Monday, March 24, 2008

Six Words

I might change my mind about the six words Red Mojo asked me to choose about myself, but this sentence comes pretty close:

I give up, then I begin.


  1. If you begin after having given up, have you ever really given up, then?

  2. Lovely thought. Giving up as in surrender, acceptance, right?

    I'm still working on that, but I'm getting better.

  3. I knew you'd say something interesting. I have to ponder that for a while.

  4. pieterbie, i love this comment of yours!

    debra kay, yup.

    rm, thanks for helping me formulate where i'm at in six words. how are you? :)

  5. Somedays I just love you,
    This would be one of them.....

  6. The personal life response to "One door shuts, another door opens."

  7. Why give up, just keep rolling.

    Stop, look, and listen then go.

    Life in six words is cliche.

    A riddle and answer in six:
    What do you order at McDonald's?
    A "Big Ass" order to go!

  8. ronni: most talented illustrator: it's always a pleasure when you visit.

    singleton, the feeling is mutual, most days, actually...

    cs, yes. how true. and how difficult sometimes, huh?

    ces, hahaha! you are yet again 6-word clever. the only thing i order at mcdonald's these days is a fish fillet sandwich and a yogurt fruit parfait. i suppose that will change soon enough as mr. ryan gets older.

  9. And the title of your blog : six words too :-)

  10. How thought provoking! Is it like, you must stop resisting before you can begin?
    That's how I read it - so that must be for me :)

  11. I gave up on catching up on a week's worth of posts. But look ... I have begun again!

    Hi KJ :)

  12. Hi KJ, it was so good to see you on my blog! Six words is tough but I found yours layered in possibilities. Wonderful!