Friday, November 18, 2011

A Brief Letter to God

Dear God,

I have noticed a few areas where I think you made a mistake. I don't mean to be overly critical--I know creating the world and universe was quite a feat and of course a few things might be less than perfect in such a large endeavor, but may I submit the following for possible future revision:

1. Why did you give dogs such a shorter life span than their human families? That creates a lot of sadness and very premature good byes.

2. I will try to say this next one delicately: why make the whole 'elimination' process so undesirable? Surely you could have created something more pleasant and easier on the senses.

3. I admit that perhaps conflict and maybe even war have their roles in population control, but doesn't it make sense that human beings would have learned SOMETHING by now, over all these centuries. about how to get along with one another? Letting people make the same mistakes over and over seems unrealistic and wasteful.

4. And Cancer. Goddamnit God, this is too much. It rends the heart and hurts the body and seems completely unnecessary. I am wondering if you could make an adjustment about cancer asap? Maybe just make it a temporary miserable fucking disease instead of a prolonged miserable fucking disease?

If by any chance you are working on a revised model of humankind, I hope this letter may be of value. Thank you. Please write back when you can.

Sincerely, kj


  1. And then there's ALS, Alzheimer's, diarrhea, AIDS, mosquitos, too much rain, too little rain, mosquitoes, ticks, bedbugs, politicians, lawyers... The answers could take a while.

  2. I'm with you on all of these, kj. Add my name to the letter. And like Snow, I would add nasty little diseases like Alzheimer's. xox

  3. A simple, to the point letter. I'm sure it won't end up in the round file.

  4. I am right there with you! Although....Snow is right too...there are so many other devistating diseases...

    Saying prayers for our *special friend* today at 1....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. what a lovely letter! loved anon's response too! u rock kj.

  6. me too kj, good points all. i feel the need to pray now.
    happy weekend? take good care there.

  7. I remember reading CS Lewis's The Problem of Pain. It's worth reading.

    What if God is constrained by the order that holds everything together. Things mightn't seem in balance from where we're standing but perhaps that is because our perspective is grounded here within the bounds of time itself.

    I wonder if our perspective would be the same if viewed within the context of infinity.

    We may find that despite how it seems, things really are in their natural order.

    Sadness and grieving remain however ... and I think they would be no less real in the immediacy of events even if they were rendered somewhat less meaningful in the context of infinity.

    We experience the present now don't we? We grieve and feel sad because of our lives now regardless of any hope or expectation of a life to come. I wonder sometimes how we can ever hope to experience grace within our lives ... and yet we do. xx Jos

  8. #2 is so funny
    #4 is just sad, brings our dear Renee to mind, and my mom, dad, 2 aunts, 2 cousins, 2 uncles etc etc.

    And also, dear God, please take away braggarts, drunkards, chil abusers, proud, vain and selfish people. In fact, God, just make those little doggies live much much longer.

  9. snow, i figured the simpler the better :^)

    pam, ah that damn alzheimer's. ♥

    anonymous, anonymous?? clever, well addressed, but my genteel sensibilities leave me speechless reading your responses! p. s. BEAR?!

    cyndi and stumpy, no round file for me. i'm not particuliarly religious, but i know i have a direct line!

    yes, yes robin. ♥

    how do we know, ♥

    dear lori, yes, happy weekend here. i hope happy weekend there too. are you praying? :^)

    jos, 'We may find that despite how it seems, things really are in their natural order.' even so, a girl can ask, yes? :^) god, jos, you are thoughtful. and super smart. i don't know: really i accept most of what is. i do. but why keep my gripes to myself? :^) afterall, we both know magic is real :^)

    soulbrush, you crack me up. you've written your own letter and a fine one it is!!! xoxo

  10. anonymous, after thinking about your comment for a couple of days now, i've decided to delete it. my reasoning is simply because its tone made me uncomfortable and i didn't want to risk making other visitors here uncomfortable too. i wrote a light post and your comment was a bit to heavy for my intention. i hope you may understand.
    thank you

  11. darn, I wanted to read what anon wrote!

    I love what Jos wrote. She's a very insightful woman.

    I think any illness that causes suffering and death should be removed from our lives as well as all of the medications that have those side-effects. When I hear the commercials stating the side-effects of some drugs and it includes death, I say let me live with the pain.

    Anyway, you won't expect this answer from me but I don't think our pets should live forever because then we'd only (most likely) rescue only a few in our lifetime. As hard as it is to say goodbye (and you KNOW I know this) I'm glad our treasured pets give us permission to adopt and love others after them.

    Can I imagine life without Emma and Bliss? Not for a moment. Nor could I have imagined life without the others who have gone before them.

    Tis hard, tis hard.


  12. As the Atheist in the crowd, I can't comment on the God part. But I do sometimes the world didn't work as it works.

  13. Day late and a dollar short!
    (like Lo, I want to know what Anon said)
    Inquiring minds and all that,,,,.

    I believe that what is wrong with and in the world is largely because of what we do and have done to it, to ourselves, and to others.
    God don't make no crap. Man does.

  14. Good letter, kj. Thanks for coming are definitely one of my favorite bloggers. <3

  15. Good letter, kj.
    But your forgot to ask about Emily.

  16. I'm avoiding housework and reading blogs... this is something of a little joy that god has given, but I couldn't agree more on some of your points, and think mayble all nasty diseases could be added to the list. I feel that Cancer is a biggy, but there are others equally as nasty and they just don't get the publicity they deserve.

    I like your letter very much and feel confident that it will be well received. xx

    PS... I'm not sure what God is x

  17. Hmmmm so much for an interventionist God...Think he's on holiday

  18. where am i? how come i'm not acknowledging the comments i love to acknowledge?

    oh my i have a list of things to do. but here i am at least saying thank you for the brilliant people in my life. :^)

  19. I just dropped by to see if you had heard back from God yet, and maybe posted her letter. I wonder what the postmark would be....

  20. I'm a bit late here, but I like this!x

  21. dear kj,

    snowbrush was wondering where i am. i am currently inside a six year old child who despite setbacks in geography and opportunity believes in magic and tries his best. he also sings a mean 'twinkle twinkle' and stops crying whenever he is comforted.
    sincerely yours

  22. Well, you got your reply from God.
    It's about what I expected.
    Thank God!

  23. Mmmmm. I love that God wants to hear it all. Our gripes, our frustrations. He probably laughs at our attempts to "do" it better. He is after all, all knowing, and we so finite. But He lets us sit on his lap and just lament, all the while stroking our hair. I agree with your points, but must admit...elimination has never been high on my priority list of "if I ruled the world" bullet points :)

  24. #3 particularly, yep.

    You'd think we would have learned by now.

    There are already so many cruel, mean ways to be parted from those we love. You'd think that humans would stop dreaming up new ways to kill each other. But, no.

  25. For me when I read your four points it is a reassurance why I don't believe in a God. And if he does exist I can add a few to that list as well.
    I don't pray but I believe in positive thoughts, I will be thinking of those friends who need support right now who are battling that f awful disease.
    Hope you are OK KJ.
    Take care in this difficult time.


  26. and your letter reply as your mean?