Friday, July 10, 2020

JB's succulent garden 
Hello! I've been holed up in Provincetown with few personal inconveniences but plenty of anger and push back against our current U.S. President and the shocking (uninformed?) people who continue support  him.

The Corona Virus here in Provincetown has been at zero. I feel like I'm in a bubble, able to see my neighbors and friends safely, with masks, at a distance, but with the benefit of ocean breezes and mostly compliant residents. This may all change now that the tourist season is in full swing, but I live in a state with an intelligent governor so at least I can feel I'm in competent hands.

Unlike Florida, Arizona, Texas, and a shameful Federal response.

These days I am finishing up a travel memoir on our road trip across America and querying agents about my family saga, now renamed Saints of the Little Things. It's a gift to have writing as a life companion. I normally don't reach the outer ends of boredom or anxiety because I can write.

And I can garden. Our plot of land is small but it's so refreshing to plant something, tend to it, and watch it grow. These days I mostly write, garden, cook a little, volunteer a bit of counseling and resource help, and look for ways to be kind. JB and I have been surprising people with Saturday morning orgasmic sticky buns for the last few months. We order ten a week and just decide who's on the delivery list each week. It's been a great feeling to do this silly delivery, and it makes a sweet difference to the receivers and to us the givers.

I think there is a blanket of anxiety and unease among most of us these days. How could it be otherwise? Wearing masks in a real or imagined way separates us from other people. I may greet people with a smile but it's often not seen or understood. And for many, isolation starts to hurt. I am not seeing my beloved Jessica and my beloved grandkids in any way close to normal: that's probably my biggest loss. But in another way, I'm staying put in a way I'm not used to, and I like it. My big time prayers are aimed toward the Presidential Election in November. My country needs to heal. I find that Trump upsets me even more than fear and sadness about the virus.

 I hope you are all well. I know I've not been reliable here on Blogger, but if you happen to be on Facebook or Instagram, I'm there and I'd love to follow you.

Meanwhile, stay safe and don't lose hope in humanity or the planet. Big shifts are happening, that's for sure. I hope when we land, we're the better for it.

He. Will. Not. Win.

Love kj


  1. The last photo of the crayons made me laugh, ruefully.

    I'm glad you're safe and enjoying life. I followed you on instagram.

    1. deb, those crayons made me laugh too, if only because they tell the whole story. I'll look for you on Instagram. Yay.

  2. Maybe this whole pandemic thing for me personally really is not that different in either the pre or the during sequences. When I do deign to leave the compound I wear a mask, use gloves and sanitize the shit out of my hands.

    Otherwise nothing much has changed. Isolation, away from them kids and their offspring they say are mine, is nothing new.

    A couple of the shit heads voted for dimwit 2016--I doubt they are changed. I credit my ass of an ex for that.

    It will be what it will be kj and I see no reason for panic yet--I am waiting for dumbass to try and push the vote. That's when I will be pissed.

    Stay safe in P-town,they need you and JB. Steady on the course.

    1. oh he'll be pushing the vote, mark. The man has no morality anywhere in his brain or body, and it's made worst because his heart is missing altogether.

      I'm glad you're at least living the life you normally live. As for your kids, I hope in some way that bridge heals. I just hope that.
      love to you, mark,

  3. It's terrifying. I fear that even the bubble towns can't last - it just takes one super-spreader to shift the balance. But I'm glad you are safe for now.

    Rates continue to rise here and I go virtually nowhere. I'm grateful for our new property and a place to be in nature safely.

  4. cs, I know...
    I find myself everyday trying to figure out what's safe and what isn't. Is it okay for this person to enter my house? Should I travel to see jess and the kids? Is downtown safe at all? The grocery store? It seems like I'm reassessing every damn day.

    The absence of a federal response is just despicable.

    Safe safe, my friend,

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  6. KJ, if the only way to stay in touch with you is to open a Facebook or Twitter account, then I must regrettably say goodbye, but I will always miss you.