Saturday, November 05, 2011

Back & Forth

I'm forcing myself to write poetry again and I'm glad. It will take me a while to shake away old words and worlds but I'm ready. I think my specialty is sad circumstance with hopeful ending. :^) This is dedicated to four women: i hope each grins and surmises my thankfulness for the inspiration. love kj
Shriveled words.
They hatched under a too hot sun
And flew past logic;
Past the carport of the unfulfilled,
Landing at the shore of something
No longer shiny but buffered
By the comfort of familiar home.
Three years.
It takes only days or weeks
For most cuts to reject
Determined infection,
But some take three years,
An enemy wriggling through incision,
Cutting deep and definite.
Once and then again.
Tell me, who’s at fault for open wounds,
The vilified or the villain?
What injured bird
Does not learn to navigate?
Aren’t flying lessons precise?
No reason not to chart a course
To safety even if tattered wings
Futter and fall, no buoy to help.
My daughter, my sister,
Hear me now.
You have it wrong.
Your wings, your course have no fault.
There is nothing lost,
Nothing taken
For what you long for
Nests securely within you.
Your tears are healing tears
Falling on that wound as surely as your feathers shine.
Time has its own way.
You cannot tell a river to change course
Any more than you can direct a heart
To forget what is cherished.
The wound reminds and remembers
And that is your gift:
to be assured unquestionably
that you are capable
Of such abiding love.


  1. You do have a way with words!!! Keep writing for all of us to enjoy!

  2. cannot tell a river to change course any more than you can direct a heart...
    Your poetry humbles me dear girl...

  3. very good dear...very good

  4. Well, I love the ending, becaue it is true and hopeful, that is where I like to dwell. xoxo

  5. thank you lynn ♥

    chrisy, one of my favorite lines. tsup!

    mim, :^)

    annie, i dwell at the stillpoint...

    cs, renee told me about healing tears....

  6. i too am a believer in healing tears ;)
    lovely kj x

  7. ps... hope all went well with your tests x

  8. Now THAT is a welcome! I like the new look of your blog, although it could be old, since I have been missing from the blog world. Anyway, I like it! Tears are at times necessary...the heart would explode otherwise. **blows kisses** Deb

  9. no fault, nothing lost nothing taken. wonderful. this poem has a feeling of peace to it. and yes, moving on yet not forgetting. glad you are writing poems again. be well, hugs suki

  10. Thank you.

    And you made me cry but that's a good thing.

  11. I read to the end and then the ending made me sigh. A good sigh. Yes Renee taught me about healing tears too. I am glad to seeyou writing poetry again KJ. You have such a knack for it. xx Jos

    p.s. where is Emily? Is she in trouble? Should I be worried?

  12. KJ - forgive me for taking so long to get here. I have been...messed up.

    Anyway...I am so proud of you! This was so well done. I love poetry when it is well written but not a puzzle that I bang my head against (I suppose because I really want to understand), and here my empathy and understanding had a clear path to land. Parts of this really spoke to my heart today... especially:

    You cannot tell a river to change course
    Any more than you can direct a heart

    You have no idea how hard I am attempting to turn the ocean red, run the river uphill. It's so damn exhausting. I can't do it, can I. Maybe God. I continue to ask.

    Bang up job my friend. More more more please :)