Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 You may remember this. I asked for impressions and suggestions about love and then I put the responses all together.  This is one of my favorite graphics.

I have a feeling my blog is not allowing some or all comments. Would you kindly let me know if you're unable to leave a comment here? My email address is karenjasper@comcast.net.

Meanwhile, all is well here except I'm having long avoided back surgery in Mid-May. It's about time and I'm hopeful I'll be able to walk the beach and walk downtown and stand to my heart's content. I feel good about it, despite a longish recovery. 

These days are writing days for me. I'm compiling a trade book of my poems and determining how best to publish (or self publish) my family saga novel. It's a good life here: JB goes to her studio and I write and we marvel that we're one block from the beach. We've been vaccinated. Hope floats!

love kj


  1. That's lovely.

    I hope your back surgery goes well and living a block from the beach would be wonderful.

  2. I had been having problems commenting and then realized that I was using a new computer and the security settings were very restrictive by default.

    Good luck with the back surgery. I hope it gives you the relief you deserve.

  3. I've been having problems commenting on some blogger blogs but this one seems to be okay.

    Will be thinking about you through the surgery!

  4. Wishing you well with the surgery!

  5. Hope floats, yes I like that and I do agree. Love is Love, and Love is Good ... so important to remember that in a time when hate seems so prevalent in our divided world. Keeping everything crossed for your back surgery KJ xx Jos