Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Poem By Many with Words Aplenty Here for a New Year with Cheer

A short while back I asked my blog friends and visitors to offer up some of their favorite words and I promised to build a poem from them. I've now done that, and I thank everyone who contributed. Just so you know where I started, here are the suggestions:

Babs: potpourri, facade, grace, freedom
Robyn: beautiful, madness, stories
Allegra: peaceful, graceful, helpful
Mim: chocolate, gifts, love
Chrisy: bliss, giggles, precious
Walking Man: credit card, environment, glutton
Suki: kindness, peace, kisses
Annie (Blissful Bohemian): askew, dazzle, sprinkle, Paris, joyous
Annie (Wine and Words): serendipitous, coincidink, fuck
Robin: Stars, glowing, chestnuts, sphere
Lo: persimmons, quietude, twinkle, gratitude, soft rain, billowy, friendship, acceptance, soft
Secret Agent: ginger, velvet, love
Anne: warmth, fulfilled, holiness, ethereal glow
Jos: joy, hug, bumblebee
Marion: patience, tweed, tussock, feisty
My own self (me): abundance, jubilant, mercurial

Here we go:

The stories I’ve heard
The chestnuts I’ve roasted
The ethereal glow
Of the patience I’ve hosted

Come along for the ride
The madness of joy
Just look at that tussock
And the grace we’ll employ

The road's built with freedom
The color of ginger
Fulfilled by bold bumblebees
And soft rain that will linger.

The stillpoint of friendship
Intersects at a giggle
Where warmth and kindness
Make a jubilant wiggle.

It’s an billowy challenge
Finding love and facades
Built with questions and quietude
Among all us bards.

You can’t stop the spheres
That soften the stars
Or the serendipitous patience
That carries you far.

It’s a fuck of a world
And a glutton of misses
But the credit card balance
Is velvet with kisses.

Go ahead—toss your faith,
Look downward askew
But don’t be surprised
To find potpourri when you do.

It’s best to be feisty,
Accept coincidink
It’ll warm your awareness
And change what you think.

Although mercurial
Love is like chocolate
You bite off a sprinkle
And you’re left to admit

That the melting's a gift
For behind the hard bliss
You’ll tumble and twinkle
Toward soft holiness.

Why not travel to Paris,
A persimmion road map in tow
On this hopeful first night
When the stars are aglow?

Let your gratitude beckon,
The environment’s right
Kindness will take you
Straight into that light.

It’ll dazzle your joy,
With tweed patterned grace
You’ll be well better off
Accepting this place

Among friends you can count on;
Their beautiful hugs
Will diminish the glutton
Of scoundrels and thugs.

Sign up for gratitude,
And acceptance ensues.
You learn that with love
You have nothing to lose.

Fail to trust if you dare
But I’m telling you straight
It’s a world of abundance
IF you don’t show up late.

Thank you! It was a blast to do this. Before I began writing I didn't know what the theme or emotion would be. Turns out this is an optimistic poem because that's what has been collectively created. That is how I feel about every friend and visitor to my blog. Blogging is one of my greatest joys. I thank you so much for all of it. I wish you the very best of a new year. Goodbye 2011, hello 2012. Be good to us all, please. Treat us kindly, let us love. Keep the joy a step ahead of the thumps and bumps and dumps and lumps. :^)


  1. Oooh.....I hope I am NOT LATE!

    KJ... your gift of poetry is
    wonderful! You are a true weaver of words and stories. I wondered how you were ever going to mesh these words into something meaningful......but then, I SHOULD have known better... because you are so talented in this genre.(It reminds me, in a way, of how you were the *glue* that held us all together when Renee died... were in Aruba...I'll never forget it.)

    I noticed that we all chose *hopeful, beautiful words* too.... well, except for *Fuck*....but then, Renee made that a usuable one!

    Sending you, JB, your Mum, your Family (and of course, Emily) many hugs and hopes for a truly wonderful year...Health, Joy, Strength, Friendship, Love - what could be better?

    See you *next year*!!! A-ha-ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Kj, You made me smile. I can't believe you were able to get askew in the poem :-). Very well done and I am so happy that it was positive and joyful, that is what we need. Happy New year!! Love. xoxo

  3. P.S. I spy my little wall hanging in your header :-).xoxo

  4. Wishing you The Best New Year ever, KJ. Thank you for your visits and emails during my internet absence. You will never know how much they mean to me. Big Love, Deb

  5. dear kj,
    i do believe you are the modern dr. seuss. your poem is a delight.
    happy happy new year.

  6. Wow you are like a poem cook!
    Your friends brought the ingredients and you created something gorgeous!

    Happy New Year dear KJ♥

  7. (grinning) I knew you could do it, and I LOVE it!
    I also adore what Marianne said.
    You are Cookin'!

    A couple of favorite parts:
    persimmon road map
    tweed patterned grace

    A Healthy and Happy 2012 to you kj, JB, and yours!

    and "thanks for the privilege"

  8. Happy New Year KJ!!!! The poem is great ... actually much much better than great. Not many people can work credit card coincidink and bumblebee amongst your long eclectic list of words into one coherent piece of writing. Takes some doing even though it reads as if it were effortless. Robin is quite right, you weave words.

    Promises can be such a force for good because they come from a good place within us. Big hug. xx Jos

  9. Ha! Brilliant. You are a true poem cook. May many wonderful new words, stories and poems arrive for you in 2012.

    My first comment didnt get posted but the WV was pencry. take that one and run with it!

    this time is is prases. Ha.

  10. Your poem is delightful...and how you were able to do this with the words you were given is completely beyond me! You have such talent, kj, and are so inspirational to me. Have a very loving New Year's Day and all the best in the coming year for you, JB and your family...xx

  11. All those words and the poem even rhymed. What a task, but what a result! Great job. KJ, did I send you a card? I thought I did, but I spend the whole of yesterday not even realizing it was new years eve, so I am sure of nothing.

  12. It totally ROCKS!
    And I looked at all the words and thought, nope, I couldn't put them together....of course, my brain is slightly on the fritz now--my excuse!
    Beautiful words and I think it was a worthwhile exercise.
    Now I have to go find DH and remind him he needs to feed me...hahaha!
    Happy New Year to you both!


  13. What a lovely way to finish off what has been a bittersweet season for you. xo

  14. Hi KJ I found which one I am following Good poem!

  15. I love it. And I especially love that we, your community, are all in this poem.

  16. cs, you said it all. that's what i especially like too.

    thanks to everyone. we'll do this again xoxo

  17. Although mercurial
    Love is like chocolate
    You bite off a sprinkle
    And you’re left to admit

    That the melting's a gift
    For behind the hard bliss
    You’ll tumble and twinkle
    Toward soft holiness.

    Those are my favorite stanzas in this marvelous poem. What a very cool idea to ask for then use words from friend bloggers. It turned out just splendidly!

  18. oh my darlin what a mammoth task and boy did you nail it! so full of wonderful metaphors - my fav 'a persimmon road map'...thank you dear girl...