Saturday, November 25, 2006

Colors and Words in Blogland

I started blogging just about a year ago. In some ways it is still a very strange experience for me, particuliarly because I have formed friendships and affections that I would not have believed possible without the reality of in-person connections and/or personal history.

I'm posting this poem for Ces, but I think it reflects friendships in Blogland that are both genuine and awesome. I have given up trying to explain to non-bloggers and/or family members how and why I count certain people I haven't physically met among my friends, but I am pretty sure my fellow bloggers will understand completely.

And, by the way, I am not naming the names of the people who I place in the category of friend but I hope you know who you are. I hope I'm your friend too............

Colors and Words

No skin.
No sound.
No hand at the elbow
Should the shakes come round.

No face or place.
No fashion. No fad.
No coffee. No wine.
No movie line.

Just colors and words
Finding their way
Through some connection
too hard to say.

No history. No blood.
No travels. No mud.
No workspace. No church
No neighbors. No search.

No shopping. No munch.
No face-to-face hunch.
No beat to the punch.
Not even a lunch.

Just colors and words
Quietly heard
A painting, a poem
A friendship, a home.


  1. I love this! It is so perfect.
    You've captured something that I don't have the words to explain. Really beautiful.


  2. This was beautiful!
    The perfect words to describe our connection...

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i love this kj! and i know just what you mean...i have made some incredible connections via this blogging community...hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

  4. What a great way to put it all to words, KJ! :) xo

  5. Oh, I actually wanted to ask you a big favour too. I've applied for a house in Blogworld Road and I have to provide Caroline with references. I asked Ces and Sharon too.

    Would you mind vouching for me, if you have time that is, and don't mind being neighbours.

  6. cp, where does this reference thing come from? you need no reference! can't wait to see you.

  7. caroline: thank you very much!
    leo: ditto
    ruby: still thinking of you...
    cp: yes, amigo
    melissa: xoxo as always
    ces: where are you?


  8. Hello KJ, sorry I was out visiting Cherry Pie's house at No.9 Blogworld Road we were drinking wine and having a party and now I can't think straight...

    I always loved this poem. I wish I had the liberty to respond to this poem literally, line by line.

    I have my COLORS reply to your WORDS and I will post it tomorrow when the sun is out.

    K.J. you are a terrific poet and a terrific blogger friend.

  9. ces, thanks for the kind words. i was at cherrypie's too but you were apparently drinking too much wine to see me sitting beside you.

    re your reference to me as your blogger friend. lol. we have known each other for years and lifetimes, remember?


  10. *sigh* ahhh, yes...this describes our connections here in blogland very well. connections can be so subtle, yet at the same time very, very powerful. wonderful poem kj. it speaks volumes. ;)

  11. kj,

    you've put it across so beautifully.

  12. I hope you don't mind but this beautiful poem is so inspirational, I have a personal reply to it on my blog. I hope it pleases you.

  13. This is great KJ. This poem is everything that I love about your poetry.

  14. Lovely thoughts. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, friend.

  15. jessie, i smile extra every time i see a comment from you. i root for you from afar.

    menchie,someday if i'm ever in your neighborhood i would like to stop by!

    ces: i am beyond-thrilled with what you have done with this poem. it's our collaboration!

    nicole, thanks, friend.

    liz, thank you too, friend

  16. This is awesome! I love it and Thank You for writing this!!!

  17. Very pretty. I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but even just in the short time I've been here, I've met quite a few interesting people.

    You've captured something essential about the whole thing. So thanks.

  18. I agree, what a great summation..
    unlike Daniel Coleman a science writer who wrote Social Intelligence in which he states that when two humans connect it is because their physiologies are co-ordinating..their brains are interlocking...OK.
    He says the that we catch other people's emotions like we catch colds but that technological progress is isolating us..Maybe.
    We have easier contact with more people that is more shallow than ever..he says that the brain starves in e-mail...So.

    Perhaps Dan, but I feel ridiculously close to many other bloggers..even only after a few exchanges I sometimes feel as connected or even closer to them than many people in the rw...
    without or despite all of the baggage and distractions that the poem addresses.

    Sorry for being a windbag but I just read about it.

  19. ww: :)

    val: you're a good example of choosing friends without a body!

    moontopples: welcome. you'll find your blogging buddies will be awesome (and very creative)

    he: i know exactly what you're saying. i feel the same way. sometimes i wish i were still in grad school so i could do a sociologic dissertation on blog relationships. i don't know what happens when real life expectations are added to the mixture......

  20. Then all the mess come up. You will have to deal with the blogger's real life temper tantrums and headaches and acid reflux and allergies and sensitivities and food aversions and fashion sense.

    But sometimes all that "mess" is worth meeting the person and really touching and feeling and hugging and being in the same room and hear them laugh and see their smile rather than this pathetic :-) or ;-0 or :) and having tea or coffee and a slice of pecan pie. I think I will now go downstairs to get a cup of coffee and pecan pie for lunch.

  21. he and ces: "real life temper tantrums and headaches and acid reflux and allergies and sensitivities and food aversions and fashion sense."

    this describes me. i hope my grin and steady arm are worth the trouble....

  22. nobody could have said it better.


    Some people need to be told... I once dated someone for several months not knowing (until I was told) that he liked me. I'm kinda dim-wit that way.

  23. kj,

    just tell me when and I'll pick you up.