Monday, March 25, 2019

Almost Spring

I've lost my touch on my blog. It's a challenge to upload photos and sometimes I can't leave comments. But finally I'm here, the charm of Spring almost here too. 

We're redesigning our outdoor space. We have a small deck off the kitchen, a large deck off the back hall, a front yard barely able to fit the raised garden bed we put in last Spring, and a side yard that will be getting a new facelift in a few weeks. Shopping for ambiance is so much fun. We found this birdhouse a few hours away from home, during one of our gallivants. We pick it up next week. To paint or not to paint? (Soft green, soft blue, a little victorian dwelling?)

The buoys are all too easy to find here in Provincetown, where water is everywhere. 

Meanwhile, our pup Mattie is suddenly skittish and still sweet and she snuggles in between us or on top of us except when she manages to spread out like this. It's good to have a dog again. My back problem has meant that JB has had to escort Mattie to the dog park and on walks but that's about to change: I'm doing much better. No more horrible pain. I'm not yet limber but I can stand and I can walk. I'm feeling pretty thankful. 

And finally, I've finished my manuscript and have sent it on to an editor for feedback. Then I start shopping it to agents and publishers. I feel really good about the story. Meanwhile JB is happily occupied in her studio. This piece is called "Orange is Scary" and on close inspection there's the unfortunate discovery of 5 photos of America's current president. 

There is little else that lifts my heart as quickly as the promise of Spring. My family's healthy, I'm on the mend, the yard awaits. When I focus locally and put aside concerns about the state of our world, I have no complaints today. I hope this is true for you too.


  1. It's nice to hear from you again and I'm glad your back is feeling better.

  2. I am so happy to read this - I was about to send an "are you still alive?" email.

    I love the birdhouse and would probably stain. Interestingly, because it has been a tough year for the bears up north, we have been asked to take all bird feeders in by April 1st so as not to attract the bears.

    Although it is only reaching the 40s here, Spring is in the air and folks are out and about and yes, hearts are definitely lifted. So glad you are on the mend and able to enjoy it more.

  3. If we--you and I--love Spring so much, why do we live in places where winter is so disagreeable? I think that if I were younger, I would take a serious look at southern California.

    Also, why do some people prefer dogs and some prefer cats? I grew up with readers in which Dick had his dog, and Jane had her cat, but although the adult myth would have women preferring cats, there are a lot of women who prefer dogs, and a lot of men who prefer cats. I suppose there have been studies that tie such things to personality traits, but I haven't seen them.

  4. What a lovely, heartwarming post. I hope you are feeling better soon. And do blog more often. :)

  5. Hi kj, I hope you are well and busy and life continues too exciting to spend time blogging.
    Best wishes, Friko

  6. Gosh, KJ, you haven't posted for awhile, and since you said in this post that you were having problems with comments and photos (not to forget your back), I hope you're okay--please say something about your condition. Over the past two months, I've had a Ketamine infusion and two Lidocaine infusions for my back, but neither helped (and the Ketamine was like a really bad acid trip). Two days ago, I had an epidural, and two weeks ago, I started on CBD. It's always good to at least have new options to try.

    Funny how dogs prefer to sleep crosswise in bed. Every morning when Peggy and I have our cuddle time, our four cats join join us. I love having cats, but I loved having dogs too.

  7. I love having animals in bed. My Lukas loves to sleep on me. Mattie looks like she owns the bed in your photo.

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